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1Kitsune shiryoku X Hunters [Done] Empty Kitsune shiryoku X Hunters [Done] on Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:29 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
Kitsune shiryoku X Hunters [Done] W8Dhlw2

Type: (Crew)
Name: Kitsune shiryoku X Hunters
Captain: Elisa Darkwalker
First Mate: Syndra
Crew Tier: 3
Allegiance: Revolutionary
Alliances: N/a
Crew Occupation: Adventurers
Description: This crew "Kitsune shiryoku X Hunters" is a collective of people who have decided to come together to enjoy the world while accomplishing their own personal goals and helping each other accomplishing theirs. The crew is peaceful in nature and are NOT PIRATES or anything on them lines. Despite Elisa Darkwalker officially being declared the Captain and Syndra the First mate the leadership of the crew is more of a democracy than your standard crew as all are friends with each other, and if anyone was to join would surely be groomed to be free like everyone else in the crew. The crew fully takes on a mantle of one for all and all for one as with such close ties similar to that of a family of friends they will fight strong and hard for each other, each other's dreams and the enemy of one is the enemy of all. 

Now while the crew is indeed neutral across the board not being allied to anyone in specific but are more favorable to the innocent people of the world and are even somewhat connected to the revolutionary army holding their ties at arms reach but no closer. The current main objective of the crew is Syndras goal of finding those responsible for the murder of Orlando a man who took a father position in Syndra life, while secondary objectives do exist such as Elisa building her relations with the Revolutionary Army as she sees them as a group fighting for the people and a war against corruption. 

The crew does have a hidden true goal as their connection to a book named "The Book of Evolution & Desire" which holds many secrets from An ancient civilisation, A lost Island, Orlando life, Syndras place of birth, and a choice that changed everything.  
Bounty: 0
Crew Ships: Dark Souls Voyager
Crew NPCs:
0 Grunts
Field use

ship use
Link to Founding:
Arc Registration - Task= Meeting new friends and creating a crew
The Actural Task

Kitsune shiryoku X Hunters [Done] Rzw76K1

2Kitsune shiryoku X Hunters [Done] Empty Re: Kitsune shiryoku X Hunters [Done] on Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:40 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Oookay. Approved.

Kitsune shiryoku X Hunters [Done] Tumblr_n0lv2h8IZr1s69erao1_500

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