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1Raja D. Ridgeback Empty Raja D. Ridgeback on Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:35 pm

Raja the Devilheart


Raja the Devilheart

Cipher Pol #4

full name, raja d. ridgeback
alias, raja the devilheart
race, winged shandian
sex, male
age, thirty
mode, hard
occupation, martial artist
affiliation, cipher pol
tier, one

Physical Description,

I don’t give a damn cause I’m a rebel child.

height, six foot eight
weight, 120 kilos
armspan, 198 cm
tattoo placement back

Raja D. Ridgeback FgY2h8G

Intimidating, that’s how most describe him.

Wild hues of eerie green glaze over idle pupils that sit 1/4ths a quarter open upon his fair face. These eyes are formed with a sharp, yet reminiscent glint that clings in the depth of their hue. They say he has the eyes of a true warrior that holds a flame kindled with the brightness of the shinning moon, but reflects the serenity of the sun dwindling in the horizon. A student once said that his eyes signify a path of enlightenment through the course of battle, seeing how his gaze is comparable to the confidence a hermit teacher grasps while stanced in front of a newborn novice, or the leader of a rebellious sect standing face to face with a Warlord who has oppressed their people for centuries. Simply put: those notable ice grey eyes are frightening, intense, calm and unwavering.

This unwavering, yet intense, calm translates to the stature of this leader. Growing in height – from 6 feet 7 inches to 6 feet 7 (½) inches – Raja seems a giant among men, holding a complexion that compliments his fram. Smooth tinted dark brown skin, homage to his Alabasta heritage no doubt, that is silky to the touch, contrasting with the deep scars littered throughout various parts of his body, it is an interesting sight to see. Without fail one can see the featured white wings planted firmly on either side of his shoulder blades, testament to his mixed race. These cuts and scars were received from an excessive number of bouts and missions mixed with extreme training. As a marine turn strategic cipher member, his physique its at its top peak, well toned and highly defined, and a testament to sheer genetics.

Wild strokes of arguably messy, yet well kempt dredlocks arranges itself about his head. They once held streaks so naturally black color that they appeared blue, but the black has faded here and there, mostly on the sides, and he's now a dashing gentleman of salt and pepper appeal.

They say that the Cipher Pol member has a rare smile equipped with the quality of eternal damnation in it. The type of smile that one may come across four to five times in their life, one which seemed to face the whole external world for an instant, and then, concentrate itself on that very person with an irresistible prejudice in the favor of them. It's one of those smiles that understood a person just as far as they wanted to be understood, believed in them as they would like to believe in themselves, and assured them that it had the precise impression that they – at their best – hoped to express.


For every island, and every region within a island, there is a stereotype - laughed at, most commonly, but unavoidably with its roots in something true. For the region of Alabasta, the rules of archetypal identity are clear: Your phrases include more cussing than normal words, 'politically correct' does not factor into your mode of expression, you drink until your natural introversion turns to rowdy extroversion, and the alcohol you drink is home-cooked often mixed with coffee in a perilous combination, you wear boiler suits and boots in your day-to-day life, with your hair perpetually twisted and styled into locks, curls or braids atop your head, you have a beard, wear a leather vest on formal occasions, and you are most likely a fighter. Raja will be the first to admit that he is, indeed, a living example of the truth that founded this stereotype - with the small exception of the vest, that is, but it will have to be said here that in the mode of self-irony that is classic for Raja. He is proud to call himself a stereotype, even, because it took considerable effort to get to this place. As the son of a woman native of Alabasta and a man from the sky island of Shandia, he felt a constant need to prove that he was as much of a local as any of his fully-native peers - despite the Shandian origin of his father - and by fulfilling the prophesy of the ultimate 'Alabastian', he accomplished this.

