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1Brian Sanchez [Character App] Empty Brian Sanchez [Character App] on Wed Mar 16, 2016 3:36 pm

Brian Sanchez


Brian Sanchez
Brian Sanchez [Character App] Masquerade_tango_hetalia_x_reader_germany_by_princessminight-d5y9ggg

Name: Brian Sanchez
Alias/Epithet: None yet.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Marksman, Blacksmith
Affiliation: Free Agent
Tier: Tier 1

Brian Sanchez [Character App] Germany-putting-on-his-cap-hetalia-germany-26874884-296-500

General Appearance: Brian has yellow hair, that is fairly long. He slicks it back most of the time to not annoy him while he is shooting. He is fairly tall, and always wears military grade gear; even though he isn’t in the military.
Height: “6’1
Weight: 172 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Right Pec



Brian tends to be very adventurous due to his past. He has always wanted to explore, and to reach new heights. Not only do his goals never end, but he enjoys making new goals for himself as well as the future of his own life.

Brian also enjoys being in dangerous situations and doesn’t really fear death. Mostly because he has nobody that he really cares about. Being in life or death situations not only excite Brian, they make him happy and give him a thrill and reason to continue on living.


One of Brian’s negative traits is his excessive use of sarcasm. Not only can it get annoying to others, but he actually enjoys it. Seeing others be annoyed was just one of Brian’s favorite things; and sarcasm was one of the major ways to do that.

He also enjoys the thought that you can thump dumb people that ask vacuous questions. Sarcasm is one of his most enjoyable things. For him it is seen as a positive trait, yet for other’s it is highly negative.

Talks to himself

This trait is fairly common in this time period, due to the fact that people tend to become lonely. Brian has lived alone for all of his life, and talking to himself is the only way to train his vocal chords a bit after a long period of time without using them. After all, certain organs stop working if they are no longer used.

Brian never does this in front of others though. He might get caught doing it, when he isn’t aware but he doesn’t enjoy speaking to himself in front of others mostly since it just looks weird. It’s almost like Brian is narrating his own life at time. He just enjoys talking, especially since he relies on nobody nor does he have anyone to work with.

Not Respectful

Brian was never really raised, so he has no respect at all. Due to this he grew to have no respect to his elders or to anyone at all. He doesn’t really care about respect for people stronger than him. He has gotten in many conflicts due to this. Mostly, people stronger than him telling him to respect them; but he doesn’t. In Brian’s eyes respect is earned not given.


❍ Sarcasm
❍ Beer
❍ Adventure
❍ Risk
❍ Having Fun
❍ Riding Solo
❍ Meat


❍ Getting caught talking alone
❍ Fish
❍ Being dirty
❍ Serious people (that do not know the limit of being TOO serious.)
❍ Evil People
❍ Sinister plans
❍ Vegetables



Brian was born on the East Blue, to two fully functional marines. They were neither the best nor the worst. They're love story is a long one, as well as one for another time. At the time, their relationship was almost to a clause; until they heard about Brian. He was the one that twined their marriage back together.  When he was born, he was a bit of a chubby and chaotic baby. He always caused trouble and would never be calm. His parents thought he had a disorder, yet it was only the starting steps to his adventurous and rebellious self in the future.  His mother and father had such a hard time dealing with a swift, and weird child like Blake that they just couldn't deal with it. Luckily, his toddler ages didn't last forever.


Brian's childhood was pretty fun and joyous, for the most part. He mostly spent most of his time at home alone, since his parents were at work all the time. At a young age of 4, he began to mostly live on his own; which began the course of him being a loner forever. Brian became very self-sufficient, cooking for himself, and cleaning after himself. His parents came to check up on him time to time, but there was about a month in between each visit. Before his fifth birthday, life had been mostly a bore. Cleaning and cooking after himself in a small town with nobody to play with just became boring over time. On his birthday, his father brought his a small pistol that he could use in the woods. His father warned him only to use it in the woods, and that's what Brian did.

Brian rapidly fell in love with the pistol. It was as if he had never seen any inventions like this before, it was just so perfect, just so phenomenal. He knew he would never feel like this about anything else, and he didn't. He used his pistol every day, every single hour. This quickly increase his skill, precision, and his love for guns. Yet, on a cold winter evening Brian's pistol suddenly broke when he cocked the gun. Not only did it hurt his little heart but he thought he could never live without the little thing. This ultimately led to his desire to become a blacksmith.

Beginning of Teenage Years

At the start of Brian's teen years, he began to get more and more interested in making his own weapons. So, he broke up his first ever pistol into every single part that took to make the gun. He then smelted some iron from kitchen ware and made a made-do pistol. Not only was it cool, but he felt really achieved with himself. That was when he finally decided to become a blacksmith on the side.

At the age of 19, Brian finally decided it was time to leave home for an adventure. He desired an adventure and needed to leave the island. He left a note for his parents, and left to travel the world!

Face Claim: Hetalia | Germany

Requesting name change to Brian Sanchez as well

2Brian Sanchez [Character App] Empty Re: Brian Sanchez [Character App] on Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:17 am



Approved for free agent

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