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1The Meeting Empty The Meeting on Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:53 am




the itsy bitsy $pider

(*˘︶˘*)All Done(*˘︶˘*)

Task Data:
Task Name:The Meeting
NPC or PC:Npc
Location: Crescent
Crew, Team, or Personal:Personal
Description: Before the meeting begins the Elders had wanted to see Spider strength. Thus they test his ability with a new experiment of the user. After the test The Union begin to reveal their intentions to Spider as well as promote him.
Enemy Details: 1 tier 2


Boss Name:
Description:The Meeting Latest?cb=20140318070034
Jake appears to be a middle aged man. He has chestnut hair and golden eyes. His nose is also pointy and he has a blueish skin. With several marks along his chest.
Modified human :Yes
Upon transformation:

The Meeting Latest?cb=20110111212014
Haki Aura:N/a
Specs: 5 Hand to Hand

Today had finally arrive after many days of construction. The base were undergoing the finishing touches which allowed it to be complete. Spider had lean back against the tree examining his achievements reaching this point was no easy fit. Spider had chuckle at the journey he had been through in order to reach this point .

Spider attire consist of a violent purple jacket with two roll up sleeves to match. He also have a pair of purple baggy pants with two sections chain tie up to his belt loop each with a pair of purple cowboy boots. He also wears a belt embedded with the Blackwidow insignia, and the straps are lined with it as well.

Spider have long dark purple hair, with violent eye color. Spider is a fairly tall man about 9 feet, and 10 inches with a slim firgue with a white long sleeve shirt. The warm breeze swept throughout the  jungle only halted at Spider back.

There were a rustle of leaves as one man appeared from behind Spider. The signs that movement was behind Spider were quite obvious but Spider didn't show any hint of fear or reaction. Spider had a pretty good idea whom it was ,and unfortunately he was right.

The Meeting Tumblr_lxgce9CrO01qkmbqr
Jake appears to be a middle aged man. He has chestnut hair, and golden eyes. His nose is also pointy, and he has a blueish skin. With several marks along his chest.Jake size is no joking matter either standing at 6 feet, and 5 inches man known as Jake wear a casual black open button long sleeve shirt.

Jake had said ,"Everything is set up Spider. We are ready whenever you our."Spider had nodded then said ,"Let us precede then....lead the way Jake."


2The Meeting Empty Re: The Meeting on Wed Dec 30, 2015 10:24 am




the itsy bitsy $pider

The Base

"Thud" that was the sound of 25 grunts driving there feet into the earth crust. The grunts seem to be scatter just outside the base as Jake, and Spider prepare to enter into the base. The base appearance is nothing short of a dirty brown camouflage color giving the base a decent level of concealment in the jungle.

Spider had run his hand along the wall as he grab the knob of the door. There was a click sound, and behold the door crack open revealing a broad long wooden table at the end of the table was a Baby Den Den Mushi. Spider casual scroll in the building as he flick the switch cutting on the lights in as the room hum to life . There was a ,"Slam." and the door shut as Jake ,and  Spider made there way into the building. Spider took up a seat directly behind the Baby Den Den Mushi. As for Jake he took up a seat directly to the right of Spider near the Baby Den Den Mushi.

It seems like the Baby Den Den Mushi was dress in a black dress suit attire for those who don't know a Baby Den Den Mushi only works in the local blue. Thus the signal form the Union is  getting transported from somewhere in South Blue. Spider had grunted then said,' Jake... you ready to begin this meeting?" Jake had place his hands on the wooden table then said," Whenever you are ready Spider."

"Ahem." The Baby Den Den Mushi said," Gentleman today I bring you greeting for the fellow Elders of the Union." Spider had lean back in his wooden sat as he prepare for the meeting to begin.



3The Meeting Empty Re: The Meeting on Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:26 pm




the itsy bitsy $pider

╮(╯▽╰)╭ An
that's how the cookie crumble╮(╯▽╰)╭

"Due to several set backs with this operation I don't feel like Spider is capable of leading..."
There was pause as Spider had glance over to Jake he knew if "The Union" fired him he would have to deal with Jake . As if the room air had suddenly became thick Spider knew a battle would unfold upon the Elder command. There was a sharp,
"But... Since he wasn't properly prepared we decide to reconsider it, and reward Spider with a second chance. If he can defeat Jake he will be promote to 13th Elder of "The Union."

Spider had grin as return his attention back to the Baby Den Den Mushi. Within the background of the Baby Den Den Mushi there were several unfamiliar voices mumbling. Then soon after there was a click sound as the wall just behind Spider had humble to life revealing a stair case.

Finally the voices had hush as previous voice said ,"Gentleman please precede down the stairscase. Once you have the test will begin , and of course we will be watching you. Good luck."

Spider, and Jake had begin to make way down the dark twisted stair case arriving at a open white room about 10 meters in all directions taking the shape of a square. There were several light along the ceiling which had brought light into the area not to mention several Surveillance Den Den Mushi in each of the corner of the entire room. Jake, and Spider walk directly in the middle of the room standing about 2 meters from each other in what seems to be a stare off.



