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1Boin Archipelago Excavation Task  Empty Boin Archipelago Excavation Task on Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:27 am




Boin Archipelago Excavation Task  Tenor

Task Name: Excavating
Tier: 2
Location: Boin Archipelago
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Bert has told you all about the island and that it is owned by a noble, he noted your disdain but explained it had not always been that way. Though they really were owned by a noble nothing had been done about the state of living and the scientists residing on the island where currently the ones trying to figure out how to make this place beautiful again.  Thus for the past three months Cerulean has become the muscle for these brains taking enemy after enemy down clearing the mutated bugs and plants while the scientists went to work. The difficult aspect was not relying on her main combat capability, due to the greenery utilizing her fire powers could cause the entire island to burn. over the next few months your to defeat all foes without burning down the island and protecting each scientist.
Enemy Details: Man Eating plants X 35 ranging from tier 3 to 5 Array of man eating Bugs Ranging from tier 3 to 5. [35]
Boss: -

"Shore line section B-2 secured" Cerulean uttered into the den den mushi. A large section of the shoreline now scorched, free from greenery. The specialist lights implanted in to the ground with the additional help of the pheremone distributors. Her sword was placed in to the ground, oozing strange liquid from a multitude of defeated bugs. nicks littered her body, though the bugs were not that powerful in comparrison to herself, she was struggling with the fact she could not utilize her normal form of fighting. Being unable to wield her natural abilities over fire she was forced to fight utilizing her capabilities of power of destruction while at the same time holding those powers back to not destroy valuable assets of the island."It's amazing,we are excavating at rcord time thanks to you being around Cerulean, this makes the fourth quadrant this month." The scientist Bert said with a smile as he adjusted his glasses. "We haven't even had to use our own weapons, which means we can stock pile them for the larger populated areas." "Why don't we just go ahead and take those areas?" Cerulean asked obviously confused as to why they didn't just go the full hog.

"We have to start with the outer rims of the island, its easier to excavate with the sea at our backs rather than having the entire island fighting against us, even with you here we just couldn't risk it, especially since weve had signs of some incredibly dangerous creatures around here" Cerulean would place a hand under her chin, smiling ever so softly. "I get it, its a smart play and avoids the loss of life trying to get it done quicker. " Cerulean nodded. "You hear that?" Cerulean asked as she looked to the forest. The ground trembled as a large beetle like creature shot from the forest, propelling a large ball of dung towards the group. Bringing her blade upwards, the dung would be quarted in an instance. Her gentle steps pushed her forward and she allowed her blade to slice in to the shell of the giant dung beetle. Electricity coursed through her blade and in to the creatures body lighting up the dung beetle until it fell to smitherins. "It looks like the pheramones need to be enhanced"

"It does seem that way doesn't it" Mirya would say as she exited one of the pop up tents, the ever changing temperature of the island they where on made it nigh impossible to fully dress for the occassion, even Cerulean no longer dawned her marine dress, she looked very different in a pure white soft dress with a large ornamental silk blue bow attatched to the back. "We found the pheramone levels to be exact, but it seems....they are becoming immune to the dosage we are releasing, we have also exhausted our supply of Kubata Root, the juice of which we use to make the pheramone." "WHAT, NO THIS CAN'T BE, BY MY CALCULATIONS WE SHOULD HAVE ENOUGH TO LAST THE YEAR" Bert said, sweat beading down his strange looking face. "Thats what we thought, but each camp has been slowly increasing the amount used, the bugs are getting more reckless, each day they attack without care of the pheramone, its becoming dangerous for us even in the safe zones" The doctor said looking at her clipboard. "What does this root look like?" Cerulean asked softly, having after almost three months not bothered to question exactly how the doctors and scientists actually created their specialized weaponry.

"Here" Mirya said holding out her clipboard, under her inventory sheet she revealed a series of laminated pictures, stopping at a bright purplw root with dainty yellow spots. "Not exactly a subtle root to be honest, easy to spot" "And to remember, i'v been here almost three months now and I don't recall ever seeing a root or flower that looked anything like that while weve been cleansing areas. Cerulean would say softly, though her eyes looked to the two whom had much more experience upon the island than she had. "Well, our shipment was gifted to us, when we started, it was the reserve of everything saved....the root itself, is said to be found deep in the island, where the flowers take route and the bugs dare not go. We tried to go there once...." her voice trailed off. "How many?" "Eighteen of our brightest" Bert answered, his head down. "My wife...included" The scientist said clenching his fist gentlyy. "I'm so sorry" Cerulean said with compassion in her voice. She too had lost many people in her life, many she cared about...some by her own hand.

"I'll go find this root" "AGH, No no, It's too dangerous, the further into the island you go the more dangerous the beasts become, they are cannabalistic, they feed on their own, plants eating plants to grow, bugs devouring other bugs, sure it sounds normal in a way but when they are giant it becomes horribly scary, and they would do nothing more than go in a frenzy if someone who uhm, you know was meaty and fleshy went in there, and you couldn't use your fire because you'd burn the whole place down" Bert would say obviously afraid for Cerulean. This was true though, she was still getting used to not being ale to use her main form of combat, Gem was her sword, fire was her element, but she had electricity as just shown, it did not feel as powerful as her fire, it did not feel like her. Still it was probably an advantage, she was finding out her capabilities with her lesser known style, how to maximize its capabilities in its weaker form. "I'll take some of those insecticide grenades as well, but I'll be fine. I'm not a Vice Admiral for no reason, I'm positive i can handle some pansys and a few bugs" she said with a smile. "I'll get what you need" Mirya said as she went to the equipment tent. "I don't like it, I don't like it one bit" "Come on Bert, this is what I do, I put my life on the line every day donning my marine attire, this is nothing compared to staring down the face of the yonko or corruption within my own establishment" Cerulean would say softly, patting her friend on the back.

