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1G - 11 {Done} Empty G - 11 {Done} on Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:51 am




G - 11


Name: G - 11
Tier: 3
Capacity Limit:100
Type: On Water
G - 11 Desc:
A standard Marine Battleship known as Gunkan custom built to the specifications of Kronus to carry him on his voyages. It has the standard visual design of most ships with a few visual distinctions. G - 11  is a tall and long ship spanning 40m from aft to bow with a mast 15m high. Upon the ship's three masts is a trio of sails dyed in a egg shell white. The ship Logo is printed across the two largest sails on the bow, and midship masts. They are large and handle most of the ship's speed while the remaining seven sails are smaller and rigged to pulley systems. This allows the ship to travel at 14 knots at full speed and still turn at a decent rate thanks to the extra smaller sails.  

Next there is a building on the ship, toward the back. It holds the Giants room and also is the control room of this vessel. This building can be considered a miniature palace, as it is 20 meters in length, and twenty in height. It almost makes up the majority of the back of the ship. The front of the ship is increased in weight so that the ship balances out.

Near the center of the ship, which is above deck about 3 meters from the miniature palace there are some step leading down stairs. The stairs down to below deck lead to a hallway. On the right and left sides are doors to many of the crew quarters . At the end of the hall is the kitchen and in the middle there is another set of stairs leading down to the prison.
Command Center ~ This room is the most spacious and well furnished of the ships, but not just because it is a miniature palace it is because it also as act is the control room of this vessel. This building also act as Kronus personal quarters, and command center.
Crew Quarters 5 x10{Room size}~ The rooms set aside for the ship's crew are spartan and simple. There is a set of four bunks stacked atop one another at the end of the room and a number of lockers for the crew's personal belongings. Other than that there is little room for much else more than two table and some chairs.
Kitchen ~ Serving as the dining area too, the kitchen is set up with all the basic needs a seaworthy chef could need. There is a stove and a grill with ventilation for the smoke. A cool box and a large walk in closet of sorts for storing ingredients. A sink to wash dishes and a large counter to work on. There is a bar cutting the room in half on which meals can be served with seven stools lined up. Once again, there is a private bathroom in this room, however it is in the far corner and opens up to the exterior with a window to prevent the smell from ruining meals...poorly.
Prison Room ~
The final room of the ship as well as the lowest deck, is the prison room. Kronus made a request a standard prison room. It is dark and humid with nothing but a single hook for a lantern to be hung should the crew  decide to make a visit. On each of the three walls not used for the entrance is a pair of chains. Below these iron chains are small, hard, and uncomfortable seats. As with most other rooms on the ship, there is a bathroom in here as well. The room is about 4 meters in all direction as the prison chain only reach the length of 3 meters enough to reach the bathroom but away from the entrance of the iron Bars.
Speed: 14 knots
Hull: Standard Iron, and Wood.
Artillery Limit: 20
Artillery Slots Owned: 5
Artillery: 0
Upgradable: No
Den Den Mushi 1 Den Den Mushi
Domesticated Yea: Light Dials and Den Den Mushi routed to Dials for speakers throughout the ship. Heat dials installed for temperature regulation, and flame dials for use in cooking on the stoves and ovens found in the kitchens. Water dials to allow crew to make use of showers, baths, sinks, as well as the use of lavatories (a sewage treatment plant is also installed on board).
Link to Purchase or Creation: *Link*
The ship was free came with rank.

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2G - 11 {Done} Empty Re: G - 11 {Done} on Tue Mar 14, 2017 2:46 pm



Done ready for review

3G - 11 {Done} Empty Re: G - 11 {Done} on Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:15 am

The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

The Jade Emperor

4G - 11 {Done} Empty Re: G - 11 {Done} on Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:47 am



Provide links to purchasing of the artillery slots
The Den Den Mushi
Free ships don't rank up they remain where they are meaning they are not upgradable.
Domesticated = whats domesticated about the ship, give explanation

5G - 11 {Done} Empty Re: G - 11 {Done} on Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:33 pm



link to purchases

Okay so above shows where I purchase the den den mushi at, and link inside the template shows I purchase the slots. Everything else is done

6G - 11 {Done} Empty Re: G - 11 {Done} on Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:41 am



Bump changes was done to the ship as Geno suggest need staff approval please.

7G - 11 {Done} Empty Re: G - 11 {Done} on Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:51 am




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