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1Island Description Empty Island Description on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:35 pm


Island Description Snow-m10
New World

Island Description: Farthen Dûr is a winter island hidden in the mountain side near the Red Line Mountain Range. This island is unlike any of the New World Islands discovered. Farthen Dûr is an island that is home for The LongBeard Dwarf Clan. The Island is covered in mountains, valley, and horrid winter conditions. Built into the Mountains are cities that all lead to the main focal point of the Island, which is known as Tronjheim. The islands only port is tucked away in a cove, which makes all entrance to the island through that point. The Island used tobe held by LT Jason Hawkeye who still seems to hold a high level of influence around the island, The Dwarfs are usually hostile to anyone that isn’t a Revolutionary or a Dwarf.

Tronjheim is the dwarf capital of Farthen Dûr. This is where you can meet the Dwarf in charge. They keep all their gold in their treasure deep in the mountain castle. The dwarfs are greedy bastards. They take any well-crafted weapons or armors, gold, silver, or any sort of object of value from any individuals that come into their domain wit ill intentions.

Island History:
The Great Mountains of Farthen Dûr have kept the Island from being taken for thousands of years. Luckily The LongBeard Clan quickly saw the island for what it was… A Perfect kingdom with natural defenses of the Mountains that surround their Castle. The Longbeard’s were very obsessed with treasure, jewelry, weapons, armors, and even the Beli from people that happened upon their island. This obviously had huge outcome for the island. They stole some weapons and treasure from some pirates that gathered the rest of their crew, came back, and laid waste to some of the mountain cities of the Longbeards.

After this great seize on the island, the Longbeards lost a lot of gold, silver, weapons, and treasures that they had gained over the years. The Longbeards set out to find someone that could be strong enough o make that island theirs and keep it safe. The only person that would even offer his protection was the Revolutionary Halfling Jason Hawkeye. Upon his claiming of the island, he quickly began to send Revolutionaries that were new escapees of the World Government there to hide out until the heat died down. The influence of the Revolutionary movement gave the The Longbeards the power to keep their island safe, and virtually strip people of everything they own if they happen upon their Castle.

Alas during the great war, Jason Hawkeye was defeated and left severely injured by Raphael Aleksejev, whom now holds the island for himself and his crew. Many hate this turn of events and the Dwarves still only hold the revs as the islands true leaders.

Species: T3 Reindeer | T4 Mountain Lion | T2 Snow Hare | T2 Snow Fox | T3 Moose | T4 Mountain Rams | T2-T3 Mountain Dwellers | T3 Wild Boars | T4 Black Bear  
Influence: Pirate
Status: Claimed - Raphael Aleksejev
Log Pose Point Requirement: 20 Points

Population: 5

Housing: 5

Army: 5

Weaponry: 4

Technology: 2

Dwarf Lore:

The Allure of Shiny: The Longbeards have a obsession with the shiny and valuable. This can be used to trade and negotiation with them if someone is ever caught by them, but if you come to their island they will strip you of everything of value.  

The Great Treasure Keep: Tronjheim holds one of the largest gold and beli vaults in the New World. They have spent years gather, taking, and finding vast amounts of treasures. Who knows what graces the inside of this massive Treasure Keep. The rumors and tales go from cursed weapons and objects to Devil Fruit equipment all kept under lock and key within the Treasure Keep of Tronjheim.

The Mountain Cities: Not everyone who happens upon the island go to live with the dwarfs. The others create cities in the left over smaller cities that the dwarfs created and left in favor of the massive Castle known as Tronjheim. These people tend to be very shy when seeing outsiders, because they have been killed and captured by the Longbeards.

The Mountain Dwellers: The Mountain Dwellers are the inhabitants of the Mountain Cities. These people are very good at hiding within the cracks and folds of the Mountain ranges on Farthen Dûr. They are called various names by the Dwarf people, like White Walkers, Golems, or anything like that.

The Ancient Ways of Forging: The Longbeards are master forgers. They know vast amounts of knowledge on curses, material creation, and cooling techniques. They often take people to train in the intense dwarf forges deep within their mountain castle of Tronjheim.

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