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1A simple Brawl Empty A simple Brawl on Thu Mar 24, 2016 2:18 pm



Task Name: A local Brawl
NPC or PC:Npc
Location:Karate Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: Commander Steele had gotten word of a local Tournament in karate Island . He decide to join it in hopes of testing his abilities as both a marine official, and noble of Briss Kingdom. His foe is none other then the equally brute name Brago who looking to test his abilities out against the locals.
Enemy Details: 1 tier 1 Pc Brago

2A simple Brawl Empty Re: A simple Brawl on Thu Mar 24, 2016 2:19 pm



its good, im joining in


3A simple Brawl Empty Re: A simple Brawl on Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:04 am

Blake C. Mercury


Blake C. Mercury
have fun guys, don't do anything I would not do, like keeping Real alive

A simple Brawl UYiRynz

4A simple Brawl Empty Re: A simple Brawl on Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:03 pm



Link to IC Task:** Link to Task**
Link to Task Reg:** Task reg**
Post Count:5/3
Brago was 48hours twice sooo..... I don't think he trying to complete thus task.
Additional Bounty or Rep. Notes.
~•Defeating a PC **** | 200,000 Notoriety x Target's Tier
~•~ Marine Captains gets +5% Beli on Task Rewards.

5A simple Brawl Empty Re: A simple Brawl on Fri Apr 01, 2016 2:39 pm



Hmm, it seems you misunderstand tasks and non task rewards.

The base payouts for Task in the Four Blues are as follows, if a moderator wishes to pay more due to quality of the execution, they may do so. Limited to a bonus 25% of the base reward. Maximum payout is typically given when task are executed extraordinarily and getting any of the 25% bonus is extremely rare. Typically expect task completion to give you about 75% of the max payout unless you know you are writing a compelling task.

Tier 1 0-100,000 Beli
Tier 2 0-200,000 Beli
Tier 3 0-350,000 Beli
Tier 4 0-500,000 Beli
Tier 5 0-650,000 Beli
Tier 6 0-850,000 Beli

Below are the Bounty or Reputation payout ranges. The more glorious your deed or dastardly your crime, the more Reputation and Bounty you are given. This doesn't include wild things like 100 beheadings, Bounty is all about end results. If you kill a Marine Captain or behead him and put his head on a pike in the town square, the end result is he's dead. If you're looking for ways to boost your Bounty while still getting Beli output try making task more geared towards accumulating Bounty as opposed to Beli. Perhaps kidnap a person of importance, it won't give you much Beli, but if done correctly you can surely get a hefty amount of Bounty. Just committing crimes using our Bounty System is also a good idea to generate high amounts of Bounty, because you will notice the payout ranges have caps.

Tier 1 Task - 0-50,000 Bounty or Reputation
Tier 2 Task - 0-100,000 Bounty or Reputation
Tier 3 Task - 0-500,000 Bounty or Reputation
Tier 4 Task - 0-1,000,000 Bounty or Reputation
Tier 5 Task - 0-20,000,000 Bounty or Reputation
Tier 6 Task - 0-25,000,000 Bounty or Reputation

Aside from doing Tasks, which after a while may get old and limit how much Bounty you can net, there are several other ways to attain Bounty or Reputation, ranging from being involved in heinous acts for Pirates, to capturing those who threaten the Government’s power for Marines. Specific Events will also grant Bounty/Reputation from time-to-time. Below, are only some examples of what one could do to earn Bounty/Reputation with each Affiliation having its own specific acts, as well as there being general acts one could commit to gain Bounty/Reputation. There are many more beyond these, these are just a few examples and common ways to get Bounty without doing task. Also these are just the minimum amount of Notoriety you can get from doing these acts. If you defeat a really well known PC or destroy a very important building, you will get far more notoriety than what is shown below. Those looking to net large sums of Bounty should be more interested in doing open scenarios in topics that aren't task.

This task was to fight the Playable character the PC. Your rewards are solely linked to the task rewards and no more.

50,000 bounty
55,000 beli
1 exp

6A simple Brawl Empty Re: A simple Brawl on Sat Apr 02, 2016 6:54 pm



do I get something or naw?


7A simple Brawl Empty Re: A simple Brawl on Sat Apr 02, 2016 7:17 pm



1 exp 25,000 beli and bounty

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