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1Kash Kringle NPC Empty Kash Kringle NPC on Sat Dec 17, 2016 8:47 pm

Blanco Bean


Blanco Bean
Name: Kash Kringle
Alias/Epithet: Joker
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23

Occupation: Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Pirate
Use: Combat
Tier: 4
Equipment: N/A
Haki: Both
Attribute Priority: Speed

General Appearance:

Kash Kringle NPC KPbaK

Kash is just like most women in terms of appearance. She stands around six foot two and weighing roughly one-hundred fifty pounds.  She herself is a very pale female in terms of skin complexion which gives her the appearance of looking sick at most times, Speaking of which her body fram is more curvy than she would like to admit. Her "assets" consist of her 32DD breast and her size 3 waist. Her build has a muscular vibe to it due to her intense workout regime. On her neck she normally wears two black ties made of leather whiich resemble most of the material on her outfit. Her outfit looks like that of a corset almost. Instead of a normal bra she wears this bra shaped like an X with gold accents which covers the bare minimnum of her chest area.The corset actually features the same gold accents which covers her bra. As for her pants she wears fitted black tights which hug her body in a sense. She wears knee high boots which are grey and shoot up in a diamond form around the knee the heel on the bottom are roughly two inches. Kash has this black leather coat which  goes down to her ankles. The buttons on the coat are gold plated along with the gold accents which span from the collar to the chest area. On the shoulders of the coat she has silver chest plates go down to the tricep area . The sleeves aren't very loose which doesn't offer much room for air and uncomfortable.  As for her hands she wears black gloves which conceal her fingers and give her an added grip to her weapons. Her hair is grey and she has it coming donw to the sides in the front and it goes down to past her hips. Her eyes are ice blue.

Height: 5'11
Weight: 150 LB
Personality: The pysche of Kash varies from person to person. She grew up in a stable enviorment but the constant feeling of favortism from her mother drove her insane. She always craved love as a young girl and when she couldn't get it, she drove herself mad. She always drew closer to men than female because of her relationship with her father and the love he gave her compared to that of her mother. Because of this Kash developed a strained sense of love with the world and how she treats people. She likes to love quietly and in silence never sharing her actual affection for people in person rather doing it when they aren't around to hear it.  

In regards to her loyalty she doesn't like to be apart of groups even though she longs for acceptance from a family. She usually tries to leave before growing too attached which is probably her greatest weakness. Most notably when she does get attached and accepts people in she will go to bat for them regardless of the situation because at that point you are her family.

When in battle Kash is very emotional but at the same time not quite. She believes in playing with her food before chewing it. But not in the classical sense, her way is playing with their mind gathering their style of combat and tactics before engaging them in their particular style of fighting. This has worked in her favor for numerous reasons given how she fights compared to most people. She considers herself very methodical and precise in her general approach to most physical situations.

She carries no ill will towards the marines but doesn't understand what their job is because of her stance on people being allowed to have freedom in life. She personally doesn't have anything against anyone unless it is her mother whom she can't quite stand for some reason. Even long after all that happened.

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2Kash Kringle NPC Empty Re: Kash Kringle NPC on Sun Dec 18, 2016 9:18 pm



Already approved the purchase so this is good to go

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