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1Junbei Von Echo [Revamp] Empty Junbei Von Echo [Revamp] on Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:40 pm



Junbei Von Echo [Revamp] RKiDg9c

Name: Junbei Von Echo
Alias/Epithet: Auburn Songbird | The Red King | Earl Von Burg
Race: Human | Cyborg
Tier: 5
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Musician
Affiliation: Pirate
World Position: Yonko

General Appearance:

Junbei has disheveled auburn hair and a thin build. Echo's hair stretches down to his waist, measuring in at about four feet or so in length. He's often seen wearing a black wizard hat, with a golden band wrapped around it's make. Over his left eye, a Phantom of the Opera-esque mask can be seen on the left side of his face. This is where he sustained the injury from the Tiger's on Skypiea and later on a more severe injury occurred, losing his left eye to a pacifista's laser beam. The damage stemmed to the left side of brain, however, due to the latest medicine and scientist technology, Junbei's eye was replaced with a cybernetic eye and a good segment of his left lobe with a mechanical motor. Despite the initial appearance of being  slender, he's done countless weight training regimens. Increasing his muscle mass for his Nitifua fighting style, his biceps and triceps are bulky, most of his body mass is muscle. With a little stubble growing in on his beard now, The Auburn Songbird has fashioned his facial hair into a goatee. Wearing several small golden hoop earrings, three on each side of his ear situated on the pinna. His hands are frequently covered in black gloves, each bearing a musical staff on them, made from pure gold and studied in diamonds from the encounter in Albasta, he's had quite a few laying around.

After his amnesia was alleviated combined with the mutation to his genetic make up, Junbei's reported sky blue eyes, became Royal Purple by default. It's also noted that during his conflicts on Tres Iron Lotus, a huge patch of dead flesh can be examined on his right shoulder, from the sustained laser beam damage from a Pacifista. On his right chest pectoral, a tattoo of a bird could be seen, which design is similar to that of legendary Chinese bird, Ho-Ho or the Fenghung, after picking up the nickname from his days in the South Blue. His relatively pale skin is due to his upbringing inside of Base #45, where most patients weren't allowed to go outside. However, after travelling to various islands on his adventurers, his slight tanned has made him quite brown skinned. Junbei usually has three outfits he's seen in nowadays, the first is a long black and golden trench coat, covered in golden clips which button up towards his neck. Second, a fancy white dress shirt, with laced buttons at it's neck area and finally, a plain black undershirt with his Night Tiger Fur coat for colder climates. His body is plastered with several injuries, the most notable being the stab wound in his chest from his conflict with Kipp and the other the gashes across his body from tangling with the Night Tiger's in Upper Yard, Skypiea.

On his knuckles, the word 'Rogue Trend' are tattooed across his knuckles, a constant reminder to his days in Base #45. Around his waist is a leather in make holster, which Junbei uses to store his tonfa in, the tonfa's themselves being allocated near the back of the musician. He's frequently seen carrying a variety of musical instruments at times, after mastering the guitar, drums, base and piano. After shaving the fur of the Night Tiger's he defeated, literally skinning the cat's, he wears a fur-coat over his black combat jacket, which has an array of items stashed in the multiple pockets, from licorices to weapons. He's often seen suited in a variety of Germa 66 gear, suited to him by Rokuju, leader of the rogue organisation. On his back, he now bears his crew's Jolly Roger and his closest nakama has the mark strategically positioned on unique areas of their body. During the escapades after Tres Iron Lotus, Junbei is seen frequently checking a pocket watch he recovered from trancing down his family members of the Von Burg Family. Around both of his wrists, he wears beads made out of magma ore, remnants of terrain from burning down Base #45 in South Blue. The beads are symbolic, as his former handler, Marshal a.k.a Derous used to wear them frequently.  

Height: 6'4ft
Weight: 188lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Back