The men of his community were the strong, silent types that let work absorb them and rarely - if not never - spoke about such insignificant things like emotions. Every man was an island, and every island a fortress, and Raja has never seen any reason to dispute this notion. He is a rather quiet man in normal settings, not inclined to open his mouth unless he sees reason to, but at the same time, his voice is anything but meek. In good company, he can easily come across as boisterous, because his voice carries - it carries far - without any intention from its carrier. He prefers to stay in limited groups of people; light-hearted interaction with good friends is one of his favorite pastimes, and in his off time from work, you'll more often than not find him seated at his regular table in his usual pub, quietly enjoying a beer in the company of friends. Conversation is rarely necessary - he's not necessarily the conversational type, but can easily carry on one if the occasion merits it. By nature, he is a relaxed, seemingly void of worry about any aspect of life, or unconcerned with any mystery that surrounds him. He easily rolls with the punches, takes things in stride, whether it be prosperity or adversity, and is by default chill - in the meaning even-tempered - whether he's around complete strangers or lifelong friends. It might not be the easiest thing in the world, though, getting into this circle he calls his 'inner circle', where you'll be privy to his open-armed company and effortless smiles.

All this changes, however, when you add a certain amount of alcohol to the normally placid Raja - an occurrence that is rather frequent. Under the influence of this, he is everyone's friend - and best friend, at that - his voice carries further than ever, his laughter is more boisterous and comes too easily for words, and he is undeniably rowdy.

It comes naturally to him to assume leadership in any given situation; growing up, that was how it usually went in his circle of friends. If anything was going to get done, someone would have to take charge, and more often than not, Raja was the one to step up to the plate. It happened so often, in fact, that after a while, it became the natural state of things; Raja was the head of the group, and the rest followed his lead with occasional suggestions. He grew used to it, and today, it is his preference to be in command of any given situation he finds himself in. He's definite leadership material, easily assuming control and administering duties, and should push come to shove, he has no trouble assuming fault in a situation. He prefers this arrangement - to be in control, and to thus also be held accountable should something go wrong. This tendency shines through in his work life, but it also shines through in every aspect of his life; if problems arise in his immediate surroundings, Rja can't help but step into the thick of things and try to maneuver their way out of the shady zone. Should a fight start in his vicinity, Raja is the most likely suspect when it comes to interference, even if he doesn't even know the participants in the fight. He isn't necessarily the meddlig kind; he's simply the fighting kind in these situations.

A lifetime in the desert abyss of Alabasta has made him more than accustomed to fights, too, and so he has developed a sense of how to deal with these things. He has been known to be a calming influence; although he might not really be the diplomatic type, he has a certain talent at handling the worst of types, possibly because he grew up surrounded by some of the worst. His approach isn't always successful, though, and he has quite a few times landed himself in situations where he's gone from staging an intervention in a fight to being an active participant.

There is a twinkle of mischief in his green eyes, a trait that finds expression in the mildest forms. A teasing joke, a nudge in the ribs, and an inquisitive curiosity that can easily lead a man astray - he is adventurous. Which isn't to say that he'd gladly jump on a ship to far-away destinations and explore different cultures and ways of life; Raja is perfectly content where he is, and wouldn't wish to be anywhere else - he simply likes to have a little bit of everyday adventure in his life. Something as simple as a camping trip without a compass can do, or participation in a friendly sparring match, or gambling some put-aside funds- he is adventurous in the way that a homely man is adventurous, and rarely sees reason to make great moves to achieve adventure. 'Rarely' not being 'never', however; though it was work that caused him to first start exploring the world, it was a need for new experiences that caused him to make the move from Alabasta, showing that on occasion, even Raj feels the need to explore, if not too far from home. He has no desire to move back home, though; he will always call Alabasta the home of his heart, and he is highly patriotic and proud to call himself a Alabastian, but he has bigger goals on the horizon.

