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1Truthzel {Done} Empty Truthzel {Done} on Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:14 am



Equipment Name:Truthzel
Equipment Type: Wide Sword
Strength Req.: 3

Equipment Description:
Truthzel {Done} Final%20fantasy%20final%20fantasy%20vii%20anime%20swords%201680x1050%20wallpaper_www.wall321.com_34
Truthzel is approximately 10 meters long{the blade is}, and is 8 meters wide. This sword is a dull weapon long sword so cutting the skin is impossible at best blunt damage could be receive from the initial impact of the weapon. The blade is forge with material known as Titanium with a custom red hilt.

Attachments: N/A
Curse or Devil Fruit: Truthzel is no average weapon it's curse which the ability of truth. But this curse weapon allow the people free will to lie or tell the truth. Unfortunately if you lie you get encase in stone as a resulted of lying in the presence of Truthzel. This curse comes into effect when Truthzel makes contact with a body part as the resulted the user ask a question in which you have to respond with true or lie. Each time Truthzel hit them with the sword they are then cursed each time they lie, a minor limb is encased in stone, and the more they lie, the more they are encased in stone. Just like any other curse sword it have draw back as this weapon curse is a double edge sword. As long as the user is holding the sword he is force to tell the truth or he will be subject to being encase in stone for lying in the presence of Truthzel

Petrification{Encasing} Chart:

• Truthzel Petrification/Encasing Effect: Will be achieved through physically striking an opponent, although the only area that is encase in stone is the contacted area, as opposed to the entire body{Since I'm a giant the area would be specific in the post} The head is always the last body part effected so if I hit head it will resulted in the next likely area of choice.

* Truthzel Contact will encase the area hit by the Truthzel in stone if the target lies . The encase area is as strong as Titanium , and reduce the speed of the target by 1 tier by each area hit. Majority of human body have 2 hands, 2 legs,1 upper body, and 1 head. So after a total of 6 contact are made your body is fully encase in stone. If ever the target body have more limbs then they would need to be encase in order to encase there head.

Materials: Titanium

Units per Slot:1

2Truthzel {Done} Empty Re: Truthzel {Done} on Thu Dec 29, 2016 3:53 pm



I got this will write up review as soon as im on a pc

3Truthzel {Done} Empty Re: Truthzel {Done} on Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:05 am



finally got on,

so i like the majority of what you have, though i would go smaller on the limbs, also i would actually remove the whole "starts where it cuts" and just start on per limbs.

so like example

encasing chart:

Lie 1 - Right hand/arm
Lie 2 - Left hand/arm
Lie 3- Right leg/foot
Lie 4 - Left leg/foot
Lie 5 - lower body
Lie 6 - upper body
Lie 7 - head.

Being a low level curse it should act slowly and when the weapon powers up you can increase the curse to transform and hit things faster.

The lowering of speed per encasement is denied. Stone wouldnt be to much of an issue for many characters beyond tier 2. Perhaps every third encasement gets a speed drop of 1 tier.

Remove the "they have to answer" because the third option is not to tell a truth or a lie and is to simply not answer the question. The forceful answering would be a seperate curse all together. Id honestly remove the Each time it hits them and just have them be cursed for a set amount of posts per single strike so for example - struck once - every time that person lies within 3 posts they are incased as per the chart. then they have to be hit again rather than each time they are hit..

How can the stone be broken? obviously its material is stone so you should consider that area as well.

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