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1Arafa-inquietum Empty Arafa-inquietum on Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:16 pm

Bacon is fluffy's alt

Free Agents
Free Agents

Arafa-inquietum Jeremiah-morelli-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder
Island Description: Most people believe the earth's land masses are altered and shaped by the shifting of tectonic plates. For the most part they would be correct, for there are many an island that are indeed the product of the earth's ever shifting nature. However there are islands which are an not be found, because they have their own free will. Islands which are harder to find not because of the Grand line's ever changing magnetic they are islands which sit atop wandering sea giants: Arafa-inquietum.

The wandering sea Giant's most notable feature is the fact that it cries daily, which is the primary source of water on the island. It's surprisingly more beneficial than normal water in that it doesn't evaporate as easily and tends to have a healing quality that is unique to its species. What is an everyday occurrence to them is therapeutic treatment for its inhabitants. The flip side to this beast's tears is when it begins to cry too profusely, it used to flood the island. Some measures were taken by its indigenous peoples to stem the effects of its fits of sobbing,but each occurrence still takes its toll on the people living here.

The island itself is surrounded by what almost seems like a dome of trees. In reality these trees are simply old, centuries old in fact.They're complemented by compacted dust and debris from other islands over over the giant's life span. The tree's range in shape and size, showing how many islands have been engulfed by the giant in its adolescence.
Mushroom cove:
Arafa-inquietum FVC6vHr
Most newcomers, including that of entire islands which become apart of Arafa-inquietum are usually absorbed through Mushroom cove. It is the only known opening and out of the island. Its people used to be swept out to see by the combination of ocean current and the rise of the tear flood. Others have been crushed by what has wandered in inadvertently. Ships,seakings, giant fish and everything else under the sun. The only species left unphased by this cove's opening are tropical shallowed which can't support the giant's size.

The Treants:
Arafa-inquietum 46530b6b8c4839d5a1aeecedd23ec059Arafa-inquietum Treebley_art
The product of the giant's tears and its first companions. The Treants live mostly in solitude and are generally docile creatures. They do not hunger because they get their nourishment from the sun. And they don't particularly have problems with impulse control due to them still being trees at heart. It takes a great massacre to enrage these giants. The Treants are slow moving lumbering giants who range from 20 feet tall all the way up to 500 feet tall, with the tallest of their kind being the masters of the forests upon Arafa-inquietum.

Arafa-inquietum Teso
The only remaining and long lasting settlement on the island. It is a mixture of everything in the new world. People from all islands that have existed in the new world are present. Some may have disappeared for one reason or another,but this is a place where all languages have converged. A place where discrimination is not born of hatred or ignorance, but rather is born of necessity. Although its people are actually quiet docile in their own right, they all speak different languages.

Unlike other civilizations where this exists, the people of Arafa-inquietum are bound by the threat the giant poses to them. They are united in the desire to survive and maintain their homes. Many of which exist within the canopies of the dome to prevent themselves from being swept away by the tears.

The island's climate is erratic due to the giant's constant travel across the grandline. Its people have adapted to seemingly endless streams of changing weather ranging from snow to extreme heat. From monoon to hurricanes...its people are a resilient bunch. They live by off of fish and survive by clinging to eachother, for the survival of one is another arm that can be used to maintain their settlement and prevent it from falling prey to the many dangers Arafa-inquietum subjects them to.

Species: Treants(talking trees) T1-5 if provoked. Sea sharks T3-5 Sea kings T1-4 Various wild life T2-6
Influence: N/A
Status: Stabilized
Log Pose Point Requirement: 40

Population: 1

Housing: 5

Army: 3

Weaponry: 4

Technology: 1

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It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.

2Arafa-inquietum Empty Re: Arafa-inquietum on Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:20 pm

Bacon is fluffy's alt

Free Agents
Free Agents

I'd like this to be New world,but Paradise is fine also.

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.

3Arafa-inquietum Empty Re: Arafa-inquietum on Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:37 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

no more sentient islands plox, u can change this around if u want. if not denied. also no treants, this isn't a fairy tail, can't just add new races in

Arafa-inquietum Tumblr_o1zip42fFy1ua7tzho1_400

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