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1Princesses and Dragons (ARC TASK PART 1) Empty Princesses and Dragons (ARC TASK PART 1) on Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:13 pm

Nenrei D. Donquixote


Nenrei D. Donquixote
Kyoto pushed the small rowboat with her hands towards the shore of the island. She could see smoke everywhere. “What is going on?” she asked herself outloud. She had come to this island in hopes of asking her father about the power she had unleashed in the bathroom only days before, but it seemed that it would have to be put on hold for the time being. She wore her usual clothing, a white long sleeved tight fitted shirt, with pants of the same material and color. She had on a pair of white combat boosts as well. Her teal hair fell to the small of her back as she had took it out of its signature pony tail. Her sea green eyes viewed the destruction in front of her as she had stepped out of the small rowboat and had begun walking towards the city.

Getting within the city she could see that a lot of houses were destroyed. Wooden Shack Shops were completely destroyed with its merchandise being thrown all over the roads. As she walked towards the palace where her father most likely was she would feel a rumble, as if the ground was shaking. A Earthquake? No, they weren’t as common on this island. Thunderstorms were here almost everyday though. She was surprised there wasn’t one in sight. Getting her mind off of the weather she would continue walking towards the palace. The rumbling seemed to be getting louder as if it were coming in her direction. This would cause her to frown slightly as she broke out in a run towards the palace building.

As she ran she heard the shouting of many men coming from the direction of the palace. As her and the group begin to near one another she would see the man come charging forward as if they were a mob of angry ants who she had messed with there nest. No? It couldn’t be. Her father’s island had been overtaken by pirates. As she got closer to the group of pirates she would feel the rumbling of the Earth stop. It seemed whatever it was had been pleased the pirates would confront her. Stopping in her tracks she would scream “Who are you and what are you doing here!” The pirates would seem to stop upon hearing her booming voice. The leader of the grunts, well she thought he was the leader. Seeing as he looked more cleaner than the rest of them and was at the head of the party. “Our captain has chose to take this island as his own with help from a creature he has put under his control. Now let’s stop the talking!” screamed the grunt as him and the rest of them rushed forward towards Kyoto.

As they charged towards her Kyoto would think why the man would try to take over the island. Her father was a wealthy man, but he really didn’t have any ties with the world government whatsoever, he was independent. Frowning Kyoto would inhale a large amount of air as her body began to look like a balloon. The captain of the grunt was the first to get to her. Jumping to the air Kyoto would jump above his body placing her hands on the top of his head as she thrusted down with her immense strength crushing the bones in his neck as she leaned forward slightly coming into a standing position behind the now almost dead grunt. As the grunt was reaching for air, Kyoto would begin to twist her body as she turned around and ran up the man’s back before quickly releasing the twist of her body. This would cause her to propel forward towards the other pirates. For 15 meters she would go in a linear direction as she spun releasing punch after punch. From this technique alone she had took out at least 20 of the pirates as they were all bunches up, not including the leader.

Breathing heavily the pirates would come rushing for her, some jumping into the air attempting to dog pile her. Anger would erupt in her mind as she screamed “Leave this island. Now!” a deep pink wave of aura would release from her body as her pupils got sharper. For 15 meters the aura would spread as she took out pirate after pirate instantly knocking them out as they were touched by the aura. Falling to the ground due to exhaust she would turn towards the palace as she slowly got up and began to run towards it.


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