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1Kaijudo Empty Kaijudo on Sun Feb 26, 2017 12:58 am


Kaijudo 62dff26fc884af85d89436d469a3bb03
Island Description: Kaijudo is a massive country consisting  nearly of all mountain land which doubles as a valley and plateau. Large rivers flow throughout the entire country connected to the ocean as well. Lush green grass expands throughout the entire island with cherry blossoms scattered across of it as well. Being a island that goes through all of the seasons it is typically a tropical place when not in the winter season being somewhat humid even throughout the fall. The name of the country Kaijudo meaning strange beast comes from the many creatures who live there. Such as a giant flying wyvern called the pink rathian, giant serpent Lagiacrus, the savage bear Arzuros and the flying sabertooth Barioth are the 4 main demons of the island.  

The inhabitants of the island themselves live in various cities around the country built in to the mountain and landscape itself connected by bridges. The buildings heavily resemble those of Japanese architecture due to most of the people there are descendants from the people of Wano.  Upon coming here they were caught off guard by the 4 demons of the island killed and harassed by them. The first settlements of this country sent out people to Wano for a warrior strong enough to hunt these beast. Fumia Jina a young samurai at time was the only one available  With her mastery of Haki and swordsmanship she was able to defeat many of the 4 demons dwindling each of their species down enough for the settlers to build their cities. Once the settlers were somewhat on their feet and had knowledge of the land each city had a representative family clan. Fumia traveled to all of the 6 settlements Fumian,Kayoki,Linua,Jaju,Hitona, and Gakueno teaching them her abilities. The heads of these clans and their descendants were to be leaders who specialize in a variety of weapons such as katana,yari,tonfa, long bows, iron fans, and such. These clan heads control the militia men and are in charge of training passing on their skills. Not only this but clan heads were also dubbed hunters and were the ones responsible for handling combat with any of the 4 demons kin.

The people of Kaijudo had grown accustomed to the ways of the beast the infra structure of the cities of themselves have no walls and left bare to the open land. They get by using most of the lesser creatures for food. Considering they have no technology they rely on handmade tools and fire. The 4 demons if ever hunted would be used to make weapons and Armour which varies from each village. However the cities were built in to place where most of the 4 demons would never dare enter and usually stay away due to the sheer amount of people. However it is occasional that they could be attacked in which the hunter and the militia men will combat the creature and drive it away from the city.

Species: T4 Pink Rathian T3 Arzuros T4 Lagiacrus T5 Barioth  T2 Aptonoth T1 Jaggi
Influence: N/A
Status: Unclaimed
Log Pose Point Requirement: 20

Population: 4

Housing: 3

Army: 3

Weaponry: 4

Technology: 0

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2Kaijudo Empty Re: Kaijudo on Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:50 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

please read the turf system to see what the status "Stabilized" entails. this seems more like unclaimed imo.

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