"Same as before Mini, I'm gonna head in to the forest to find these roots, I need you to stay here and defend camp if needed. Listen to Mirya ok" Cerulan would say, as she looked to the creature before her,its green scales shimmering in the sun, the giant head of the creature tapped against he body of Cerulean. "It's ok, I'll be fine, don't worry" "MINI, LOOK WHAT I HAVE" shouted Mirya as she ran, well waddled with what would seem a rather over kill size of steak, and well, that was that. The giant T-rex turned from her owner, to face her new best friend. Mini was someone protective over Cerulean but she seemed so infatuated with Mirya that when she appeared, Cerulean didn't really get a second look. "Okay, well im gonna go now. Did you bring em Mirya" "Yup, got them here Cerulean, please take care, Mini and i will protect this safe zone until you get back. Don't worry about a thing" She would say with a smile. "I'm on it" Cerulean said in reply while Mini gave a deafening roar.

"Shit" Cerulean uttered as she landed upon the ground, her blade drawn. her white summer like dress slit and stained with splotches of green liquid mixed with the undeniable red liquid known as blood. Her body was littered in minor scratches that if not for her years of training to enhance her bodies durability, would have been much worse. Her word would be drowned out from ever being heard even by the foes that now fully covered her, who would have thought that bugs could be so organised. As if someone or something was controlling them, organising them. Her head nodded as she counted each creature that had ambushed her, "Thirty" she whispered to herself. Yet as she uttered the number one of the bugs,a much larger than average lady bug with jaws that looked terrifyingly deformed came for her, intending upon crushing her in its jaws. A weak bug it seemed to be, for a simple slice of her blade would seperate its body in two. Two halves flowing past  the Vice Admiral. She would extend her blade quickly, flicking the gunk from her blade. "Next" she said, she would remain where she was, her haki igniting, though with the mass amount of enemies she felt that relying solely upon her haki would find her in more trouble than anything else.

Blades soon danced, meeting the sword like arms of preying mantis's, slicing hrough bodies of crickets that could easily squash an elephant, these creatures acting so organised scared her, and it did not help that they were getting stronger, or so it seemed. Though her blade cut through body after body, lightning erupting as she activated techniques to help her keep the uperhand, if it had not been for her strategical mind, and her use of both forms of haki, she would have been incredibly badly wounded facing such creatures. Backed in to a corner as she was Cerulean would bring forth her blade, allowing electricity and wind to be summoned, spinning with ferocity. "BE GONE YOU DISGUSTING CREATURES" she shouted over the buzzing of wings. Electricity crackled in the air and a whirlwind seemed to pull the creatures in, shocking and cutting them all in one go. "THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT YOU FUCKING CUNTS" Cerulean shouted as she watched the majority of the foes fall to the ground. "No fucking way" Cerulean would say as she watched in shock, these creatures whom had taken her strongest attack from her power of destruction skill set stood up, stood up and shook off her assault. There was only twelve of them left, she knew she could win if she could think of how to fight them one on one. Right now the team work of the creatures trumped her sheer power.

"Fuck" Cerulean thought to herself ans she moved through the tree's. She had tried her best, her physical capabilities with her secondary skill set were not as advanced, her swordmanship cut through most of the bugs but those with the harder natural armour seemed impervious to her strikes, her natural physical strength was not the greatest, this is why she relied heavily upon her flames, having found ways to enhance her flames natural fierceness, even being able to pull away their weakness such as being able to conjure up her powerful flames even in the deep blue sea, but here on this island where her powers may cause the entire island to combust....she just could not risk it, her electricity power just wasn't cutting it. She had to think of a different plan.

DAMN to much in her head, she hadn't been focusing on keeping her awareness, the large hercules beetle flew into her, with its enermous and armour like body it easily tackled her, forcing her through the air, she struck rock and let out a scream as she did so. The bugs where closing in fast, "NO" she screamed fiercely as she stood up, her blade in her hand. Sparks of orange began to flow from her sword, these bugs wanted to see what she could do, then she was going to show them. "I'LL BURN YOU TO ASH" she shouted, yet before she could, the island itself seemingly came to life at her command. It was then she noticed where she was, the roots she was looking for, they where right next to her. The bugs had chased her in to the heart of the island, the flowers and plant life where attacking the bgs to keep them from entering their zone, the smell of her blood had masked the natural pheramone the flowers used and now it was an all out brawl between flowers and bugs, her blood had even drawn in more bugs granting the perfect destraction for her. The flames died down and she would grasp the roots, using the distraction of the two forces to slip out and return back to camp.

2Boin Archipelago Excavation Task  Empty Re: Boin Archipelago Excavation Task on Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:10 pm



400,000 Beli
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