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1Life or Death: Please save my Mother (TSK) Empty Life or Death: Please save my Mother (TSK) on Wed Mar 09, 2016 12:07 pm



Task Name: Life or Death: Please save my Mother.
Tier: 1
Location: Dawn Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: A woman has been infected with a terrible illness that may result in her death if not treated soon. Unfortunately, the woman cannot afford for such an operation and her daughter has ran to the streets, begging for help. Marcel was the one to heed her call and due to his past, he was absolutely determined to save her life.

Enemy Details: None
Boss: None.

Foosha village, found within the large Dawn Island where it is overshadowed by the massive Goa Kingdom. The people who lived in this small village were generally peaceful and friendly towards each other. It was certainly an ideal place if you wanted to live a simple life or even lay low from the marines considering that this is an independent island which is why Marcel has chose to come to this island after all of the things he has done on another island.

Marcel was in the village's local bar sitting at the counter and having a conversation with the bartender and a bald middle aged muscular man who was visibly intoxicated with a mug in his hand. "A samurai and a doctor!?" the intoxicated man questioned from an earlier statement Marcel has said. The samurai simply glanced at the drunk before looking back to the bartender who was cleaning a mug with a cloth. The drunk broke out into laughter with some hiccups in between which caused the samurai to close his eyes in annoyance.

"Boy, you are hilarious! A samurai and a doctor!? So, what do you cut up people with a little doctor's knife?" the drunk went on ass he continued to laugh while putting an arm around Marcel as if they were buddies. "They are called scalpels and I would really appreciate it that you take your filthy hands off of me. Your breathe also smells worse than this bar." Marcel ranted with a calm tone causing all of the other customers to look towards the two.

"Oh? I'm afraid I didn't catch that. Would you mind repeating that?" the drunk said as he brought his face closer to Marcel's in an attempt to intimidate him. Marcel simply stared at the drunk for what felt like a few minutes only for the drunk to hiccup in his face which greatly annoyed the samurai. Marcel sighed before quickly ducking under the drunk, rising up behind him taking his still sheathed katana, Master's Will from his side and immediately bashes it on the drunks head with enough blunt force to crack his skull, killing him in the process.

Everyone looked on in silence as the body fell over to the ground with blood around his head before looking towards Marcel who slowly made his way towards the exit. Suddenly, the people began to cheer like drunken idiots from the violence. "So much for peaceful." Marcel said to himself with a sigh as he stood outside.

Suddenly, a little girl who looked no more than seven came running by, yelling for help, saying that her mother was going to die which peeked the samurai's interest.



Taking place about a half an hour back. In a small one floor house in the Foosha village lived a little seven year old girl and her very ill mother who was lying in bed with the covers over her body. "M-Mama?" the little girl called out to her mother as she stood beside her better with a very worried look on her face. The mother was to sick to respond. She just laid there with her eyes close, breathing in and out heavy.

The family of two wasn't wealthy enough to afford medical treatment so the mother had no choice but to lay there and slowly die while all her daughter could do is attempt to make her feel better by tending to her the best she can while also going out everyday in an attempt to find help only to end up failing every time. But, she never gave up going out everyday no matter the weather or the harsh insults she would receive.

The daughter cried at her sick mother's bed side, hiding her face on the mattress. Then, a hand slowly approached the girl and rested on her head. The girl suddenly looked up to see that it was her mother. The girl quickly grabbed her mother's hand and looked to her with her eyes still drenched with tears. The girl then took off from the house in an attempt to try her luck at finding someone to help.

She would go from house to house, person to person, establishment to establishment in order to find someone but would only end up with people turning the other way. She was about to run past Marcel while still pleading for help but was stopped as the samurai held onto her shoulder.



"Your mother is dying?" Marcel repeated to the little girl who nodded as a response. "Yes...she has caught some kind of illness and we can't afford to take her to get any medical help. That is why I'm out here everyday, to find someone who can help but every time I come out here, no one helps." the little girl said as she twiddled her thumbs together with her head facing down with her tears being seen falling towards the ground.

" I don't want my mama to die...I don't want to be alone." the little girl said with her voice cracking up a little from crying. Marcel gasped a little and began to have a brief flashback about his own mother who died from an unknown illness while Marcel who was young at the time and his step father couldn't do anything but sit there and watch. The sound of young Marcel crying out to his mother as she died was enough to snap Marcel out of his little trance.

He looked down to the girl who was still crying before mimicking what the girl's mother did earlier and rested his hand on top of her head, causing the girl to look up at Marcel. "Perhaps I could be of assistance?" Marcel asked the girl who then nodded frantically as she began to pull at his arm to quickly take him back to where her mother is.