, swimming in the ocean. the colder the better, though he hasnt been able to in a long time
, mountain hikes
, bag lunches (the soggy bread, the sweaty cheese; he's not sure what he likes more.)
, dogs
, pigs ("Did you know that they're actually carnivores?")
, bullying his brother with foodstuffs he doesn't appreciate.
, food.
, sea kings
, chopping wood - there's a certain calming effect to it.
, fast ships
, gentle sweethearts. There's something about sweetness and gentleness that inspires his protective instincts, especially when combined with shyness.
, blaming politicians for everything that's wrong in the world
, missing work, for whatever reason

, intellectuals
, big city people
, eastern Norwegians (despite his own father being one. He doesn't acknowledge this fact.)
, hideously rich people. ("1, why do they need all that money, and 2, why don't I have as much money as them??")
, watered out beer, or otherwise weak alcohol.
, an overwhelming stench of fish.
, being called a hick
, being reminded that he is, in fact, half shandian.
, stifling cold and freezing weather
, blinds. they make him feel like a shady stalker.
, obnoxious den den mushi rining
, ties, slacks, dressing up
, constricting pants
, briefs
, hangovers (best to just keep drinking.)
, excessive touching
, small-talk with strangers
, strangers touching him.
, politicians


Introducing Jaka Ridgeback, Sky Island born golden boy, born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a tie tied perpetually in a Windsor knot around his neck, educated architect on the up-and-up. The last thing he expected when he went to Alabasta for work was to be blown away by natural curls and hazel eyes native of the region, with a thick, rowdy dialect, a fondness for strong alcohol and a crude tongue that would make a sailor blush. She was on an expedition from her home in Yuba to the north; a girl's weekend away in the 'big city' to live it up and show those city folks how drinking was really done. The two met in a bar, and it didn't take long until Jaka's eyes were filled with amazed affection and Seraphim had laid claim on the sharp city boy. Much to the dismay of his family, the short week they spent together there as he worked was enough to drive him to make the decision to stay in Alabasta, with the girl a full twelve years his junior.

Of course, this would inevitably have an effect on the lives of the two boys she later bore him. Twins, Raja and ____ Ridgeback came into the world with little time separating them and were right from the start virtually inseparable. Wherever they went, whatever they did, they did it together, with Jaka leading the way and _____ following suite. They grew up around the rowdiest of fellows, the area they grew up in virtually infested with pirates and farmers - needless to say, they were raised in the archetypical, Alabastian country-environment, and as a result, the archetype within them flourished.

Jaka was always the leader - a bit more adventurous, a bit more decisive - and he would lead the two on expeditions to explore strange new territory, but never straying too far from home. He was curious and inquisitive, always eager to learn and expand his horizons, but the horizons of this country-born lad never extended very far beyond what the eye could see. Farming interested him, fishing interested him, teenagers revving their engines interested him and made him look to the close future, but the idea of foreign travel and universal accomplishment was to him not only so foreign an idea that it didn't warrant further thought; it was entirely uninteresting. It was his immediate surroundings that interested him so; the participation in a community that was anything but welcoming of outsiders, something that was easily recognized in his father's position in their community. Always the outsider, the quiet and proper shandian faced a world of criticism from the rowdy crowd that excluded so easily anyone who wasn't their own, and although Seraphim kept a close eye on those who would attempt to squeeze him out, it was painfully obvious to Raja that his father was never one of us - which, of course, would make him 'one of them', familiar as he felt to Raja, himself. Although not the most dramatic of circumstances, it was a difficult situation to come to terms with, and one which rendered him defensive as time went by - horribly defensive - and with a distinct desire to prove himself as a member of 'one of us'.