Junbei Von Echo [Revamp] PfNxlHy

Empathetic:Junbei isn't one to turn a blind eye to the problems of his nakama or random strangers on the street. He always tries to see everyone's side of the story, as morally warped or twisted it maybe for some people at times. Nonetheless, most of this empathy is sporadic and done much more often now due to the damage to his left brain, his sense of logic applying regard for authority is completely out of the window. The world of emotions Junbei used to hold back, appearing cold and collected, has now swarmed into a whirlpool of emotions.
Adventurous: Whether it be breaking in World Government facilities or going on tomb excavations, Junbei's greatest joy comes in exploring new lands and cultures, especially when it comes to picking up instruments or new musical textures for his composition. Freedom being the cornerstone of his mantra, discovering and integrating cultures through sound seems to be his biggest concern.
Paranoid: After the betrayal of Nico to the Cipher Pol, Junbei's very particular about who and what happens to his crewmates. Especially with his new status, frequent attempts at his head is incredibly possible. However, this paranoia even trickles into his sleep, leaving his robotic mind active to pay attention to his surroundings via his Oto Oto No Mi abilities.
Selfish: One of the most endearing traits of Junbei, is his selfish or stubborn nature. If it takes him months, he'd gladly throw them away to see fruitions of a plan or objective he's been trying to accomplish. He'll fight tooth and nail to the bitter end, if the argument is in his favour, if not, he'll just abandon the situation or venture, whimsically. His rationale is, life's too short to be investing time in something you don't find passion in.
Reserved: Despite his outbursts as a young teen, he's actually not one to jump into fights or cause brawls for no reason. He'd rather just sit back and observe attentively, carefully observing the personality traits of all present and using that information to his knowledge. However around long time nakama, his childish and prankster like nature emerges, often being touchy or frequently grinning in their presence. When Junbei gets around the Core Songbird, guarantee a feast is somewhere in the makings.
Charismatic: He could sell a bag of rocks as spoils of treasure if he wanted to. However, this is just analogy, his sales sense is terrible, his charisma comes in the form of his music. Often humming and singing, he draws the ears of those in the area to listen attentively, he has mystic grip over those who listen to his music, regardless of race. It's his unique nature that often makes blending into crowds extremely difficult, he has the natural air of a performer and is often drawing others to him, rather it be with his odd 'Rishi Rishi' pattern of laughing or his random of habit of bursting into song at will.
Cunning: He knows how to wiggle his way out of unfavourable situations, especially those involving endangerment of his beloved ones. However, it's a defence mechanism used to deflect those who try to use him or flatter him for whatever reason that might be.
Calculated: Every situation Junbei places himself into, it has some level of reasoning behind it. Again, if it has no gain to his mission or interest to his sense of adventure, bust luck, he'll have no part of it. His senses are generally music related and fulfilling promises.
Asexual: The whole experience with Isabella has severely damaged Junbei's interest in love or conquest of such. As such, he's very impartial when it comes to issues' of relationship, something that was apparent before but has shone quite brightly over the last few years in obtaining his Yonko status.
Musical Genius: Junbei's charisma has trickled over into his music, learning the ability to emotionally sculpt situations with sound to his favour. His voice is said to be so majestic that small children would weep tears of joy after listening to it's crisp angelic nature. He's often caught whistling several of his final works as he travels through newer areas.
Condescending: Junbei's lack of filter often ends up with him speaking his mind in the most crudest of ways and it's not out of superiority complexes or any subconscious effort, since he learnt how to speak, he's mesmerised with the tone and texture of his own voice, so he often speaks crudely to catch others off guard or see how'd they'd handle maybe an insult or even a bold complement.

-Red Licorice
-Stormy Days
-Weird Instruments
Brown Barrel Rum
-Gloomy Cities
-Cigarette Smoke
-The Fact He Picked Up Smoking
-Sunny Days
-Spicy Foods
-Quiet Rooms


Junbei's story begins on an uncharted island located in the South Blue. Abandoned by his parents at the age of five, Junbei, the only namesake of his parents, was left to die on the isle with rich and dense jungle life. The main reason for his abandonment stemmed from his inability to talk, up to the age of eleven, Junbei was a mute. He could hear and process situations, concepts and social cues but when it came to responding, the words never came which brought his family much embarrassment. At the age of five, the musician would wander the shoreline, afraid of the animals and noises that came from the jungle area of the island, after reaching the peak of his hunger, the child would begin to feed on plants and insects, for example, silk worms.

After several months stranded, a group of slave traders stumbled across the young child and became his 'saviour', knowing Nobles who had an interest in young children. One Noble specifically, turned marine, a man who simply went by the name of Marshal, a Cipher Pol Agent and Marine Captain that commanded the Base #45 Branch in the South Blue at the time. Sold to Marshal to become one of his playthings, Junbei's body was highly receptive to the neurological and chemical treatments that he labelled, 'Project Echo'. Being a successful experiment of project Echo, the first of his kind, Junbei's body had an immense durability to pain and damage. He rarely felt pain, making Marshal gear his experiments for Project Echo, around the boy's miraculous anatomy.

Among the other prisoners, Junbei found a friendship and slight romantic interest in a woman by the name of Wormwood. Well, she reveals later to Junbei that her actual name is Isabella and that she comes from a country hoisted in the Sky. Junbei and Isabella's bond deepen, for Junbei it was almost of a mother complex. For Wormwood, she found someone who loved music just as much as she did, and began to teach Junbei the piano, the only instrument housed in the patients recreational room. Junbei's love for music grew to the point that he became a better musician on the keys than Isabella, affectionally called, Izzy, being praised as a musical genius.

