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1The Faust boy Empty The Faust boy on Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:30 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Name: Ricky Faust
Alias/Epithet: N/A
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Use: Ship
Haki Aura: - N/A

Occupation: Navigator
Affiliation: Pirate
Tier: - 2

General Appearance:

The Faust boy Latest?cb=20130415180532&path-prefix=protagonist

Ricky is a very young individual compared to the average pirate and it shows in his baby face and his green eyes. His hair, is spiked and short but what truly makes it stick out is his bleach blonde color. His skin is very pale, which given his facial structure gives his skin a certain level of glare. Ricky's height is 5 foot 8 inches and he weighs roughly 130LB. He is very much a twig and not really anything definitive on his body that shows muscles or anything of the sort. His attire is comprised of an off white fleece which is lined with a yellow stripe on each sides. Around his waist is a belt, in which Ricky keeps all of his maps for different travels. His pants are army green and fit to his specific size. When it comes to footwear he wears black boots that come over his pants and raise just below the shin. For minor details he wears his log pose on his right wrist and along with his blue tie he wears a pin thats the logo Bazel's crew.

Height: 5'8
Weight: 130LB
Crew Tattoo Placement: No tattoo yet, Has a pin on his shirt.

Personality: Ricky isn't your average 16 year old in fact he is one of the more adventurous ones. Growing up Ricky was always around pirates and wanted to live that lifetstyle so much. He often got told stories from pirates traveling through Drum Island and wanted to join them each and every opportunity but his age stopped him from living out his dream. Because Ricky wasn't much of a fighter he learned other trades, such as becoming the best navigator he could be. Even if that was hard given his lack of travel experience but he still made the best of it and tried his hardest. When growing up Ricky learned a lot of valuable information about the world which painted a picture in his mind of how the sea could be. Along with his natural ambition and everything he's heard Ricky is more than anxious to start his travels. When it comes to his friends Ricky is usually considered the little brother of the bunch but yet very insightful for his age. He is a very nice person and often finds himself morally conflicted when making the hard choice that he has often seen older people in his life have to make. For instance when it comes to killing someone or saving them even if it means putting his life at risk Ricky will make the weak choice and go back and save said person even if it puts him in danger. This has often let people to think Ricky wears his heart on a sleeve. As much as Ricky has tried he can't shake that feeling even if it means he gets on Baz's bad side during a mission. It often leads to a bad spout between the two.

Hand to Hand: - 3
Melee Weaponry: -
Devil Fruit:-

Haki: -

Face Claim: (Series|Character Name)

2The Faust boy Empty Re: The Faust boy on Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:49 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

850k deducted

The Faust boy Tumblr_o1zip42fFy1ua7tzho1_400

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