Marcel and the little girl would come to a familiar small, one floor house. "This is me and my mama's house." the girl said as she opened the door. Before he went in behind her, Marcel turned around to see that the house was a bit far from the rest of the village. Did this little girl really come all the way out to the village from here everyday? Marcel thought to himself before going into the house.

He followed the little girl into her mother's room where he saw the poor woman laying in her bed. The girl looked up to Marcel as he walked over to her mother, inspecting her and checking her vitals. "I've seen this before." Marcel said to himself out loud as he began to recollect where he has seen this. His mother treated a similar illness before. "One of her kidneys is infected. It needs to be removed or she will die." Marcel said again to himself out loud which scared the little girl.

Marcel then looked to the girl and gave her a reassuring look. "I know what to do. I just need the correct supplies." Marcel said as he placed a hand under his chin. It's not like they sell doctor equipment and numbing drugs at the local store. "Stay with her. I'll be right back." Marcel said to the little girl who then nodded. Marcel took off into the streets to see if he could find something.



Marcel walked into a shop where he looked for any tools and drugs he could use to assist him in the operation. The people in the store watched as the samurai moved around the shop quickly. He was certainly not wasting any time due to him taking being a doctor seriously. He then went up to the desk and slammed his hands on the counter, demanding the he know where the medical things are only to hear that the don't sell any there.

Marcel gritted his teeth a little and ran out of the store to a district with stands. He then went from stand to stand only to end up with nothing again. People watched the samurai run around looking for things and begun to whisper amongst themselves. Some recognizing him from the bar, wondering why he is looking for medical tools while others suspected that he may be trying to help that little girl's mother. People began to question if a simple samurai is even capable of doing such things while others claimed that he said he was also a doctor.

Marcel sighed, his pace began to slow down as he found himself walking down some sidewalk. He just couldn't let someone else's mother fall to an illness like his did. He had to figure out a way, hey just had to. "Psst." a sound came from the alley that Marcel was just about to walk past. The samurai paused and turned his head to face the alley where he saw a shady looking man with a trench coat.

"Heard you were looking for some....medical equipment." the shady man said as he took a good look around before opening his coat, seeing that he had many kinds of medical tools and drugs needed for an operation. "Got these babies fresh from the Goa Kingdom." he added. How exactly did he manage to get them was unknown but didn't matter to Marcel. All of the things he needed were right there, that's all he cared about.

"How much?" Marcel asked, knowing that this would come at a cost. The shady man shook his head before saying, "Oh, no it is not belis I want. You can say that I also want to help that little girl's mother as well. But, I do expect a favor in return." the shady man said in a mysterious tone. "What kind of favor?" Marcel asked without hesitating, only for the shady character to shake his head once more.

"I don't want anything from I've heard some things about you, Marcel. Go ahead and take what you need. We will meet again when the time is right." the shady figure said with a chesire smile and an ominous tone. Marcel gave him a suspicious look. How did he know his name? What could he want from him? He simply shrugged it off for now and took what he needed before taking his leave.



Marcel hurried back to the sick woman's house with a duffle bag containing the equipment he got from the shady man. He approached the woman's room to see that the girl was still with her, taking care of her. "You've done a good job." he said in a calm tone as he patted the girl on the head again. "Mind telling me you and your mother's name? Marcel calmly asked the girl.

"Rebecca and my mama's name is Leeann." the little girl said as she looked over to her mother with a worried look still on her face. "Will my mama be okay?" the little girl hesitantly asked. Marcel gave her a reassuring nod before gesturing that she should wait in the other room. As the little girl left the room, Marcel closed and locked the door before turning to the mother, unzipping his tools from the bag.

"Okay, Leeann. Let's get started, shall we?" he said as he injected her with some numbing drug. He then proceeded to put on some plastic gloves before picking up a scalpel.

The little girl decided to sit outside of the house, feeling like hours have gone by. Slowly, a crowd began to gather up to the house. A mix of guilt, worry, and impatience filled this crowd as they waited along side the little girl. One could say that it was the whole village that showed up. The front door opened slowly with Marcel coming out, taking his gloves off. Marcel looked around at the crowd who all looked back to him. The little girl then tugged at Marcel's sleeve and asked if her mother was going to be okay.

Marcel looked down to her for a bit before nodding with a small smile on his face as the crowd began to rejoice. Marcel then brought the girl in to see her mother who was sitting up in bed with eyes open. Rebecca ran up to her mother and hugged her tight to which the mother returned. Marcel stood at the side of the door with his arms crossed as he watched the heartwarming moment as the crowd of people slowly began to come in as well.


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