Tough times struck the inmates daily, inhumane experiments, especially Junbei's own which dealt primarily in the reception of pain. Junbei and Isabella plan to escape, his dream to become the world's greatest musician and collect the Seven Holy Instruments Isabella would often tell him about, a fable from Skypiea. Her goal, to become the Second Ever Female Pirate Queen and own a big name crew that could gain protect her people from poachers and slave traders that plagued the Sky. On the night of jailbreak, it went terribly wrong, Junbei's drug enhancement sent him into a blind fit, murdering everyone in Base #45. In her dying moments, Isabella encourages Junbei to flee, leave this place and carry on her dream, slipping a letter into his jacket.

It was a letter to her father, the God of the Sky Kingdom she instructed, to stop the current unrest from her being kidnapped. After bidding Junbei with a budding smile, the woman died in the teenager's arms. For the next five years, Junbei travelled across the South Blue, getting into drunken fits and brawls, all the while humming a eerie melody. It was these actions that gained the man the nickname, the Auburn Songbird from the South. Getting a series of tattoos on his knuckles, to spell out the words 'Rogue Trend', the teenager kept them as a reminder of his past. His life changed when he arrived on Karate Island, meeting with his master who changed his life, Colt. Colt taught Junbei how to manage his anger and emotions, stripping him of his barbaric swords style, saying that swords weren't meant for him. After an examination of his body, height and fighting style, Colt agreed that tonfa's would be the best for Junbei.

The Auburn Songbird would train on Karate Island for three years before heading towards Paradise where he'd begin his journey to deliver Isabella's dying words to her family in the Sky. After stowing away on a cargo ship towards the Paradise Island of Jaya, Junbei took up a job at a local pub, playing the keys, gaining information about the journey towards the Sky, and the rest, is in the making.

After modifying The Flying Dutchman in Water 7, Junbei and his crewmates entered the fight of their lives in trying to obtain the World Government Island known as Tres Iron Lotus. At the cost of Junbei's left eye, the islands were captured, genetically re-engineered using Junbei's Oto Oto No Mi abilities as the base to improve the replusion of the islands Sea King cesspool problem. After garnering the title of the Red King, for not only conquering a World Government owned facility, using his own songs, Junbei managed to engineer items that would not only keep the Sea Kings at bay but go on rampage against all those who approach the islands, leading to the death of several Celestial Dragons, who had yet to know of the islands new ruler. After the World Government gained word of Junbei's control over the facility, they dispatched a Buster Call on Tres Iron Lotus, however, the attempt was un-successful as Junbei's new Sonar Dial Weapons and newly built mechanical armada made him almost invincible.

News of Junbei's influence spread among the seas, each of Junbei's core crew-mates either branched off to start crews of their own and go on separate adventures, with exception of Charlotte, Octavia and Juju who stayed by Junbei's side as his Three Instrument Directors. Junbei's influence garnered him new crew, obtaining thousands under his command. Using the information mainframe situated on Quatre Lotus, (named after the fourth island build by the scientists under Junbei's order), Junbei began selling the World Governments Greatest secrets to the Black Market, his main sales are to Revolutionary Members and Freedom Fighters. His almost impenetrable stronghold, growth in influence and combined with using the War of Wallace as a distraction to break into Impel Down, freeing several prisoners from Level 6 of Impel Down, including the likes of his former master Cappadonna. Using his newly reinforced army, Junbei returned to the South Blue, laying absolute waste to Base #45, resulting in the death of One Hundred Marine Captains on Base Site. Junbei's Jolly Roger has become quite the force to reckon with over the last two years.  

If this wasn't enough, Junbei finds out about the secret behind his middle name 'Von', being the heir to a musical dynasty that stretches back over one thousands years. After refusing his family's command of renouncing his name as a pirate, Junbei and the Von Burgs enter into a war that might shake the very fabrics of many a life on the Open Blue. With the capture/disappearance of the last Yonko, a new spot seems to be open for this Red Head.
Face Claim: D-Grayman | Cross Marian
RP Sample: Ya'll know my stuff.
Bonus: N/A
Location: Tres Iron Lotus (Cause it's mine now)

Fate Point Allocation: (6|6) + 2
5 - God of Haki - Gives you the capacity to wield all styles of Haki.
2 - Devil's Meddle - Allows you to ingest a Devil Fruit.
1 - Race Change - Allows you to register a Character that is not human.

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Junbei Von Echo [Revamp] UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.

2Junbei Von Echo [Revamp] Empty Re: Junbei Von Echo [Revamp] on Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:31 am

The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

The Jade Emperor
Everything looks good but your personality. It doesn't meet the 750 word count, so add a little more and ill approve ~

3Junbei Von Echo [Revamp] Empty Re: Junbei Von Echo [Revamp] on Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:32 am



@The Jade Emperor wrote:Everything looks good but your personality. It doesn't meet the 750 word count, so add a little more and ill approve ~

Added some more detail on it~ Hope you enjoy~

Junbei Von Echo [Revamp] UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.

4Junbei Von Echo [Revamp] Empty Re: Junbei Von Echo [Revamp] on Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:50 am

The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

The Jade Emperor
Approved, Mr.Yonko~

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