To make up for the city-state of his father - a man he loved very dearly, despite his obvious disadvantage of being both a sky dweller and a city-man - he threw himself into the archetypical society that surrounded him; in his childhood, from the age of ten and up, he would assist at farms wherever he could. Who needed worldly knowledge when there was country knowledge, after all - studies were easily dismissed in favour of physical labour, both at various farms owned by family members and friends of the family, but mostly in the fishing industry, in packaging. By the age of twelve, he'd learned how to drive a sand rider, and by the age of thirteen, he'd learned he'd stolen a devil fruit off a pirate traveler and eaten it in his face. It after this age of thirteen, when Raja's life began to change. Devil fruit were rare in his hometown, and people who were different, rarer still. He was suddenly an outcast - like his father. He looked upon his twin, and could not see himself in the man's face anymore. He'd ostricized himself from everything that he knew and loved. After that, there was the alcohol, the never-ending alcohol, coffee mixed with home-cooked booze, downed and drowned in - he started early, and learned to drink with the best of the best, or rather, with the worst of the worst. And when that wasn't enough... Well, what talking his actions couldn't do for him, his fists would, despite being, by nature, calm, chill, quiet and relaxed. There were certain things in life he just had to stand up for, as a man, and his natural belonging, his worth, was just one of those things.

Setting to the side constant jabs about his unnaturalness, though, it wasn't like either of them ever had too much for trouble sticking up for themselves; after all, they were born and raised in Yuba, sons of a good Alabastian woman, and they fit rather naturally in their surroundings, despite the influences working against them. They were Yuba-boys, to the core - as mentioned, archetypes, each man an island, each island a fortress, low-voiced and private, but rowdy, raunchy, loud and obtrusive after a few cups of gin. For a while it was still simple and straight-forward life, their home-life quietly loving and loudly tight-knit; you could not come between one Ridgeback and another. This counted especially for Raja and ____. Though it always came back to that fateful fruit Raja ate, forever setting him apart. Even when they finished the Alabastian equivalent of schooling - Raja's grades far short of impressive, but he, personally, was amazed that he'd even secured a passing grade in all his subjects - and went into royal military service, they did it together. And when that year of national service was over, they were together in throwing themselves head first into the fishing industry. Or rather, Raja made the decision, and his brother agreed, and there they were. Employees on a fishing vessel, travelling north and travelling south, working until they could barely stand up, and giving those muscles they'd spent years building a run for their money. It was a decent job, that's the way Raja will always describe it; decent, with as much free time as time spent working, and money that accumulated fast, only to slip away faster. It was gambling that did it for Raja; he'd been working fishing boats for a year, had reached the age of nineteen, when he discovered all kinds of ways to gamble...but horse racing, the tracks, caught his attention most. He squandered quite a bit of his hard-earned money that way, sometimes leaving him with not even enough to pay for precious alcohol - lucky, then, that he and his brother had learned early on how to brew their own from a helpful family member.

At 30, Raga still found himself working on fishing boats, and during a grueling going-on-fourteen-hour shift, he decided that enough was enough. It had been a good run; he'd visited many places, met many new people - strange types, mostly - and had grown so dreary of the perpetual stench of fish that seemed to follow him everywhere that he had, over the past three years, come to utterly detest fish altogether. In short: He could no longer take it. It must have been fate then, that after one night in the fighting pits, he ran into one Asher Kringle. The obvious foreignness of the man, though first off-putting, somehow captivated him in a way that made his proposition all but too tempting to pass up. He'd seen Raja's fighting skill in the ring, witnessed his devil fruit prowess, combined with the martial art form, Rokushiki, he'd studied while in the Royal military. Cipher Pol was forming a new team in the region and what would an elite protection agency be without a true-blood, whisky drinking Alabastian on its crew. He was forbidden from telling his twin brother what he was up to, deciding it was best to leave the man in a haste of anger and rage that would hopefully take off the sting of his departure. He would come back for him... one day. When he'd accomplished whatever it was that he needed to accomplish in this life.

face claim, deviantart oc

max (recursivemax420) of CYBERINK.ME, caution 2.0, and creating chaos.

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You've got height and weight twice, take the ones between age and race out.

Also you're missing a few things. Look in here for all the things you are missing whilst i must ask you put it in the same order the template provides (titles in bold).

e.g. Gender, Mode, Occupation, Tier, Affiliation, and Face Claim.

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Raja the Devilheart


Raja the Devilheart
Edited. Thanks!

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...that is a lot of likes and dislikes, anyways 1/2 approvals

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2/2. Approved.

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