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1Sabastian Phantomhive Halloween NPC(Done) Empty Sabastian Phantomhive Halloween NPC(Done) on Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:24 am


Name: Sabastian Phantomhive
Alias/Epithet: Butler
Race: Human
Tier: 1
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Occupation: Culinary artist
Use: Non-Combat
Equipment: NvT
Haki: NvT
Attribute Priority: Strength
Affiliation:  Free Agent/Undeclared

General Appearance:
Sabastian always wears his butler clothing. The butler clothers are black and white. The jackets he wears have tails and his shoes are black stoo. His hair is black and he always wears white gloves. His eye colour is red and glow when its dark. He does have sharp teeth. His voice is a little echoisch. WHen he talks he sounds demonic and a creepy but at the same time like a gentleman. He wears his white gloves mainly to hide his hands wich have black nails.
Sebastian also does have a devil like tail wich he often hides in his pants.


Height: 1.87m
Weight: 84 kg
Crew Tattoo Placement: On his hand

Sebastian is a noble man who behaves really dently. His is used to that because of how he is raised. He is most of the time a calm man who does not lose his temper easily. Despite what people say about how he looks. He does not let their words get in his head. Sebastian is a loyal person. He is the person who will have always have your back and does anything to please that person. He is at his best when serving as a butler. He is also a really talanted cook. When he is inside a kitchen with enough inredients he can spend hours in there making diffrent dishes.

When Sebastian is sad or angry he will try to hide that and be as kind as he can. Still everyoen has a soft spot. FOr Sebastian is that when you mention something of his past. The wounds are still really deep. He will try to then walk away fromthat personfor a while. If he is not able to do so he will try to swallow it in or burst out letting out his emotions. Sebastian does have a good taste of humor but is not good at making jokes himself. He is a really positive person who cares more about others then himself. Sebastian is a warm and kind person overall. As a butler he is able to hold back his opinion about something instead of saying it and insult someone. When he decides to insult someone he will not just shout words at them. He will stay behaved and mannered. It might doesnt even come over to the ones reieving it as a insult at all.

Sebastian can get irritated when people are really clumsy or when he meets a other butler that isnt doing his job right. In his own personal opinion. WHen Sebastian is serving and someone praises him he has his own catchphrase as a response : "If I couldnt even do what kind of butler would I be. Im simply one hell of a butler."

1) Serving people especially the ones he works for
2) Making people smile. When people smile it means they are happy. He is a butler and when he does his job and people smile that means he is doing his job well.
3) Pies and tea. He enjoys making tea and pie serving it. He also does enjoy eating pie and drinking tea.

1) People who lie alot. He dislikes lies and people who use them. As a loyal butler he thinks its important to be honest.
2) Holes in clothing. He thinks taking are of yourself is important and that you have to represent yoursel the best way you can so holes in clothing are unaccaptable. He gets also irritated when someone cuts his clothing when he is fighting someone.
3) Fire. It destroyed the mansion heworked in and killed the family he was serving. Because of fire he lost his job a roof above his head and his life.


Sabastian Phantomhive grew up in a mansion. His parents worked for a family called The Trancies. The house of Trancy is where he grows up. His parents learn him how tobecome one hell of a butler. His future seems to be set in stone. He also would become a butler and work for the family Trancy. Time passes by as Sabastian grows up and learns the art of serving people. His parents are proud of him and when he turns 18 the family Trancy hires him and he gets paid. Within his family were some weird trades. THe black nails ,red eyes and sharp teeth were not normal. THus Sebastian almost never went into the village because people gave him and his parents weird looks.

One year later Sabastian falls in love with one of the maids in the household. Sebastian is caugth up in the love life and he takes every moment of free time  to be with her. Her name is Sunnisa. She has long blonde hair and a soft milk white skin. Despite Sebastian's weird trademarks she accepts him and answers his love. Sebastian lives his life to the fullest and takes every moment but his happiness had to end some time. No one can forever escape sadness and pain. He did a good job at that for a long time though. When he is 21 Sebastian and Sunnisa marry. Soon Sunnisa is pregnant. SHe has to take some time off from being a maid. Nine months later their daughter is born. Its a beautifull baby and life stil seems to be perfet. It was too perfect.

One year later after the birth of his baby something happens. Sebatian is send away to a other village 1 week traveling from his mansion. He is supposed to pick up something their. When he returns to the mansion 2 weeks after he left he will see his life break into milluons of pieces. He retruns to the mansion that seems to be on fire. Everything is  gone.  THe mansion and the village burn to ashes and no one is spared by the flames exept Sebastian. Everything is gone. Sebastian lost everything and their is nothing he could have done. He is heart broken and that night he doesnt sleep. Hopeless he tries to stop the flames to save his wife, child, parents and the trancies but they all die by the flames.

His mind becomes completely blank and for a moment he wants to give up on his life but somehow he cant do it. Tired he fell asleep. In his sleep he had a dream. Inhis dream he does see Sunnisa. He runs to her and embraces her. Int he dream they talk and for a moment Sebastian belives that it was all a nightmare but as the night is ending Sunnisa made her move to say goodbye. She tells him to keep living and find a new master to serve.

Then Sebastian wakes up with his cheecks wett of the tears. He then stands up and wipes them away. He then gets his stuff and leaves the village behind.

in his 25th year he will meet Syndra and become her butler.
Face Claim: Sabastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)

2Sabastian Phantomhive Halloween NPC(Done) Empty Re: Sabastian Phantomhive Halloween NPC(Done) on Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:16 pm

Bacon is fluffy



My character sheet:Link
Current log pose points:27
Holy trinity of waifus
Sabastian Phantomhive Halloween NPC(Done) Draft-1_zpsttgtwlra

3Sabastian Phantomhive Halloween NPC(Done) Empty Re: Sabastian Phantomhive Halloween NPC(Done) on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:24 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
2/2 from me;

Sabastian Phantomhive Halloween NPC(Done) Rzw76K1

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