4The Meeting Empty Re: The Meeting on Mon Jan 11, 2016 5:29 pm




the itsy bitsy $pider

Lets get this other with

( ´_ゝ`)......╮(╯▽╰)╭
Spider had find himself wondering the level of abilities Jake currently possesse. Since Jake was from "The Union" the level of his abilities should be novice if not a bit stronger. This could be a issue for Spider as Jake hold the advantage due to him being familiar with Spider abilities due to "The Union" records.

Jake is a fairly tall man standing at 6 feet, and 5 inches but Spider still hold the height advantage. But Jake had a idea to level the playing field. Jake had begin to grin as he said ," Shall we begin?"
Before Spider could reply Jake had close the distance between them rather quickly. An since Jake, and Spider were relatively close in distance Spider wasn't able to react in time. Thus Jake had deliver a well place right hand punch directly at Spider gut. Resulting in Spider momentarily bend over gasping for breath due to Jake well place hit square in gut.

Don't let that fool you those because Spider is no push over. As Spider was grasping for air he begin release mixture of sweat, and mucus from his spores at such a great force. The combination of these traits allow Spider to propel Jake back about 5 meters as well as damage him fairly good.

Spider had fallen to his knee as he gasp for air. Jake had landed against the ground with a thud cover in the sticky white mucus. Jake was please with Spider counter but he knew Spider attacks couldn't possibly harm him to much. Jake had begin to sit up as he call out ,"Is that all you got Spider?" Spider had begin to reply as he said ," Fakukakakakaku! Wouldn't you want to know?..." As he glance over to Jake.


Jake Speed is now 4.5 -.-
Tier 1 Skill Name:Mucus Sphere
Tier 1 Skill Type:Devil Fruit
Tier 1 Skill Range:5m
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:5/instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: Spider is able to releases a mass mixture of Mucus,and sweat from his spores. This is currently one of his farovite technique he likes to uses. The Mucus, and sweat is released in a large sphere which expand outwards and travels out in all directions up to 5meters in every direction. The Mucus is sticky and can hinder movements of anyone who is hit by this technique as well send anyone who within 5m radius hurling back. The technique damage is nothing short of severe brusing and knocking targets off there feet.The Mucus is produce from Spider body aka his pours. It shoot out in a rapid rate thus making it a very useful technique. This technique can withstand  one tier 1 techniques .If mucus landed it does a standard -0.5 speed reduction.

5The Meeting Empty Re: The Meeting on Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:09 pm




the itsy bitsy $pider

Lets End This!

Jake had begin to laugh as he said ,"So it seems that wasn't enough.....I guess it's time to for me to finish this little experience Spider. I shall show you the power "The Union" grants to successful individuals." Spider didn't really care for the man speech in fact he was using this time to preparing himself for battle.Spider begin to stand up as he glance at Jake who was against the wall due to Spider successful attack. Spider begin to produce thick layers of white sticky mucus practically covering up his body in thick layers of white liquid state armor.[spoilers=" Sticky Armor"]
The Meeting Latest?cb=20150125195644[/spoiler] Those the white milky substance was durability as Iron it couldn't halt blunt damage which is kinda bad for Spider.

Jake had stood up to as his body begin to morph into a purple creature of a unknown origin. After a few seconds his transformation was complete as he said ,"Time to wrap this up."
The Meeting Latest?cb=20130213052748
Jake had launch himself forward taking in a burst of speed heading directly for Spider who was 5 meters away from him. Spider had plenty time to counter or dodge but seeing as Jake was faster he figure it would be best to bait him in to finish this battle.

As Jake had reach his maximum speed about halfway(5 meter mark) through his sprint toward Spider. Spider had a little surprise for him with the flip of his wrist Spider had release a horizon crest wave of mucus slamming it straight into Jake who was now 2 meters away.

Unfortunately the mucus wave didn't effect Jake to much other then some small bruises across his chest.But Jake momentum was at max speed such a simple attack wasn't gotten drive him back. After the hit Spider successful attempt had landed Jake had prepare to spear Spider into the wall practically lifting Spider off the ground as he drove his right shoulder into Spider gut. Yet again Spider fought for air and conscious all he had to do was finish it. As Spider was heading straight to the wall he produce 5 mucus balls all MLB size driving all 5 straight into Jake head.

Since they were so close together practically Spider,and Jake receive damage from the attack. But ultimately Jake receive the most damage resorting to his koed.

Since Jake was koed Spider was release from the grip of Jake. Those Spider barely won he knew he had to train to further increase his power as the New 13 Elder of "The Union."


~Sticky Armor: Spider cover his  body in a thick coating of mucus, allowing him protection from many attacks as most people assume the covering to be part of his body. The durability of this armor increase at each tier not to mention this passive still carries the sticky ability of this devil fruit. This passive cost nothing but 3 stamina points and 3 for every  post maintain.

Tier 1 Skill Name:Mucus Ball
Tier 1 Skill Type:Devil Fruit
Tier 1 Skill Range:6m
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:4/Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description:Spider can conjure up 5 mucus spheres each the size of a baseball. Upon contact the mucus sphere explode, and anything within one meter of the blast will be covered in the fluid. Giving them a -0.5 speed reduction not to mention the blunt damage of the sphere would give them severe bruising.

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