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1[Halloween event]Spookmaster 3.2-1 Empty [Halloween event]Spookmaster 3.2-1 on Sun Oct 23, 2016 11:28 am

Bacon is fluffy


[Halloween event]Spookmaster 3.2-1 Sea_monster_by_soxfox-d3fl2tr

Name: Spookmaster 3.2-1
Tier: 4
Capacity Limit: 65
Type: Submarine, Underwater
Description:The Spookmaster 3.2-1 is 25 meters long, 10 meters high, and 12 meters wide. It looks like a serpentine sea-king with a faded green hull and patches of red and white to make it look like a decaying monster corpse.Its hull and body are crafted to look like scales and its body is designed with hinges to make it look like a seamonster slithering through the water. At the front are two curly catfish like whiskers near its nose and a big mouth at the front of the ship with pearly white,but serrated being displayed with a smile.

It's mouth's jaw operates on a hinge with the ship is going to fire, 4 slots for torpedos can be seen when its mouth opens. On top of its head are cartoony protruding eyes which look like two humps at the top of its head. This with reinforced glass is how the navigator sees out the ship.

Upon entering the ship is the main crew area. There are stations for someone to man the den den mushi, along with other switches throughout to access the system. Below the main crew area are two separate but giant rooms for both men and women. Separated by a wall if necessary. There's plenty of room for lockers and bunks.

Toward the back of the ship lie a first aid room, 10 by 12 with enough space to operate, do physical check ups and store first aid stuff like bandages and crutches. Next door to the medic room is a small lab outfitted with microscopes and a few sets of vials and beakers for conducting experiments on strange substances throughout the grand line.

At the very end of the ship are the 4 prison cells, 5x5. While all the other rooms are designed to not sway with the ship's slithery movement, the cells are designed to sway constantly to mess with them(prisoners).

Toward the front just before the control room where the navigator will spending more of their time are the kitchen and common area. The kitchen itself is outfitted with enough benches to accommodate half the crew at any given time and it comes with the stand stuff needed to prep food, preserve it and store it. The common room is just a simple lounge where crew members can laze about and not do things during downtime.

The command room is located at the front of the ship with a single wheel for guiding it through the grandline. The glass around the eyes are outfitted with lights to see in the depths of the ocean. This is where the log pose is also located.

Lastly is the hatch, which is just a door which opens upward and is built into the ship's roof.
Speed: 25
Hull: Steel
Artillery Limit: (50% of the Capacity Limit)
Artillery Slots Owned: 5 artillery slots
Artillery: 4 torpedo slots
Upgradable: no
Den Den Mushi-
Domesticated-speaker den den mushi, light dials at the eyes of the ship, and heat dials
Link to Purchase or Creation: -

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2[Halloween event]Spookmaster 3.2-1 Empty Re: [Halloween event]Spookmaster 3.2-1 on Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:19 am



Remove that its upgradable, it should remain at its tier as its an event ship.

3[Halloween event]Spookmaster 3.2-1 Empty Re: [Halloween event]Spookmaster 3.2-1 on Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:21 am

Bacon is fluffy


The change is made

My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
[Halloween event]Spookmaster 3.2-1 Draft-1_zpsttgtwlra

4[Halloween event]Spookmaster 3.2-1 Empty Re: [Halloween event]Spookmaster 3.2-1 on Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:08 am

Asher Kringle


Asher Kringle

[22:28:28 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Wait

[22:28:33 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Im scared of asher

[22:28:37 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : He migbt kidnap me

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