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1THE OG GANGSTA, YES HE IS Empty THE OG GANGSTA, YES HE IS on Sat Oct 15, 2016 2:40 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
THE OG GANGSTA, YES HE IS Tumblr_nqsph7HeMv1sg1ksjo1_500

Name: Bazel D. Wiggins
Alias/Epithet: Bazel The Firebird
Race: Human
Tier: 4
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Thief l Martial Arts
Affiliation: Pirate
World Position: Nah bruh

General Appearance:

THE OG GANGSTA, YES HE IS Suoh_mikoto_render_by_hiyori456-d6whrry

Bazel doesn't have anything special about his look that separates him from everyone else besides his blood red hair which is normally spiky with a tamed undertone. On the sides the hair comes down longer covering his ears for the most part, while he has two single strands coming down the front of his face one on the left while the other is on the right. His usual attire consist of a white v-neck t-shirt which looks dingy at best on his tanned skin. Over that he wears his signature leather jacket which features a hood that's ruffled in feathers. On his neck he wears a special necklace made by his mother when he was a child. His jeans are basic featuring a medium blue shade of denim which come down over his black shoes.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 200LB
Crew Tattoo Placement: One on back one on right backhand.


Loner - Bazel would prefer to be alone since he doesn't want to cause anyone to inherit his problems and vice versa. Though he prefers to be alone he wouldn't object to teamwork if it bettered his current situation.
Leadership - For someone who hates leadership as much as Bazel he is naturally good at it given his critical thinking skills along with his tactical mind which often helps him out of his own problems along with those who true to follow him into his journey. Whether its being inspirational or leading a charge Bazel has inspired people before and can do it again when needed.
Eager - Experiencing the things he has made Bazel the way he is in life which goes a long way in showing the type of person he is. He wants everything from life but has a hard time showing it given his laid back and often warm attitude towards things. He may never admit it to the world but Bazel wants to become the best at whatever he sets his mind to, whether that is piracy or something as simple as cookie baking Bazel wants to become the best as it.
Combat - Bazel didn't eat a devil fruit for no reason. He enjoys combat and learning new thinks which is why he took a chance eating a devil fruit he had no clue about because he wanted a new challenge at learning something he couldn't possibly understand instantly. His combatant like mind causes Bazel to be more prone to combat than most as he doesn't run from a fight unless it directly places others lives in danger.
Trust - Bazel isn't the most open person in the world which isn't hard to tell but once he lets you in he will truly let you in. He values the term family and that is gained once you gain his trust.

Likes: Cake, Women, Good Time, Music, Reading, Trainin
Dislikes: Annoying People, Lazy People, Ignorance , Those who don't "Enjoy the Ride"

History: (Optional.)
Face Claim: (K Project|mikoto suoh)
RP Sample: Im good bruh

Bonus: Keeping all my stuff ~
Location: Vulcan

Fate Point Allocation:

Hard Worker - 1
Born to Brawl - 1
Devil's Meddle - 2
Hawk's Eye - 1

1 Point Left.

2THE OG GANGSTA, YES HE IS Empty Re: THE OG GANGSTA, YES HE IS on Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:33 pm



y o

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