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1Reflection on the Water Empty Reflection on the Water on Thu Jul 14, 2016 6:52 am

Hoshikita Cross


Hoshikita Cross
The calm blue waters lapped gently against the fram of a small wooden rowboat that appeared as only a tiny brown spec on the vast azure horizon. Two oars slowly stroked through those salty waters, lazily manned by one Lieutenant Cross of the Marines. After three long years back in his birthplace of Loguetown, he was finally returning to his beloved positioned station at Base #17. He had ridden the ferry to reach South Blue from the East, but Hoshikita had insisted on rowing the rest of the way to his home base. It wasn't far from where the ferry had made its first stop, and he felt as though some solitary reflection would do him good before he returned to the place that had served as his home for over a year. The memories he had made there were invaluable to him, and Hoshikita couldn't imagine where he might be in life if he hadn't joined the Marines. Working as a carpenter for the past three years had only served to further cement the notion that he had no business leading that kind of life. Truly, he had been most happy when serving the Marines to his fullest. Those had been the times that his frequent naps and siestas had felt the most rewarding, and as he rowed through the waters he couldn't help but recall them fondly.

There had been his first year as a Marine, when he had served his time as a Petty Officer and finally been raised to the rank of Ensign. It had been then, when he was first given combat duties that he had truly begun to shine. His first mission had been an emergency call to defend the base, and Hoshikita thought back on how frightened he'd been. It had only been his first day after all, and being attacked by pirates was incredibly shocking for the newly assigned Ensign. After watching his fellow ensigns taking on nearly a dozen pirates, he hadn't been sure what he could do. Luckily for him, the legacy he had gained from his father had saved him then. All those times sparring with his old man had given him the edge he'd needed to take down those two pirates. A tear started forming in his eye as he recalled the moment, realizing that there'd never be another spar with his dad. Hoshikita stopped rowing for a moment, choosing instead to just stare down at the water. It was calm enough that the long legged marine could even make out his reflection. The resemblance to his father as a younger man was uncanny, and his mother had not failed to point that out many a time during his extended stay at their home. Hoshikita hadn't been sure how to feel about that for a long time but, now that his father had passed, he felt as though he was carrying on his dad's legacy and he was proud of that. After giving himself another few moments to collect himself, Hoshikita got back to rowing again, wanting to return to his station as soon as he could, as well as see Commander Burrel and Captain Maria and all of his other fellow marines. The long legged man could feel the excitement traveling the incredibly long distance all the way to his toes.

2Reflection on the Water Empty Re: Reflection on the Water on Sun Jul 17, 2016 8:47 pm

Hoshikita Cross


Hoshikita Cross
Hoshikita's excitement was not without a sense of regret, however. He still couldn't forget how his mother had looked when he'd left, and part of him wanted to remain in Loguetown to look after her forever. Even though he was eager to return to the Marines, he'd truly cherished the time he'd been able to spend with his parents during those three years. The time had gone by so quickly that it almost seemed like a dream now, and Hoshikita's mind ran wild with the vivid memories of his time spent there as he continued to unthinkingly row his tiny vessel through the waters. He'd spent much time regaling his father with stories about his life as a Marine, and arguing with his mother about how he wasn't interested in settling down with a woman just yet. He'd gotten to drink at his favorite bars, and reconnect with his childhood friends. There had even been a few one night stands with some of the local women who were happy to see him return. It hadn't been all fun and games though, as Hoshikita had still reported to the Loguetown Marine base to perform basic duties and fill patrols, while in the evenings he worked his father's carpentry job. Due to his extensive work schedule, he'd been able to save up some money for himself while helping out with his parent's expenses. He still had a small stockpile of funds, consisting of what he hadn't given to his parents or spent on trips to the bar.

All of his belongings, including the savings he'd accumulated were resting on the opposite side of the small boat, and Hoshikita couldn't help but think that his pile of things would make a nice pillow. "It couldn't hurt to take a little nap out here. A little rest would do me good." He thought to himself, letting out an exaggerated yawn as his rowing slowed to a snail's pace. He still had some time before he'd reach Base Seventeen anyway, and the sea was so calm that Hoshikita couldn't help but take advantage of it. His laziness got the better of him, and he set the oars down inside the vessel and stood up, stretching his long legs and giving his tired arms a break. He scratched his beard and took a moment to gaze out at the vast expanse of ocean that lay before him. He could see Karate Island far off in the distance, and that was a good indication that he was a bit more than halfway to his destination. Feeling rather satisfied with how far he'd gotten already, Hoshikita carefully maneuvered himself around so that he was facing the other way and his belongings were behind him, then tilted his marine cap down so that it would cover his eyes a bit more. He then fell back listlessly, settled his head in to the canvas bag that held his clothing and effects, and drifted off into a restful slumber.

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