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1Titanium Slug  Empty Titanium Slug on Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:57 am



Name: Titanium Slug
Tier: 4
Capacity Limit: 35
Type: Underwater


Titanium Slug  Submarine_707r_191
*Lights are located on the outside to help shine their way through the dark ocean.
*Propulsion system is fan based allowing for a smooth underwater ride , with a hand based turning system.
*Beneath the fan is a small lower bay door which at intervals releases explosive mines, a small propultion system pushes the mines forward near the end which halts it from ever hitting the fan.
*Perisocope is fitted and is 30 feet long.
*An escape bay is located at the deepest underbelly of the submarine AND another at the bottom of the control room which fits five people each at a time. This fills with water before opening, the water is then sucked out after closing and the pattern is repeated.
Length: 340 feet
Width:  131 feet.

Control Room: The control room is at the front of the sub with the large window like exterior allowing for those to see out of tit. The control room controls everything bar weaponry which as seen below has its own locations and of course personal things such as bed rooms and kitchen stuff. It controls the security protocols to halt flooding.

Kitchen: Where people eat.  it has a mess hall, a cooker, an ice room to keep things frozen, hobs, and comes with cooking utensiles.

Sleeping rooms: three large sleeping rooms which house up to 33 crew mates. The captain and Navigator have there own sleeping quarters in the control room, mainly two pull out beds. Its not exactly the comfiest but it works. Within the sleeping quarters theres nothing but hammocks everywhere and piles of clothes.

Toilets - Obviously toilets which get flushed in to the makes for a wonderful smokescreen to be honest.

Weapons System: Due to the fact that torpedos are currently out of the traditional make system, the weapon system of the submarine has been heavbily converted to release weapons suited to land warfare under water. These weapons are

The Harpoon cannon  which is located at the centre of the sub, the release system for this is very similiar to that used in the release of torpedos, though the propultion system is greatly enhanced to allow for no loss of speed under the water, due to harpoons being generally utilized underwater more so on land this works out perfectly fine.

Round Shots: Basic cannoballs that are shot from the left side and right side of the front of the submarine. Due to the factwater pressure is an issue, the propultion and relase system is powered up to the max, even so cannoballs are sadly only fired at tier 2 speeds and only for a 50m distance when released underwater.

Explosive Shots: Dangerous to have, dangerous to actually fire, that is why these cannoballs are not used this waydue to being hollowed out they have a tendancy to float even with the gun powder in them. As they have a 200 m range in total and a fuse long enough to support this, the submarine crew has found they can be rather handy mines. Sadly though due to having to cover the seal the 200 meter range is not usable when used this way. The crew snip the fuse to allow for a 50 meter range and these are released from the backside of the ship as if it is pooping out. They float to the surface and promptly explode.

Swivel Cannons are located near the hatch, though are built on a mechanism that brings them into the ship upon submerging which also has a ladder to elad any of those on the weapons to the submarines inside without fear of drowning. This protects them from water.  Two cannons are situated on the large fin like appendage which also houses the hatch.

Speed: 20 knots
Hull: Titanium
Artillery Limit: 6
Artillery Slots Owned: 10

Artillary bought:

Name: Round Shot Cannon
Quantity: 1
Description: This is your standard cannon found on just about any and every sailing vessel throughout the world. These cannons fire solid spheres the size of a softball at high speeds that are made to inflict blunt force damage. This cannon is designed to travel farther than most other types of artillery, albeit not terribly accurate past mid-range.
Range: 700m
Ammo Supply: 10 Iron or Steel Cannonballs
Link to Slot Purchase:

5 of these shots [meaning 50 cannonballs in total].

Name: Explosive Shell Cannon
Quantity: 1
Description: These cannons were designed by the devil himself. Meant to cause havoc all across the blue seas, these shells are miniature bombs. Looking like normal cannonballs, the balls themselves are hollowed out and loaded with gun powder. A fuse is then placed within the cannonball that extends out of the metal shell. When the ball is fired, the gunpowder reaction within the cannon lights the fuse. By the time the explosive shell reaches the enemy ship, the fuse has reached its end and explodes in a 12m diameter explosion. Unfortunately due to the timing required, these cannons have a very short range.
Range: 200m
Ammo Supply: 5x explosive shells
Link to Slot Purchase:
Link to Ship Applied to:

Name: Harpoon Cannon
Quantity: 1
Description: This cannon has two specific uses. The first being to latch onto enemy ships, stopping them from going ahead of or behind as well as allowing crew members a way to cross the ocean onto the enemy's ship. The second use is their extreme lethality to sea creatures, including Sea Kings. Any sea creature struck by a harpoon shot receives one extra tier of damage. In battle with something like a Sea King it also helps by keeping the Sea King above water so the crew may engage it out of its preferred terrain.
Range: 500m
Ammo Supply: 10x harpoons
Link to Slot Purchase:
Link to Ship Applied to:

Name: Swivel Cannon
Quantity: 1
Description: The swivel cannon isn't really a cannon at all, or at least it's a much smaller version of a cannon. Placed along the railings of ships, these cannons act more as shot guns against enemy crews than the enemy ship itself. They are used to fire at the enemy crew both on their ship as well as the ship that the swivel cannon is on. As the name implies, the cannon can swivel in a full 360 degree arc. The cannon itself is no bigger than a standard shot gun, a dwarf among its larger brethren.
Range: 100m
Ammo Supply: 15x bags of small shrapnel
Link to Slot Purchase:
Link to Ship Applied to:

X2 cannons bought

Upgradable: No
Den Den Mushi Large Den Den Mushi in control room. Black and White Den Den Mushi in control room to pick up and mask calls.
Domesticated Light Dials situated around the ship for light. Heat dials for temperature regulation. Speaker Den Den Mushi for contact and music. Ice Dials for food preservation in kitchen. Fire dials for cooking.
Link to Purchase or Creation: Vice Admiral Freebie.

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2Titanium Slug  Empty Re: Titanium Slug on Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:22 am



Artilleray purchase AND slot purchase link all in the above link.
Den Den Mushi Purchases >

all prices should be accounted for,

3Titanium Slug  Empty Re: Titanium Slug on Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:50 pm

Bam Bam

Bam Bam

Titanium Slug  4868618
Titanium Slug  Tumblr_static_e5k5wxv9a2o0kswcsog0osk44

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