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1A new pair of sight Empty A new pair of sight on Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:26 pm




The Collector

Red Eyes Swordsman

A new pair of sight 4198281
"I'm a snake. Cold of flesh, and devoid of heart. My tongue flicks back ,and forth, ever in search of new prey, and if I like what I find, I swallow 'em whole."

Ba'al had find herself traveling along the dense forest of Crescent Island. This island is known for it inhabits as a large lumber source among other things. Unfortunately Ba'al wasn't there to site see she was there to trained her abilities known as,"Haki". Only a few select people in the world have the ability to use,"Haki" the origin of Haki is mysterious but it said there are 3 types of Haki. Unfortunately Ba'al only know two forms are I guess you can say her current ability of using Haki was quite poor. But today she was looking to further increase her uses of Haki by utilizing it in everyday training scenarios . She hope to be able to successfully manage to relay on her Haki as another set of eyes. Ba'al is about to find out how hard it's to mastery Haki at early stages unfortunately for herself she is a stubborn individual who seek to achieve a higher level of power for a enjoyable hunt.

Such things as human emotion wasn't noted in Ba'al mind in fact such traits wasn't required which is Ba'al abandon such worthless emotions. In order to achieve such remarkable percentage in combat. As the long hours unfold on Crescent Island Ba'al find herself meditating within the dense forest of Crescent Island. If that wasn't enough Ba'al was currently in a tree duck off from the average sight of a person at less you were looking for her you wouldn't find her, as Ba'al had use the thickness of the forest to conceal her presence. This wasn't a hard features you may ask yourself why would Ba'al go to such extends to conceal herself form the naked eye it is because she didn't want anyone to interrupt her potential training.She firgue if she complete her training without being interrupted that she will benfit from this training, and be properly be able to defend herself in battle. Today weather was rather hot as usual for Crescent Island climate lucky the dense forest had provided decent shelter where sun rays couldn't reach the inhabits due to dense forest. This had made Crescent Island a idea place to train,hunt,and hide if such options they couldn't do so. Unfortunately for Ba'al hiding wasn't the case it was more of the case of developing new skills, and abilities to use in battle to increase her percentage in conflict. The mediate stance allow the user to be in touch with her surroundings, as well display there limited on how far her abilities could reach. Ba'al had place her legs apple sauce kris kross  prior before the mediation begin in order to find a relaxing position for her body to mediate. Only after a few seconds she had selected this position as her current mediation stance. Unfortunately she closed her eyes, and rely on the 5 sense drastically focusing her mind into a state of utter silence before activating her Kenbunshoku. What is Kenbunshoku Haki? Kenbunshoku grants users a sixth sense of the world around them and increased perception abilities. It increases your ability to perceive attacks, allows you to detect life forms, and increases your general awareness of your surroundings. While it may allow the user to detect and be aware of threats, it does not make them any faster meaning they must still possess the speed required if they wish to dodge an attack detected through Kenbunshoku Haki. When using the sensory style of this Haki, the auras of others are sensed and seen as colors, these colors are determined by the Haki Aura they possess. With the sensory allowing you to feel presence of others and sense their Haki Aura color, you can determine who certain people are by color and feel of their spirit alone. Yes of course Ba'al was taught that at a young age while she stay on Amazon Lily it was that, and a few other things. As time went by she had develop basic understanding of her Haki, and limit in fact while she was meditating she had incorporate several combination with her Haki in order to have successfully sneaks attacks.But due to Ba'al low Haki pool she decided to train her ability in a close off but populated location were she can fully understand her limits, and distance as far as her understanding goes.

Ba'al green aura leak off her body for any potential Haki user in the area. They should be able to sense her presence if she was in there range , and the same goes for Ba'al if anything was within in her range of her Kenbunshoku Haki. As Ba'al sat there her Kenbunshoku Haki allow her to see the world in a different view the ability to see any life form within 15meters is very helpful when either the weather is bad or to prevent sneak attacks. Ba'al had enjoyed the Kenbunshoku  Haki a bit before releasing it she had learn that Haki range, and understood basic information about the Haki. Now she decided it was time to release it, and leave this God forsaken island in hopes of hunting her new prey. Whomever that unlucky bastard may be they are in for a rude awakening.

D»D-3 Haki
Request Update

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