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1Vivre Cards Empty Vivre Cards on Thu Oct 13, 2016 1:23 pm



Vivre Card

Vivre Cards are mystical pieces of paper that are crafted from a person's finger nail. Once crafted into paper it is completely waterproof and fireproof, but it is able to be torn and given to multiple people in order for them to find them wherever they should go.

The torn pieces of the Vivre Card will point to and move towards the direction of the one whose nail was used to create the Vivre Card. No matter where they are located in the world. Giving a holder of the Vivre Card and their "loved" ones to never lose each other.

An ability of the Vivre Card is the ability to display the life force from who it was created from. Meaning if the person whose nail it was crafted from was dying. The Vivre Card would begin to burn either slowly or fast depending on how fast the person is dying. However, it will grow back to its original side if that person recovers.

Vivre Cards are hard to come by and only Historians are able to create them due to their advanced knowledge of the world and the studies of life. See Occupation System. Though, one may buy a Vivre Card from the equipment shop for the base amount of 15,000,000 Beli if they are in the Grandline.

Only four Pieces can be torn from a Vivre Card to give to another person. Each piece must be torn from the edges of the Vivre Card. Which acts as a arrow when pointing towards the main Vivre Card (card it was torn from). This allows Vivre Cards to actually be used as substitutes for Log Poses and get people to certain Islands that they may not have been able to find.

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