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1Dark September {Cursed Weapon} [Completed] Empty Dark September {Cursed Weapon} [Completed] on Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:41 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


Dark September {Cursed Weapon} [Completed] Title211

Equipment Name: Dark September

Sentient Curse Name: Steph
Equipment Type: Sentient Cursed Weapon
Strength Requirement: 2
Equipment Description: The Battle ax that is cursed is one of unique appearance. It is has a black treasure tree adam wooden handle with a black titanium ax head. The blade itself is about seven inches long with a spike on the backhand of it that is four inches in length. The metal of the blade and decoration on the handle and end of the handle are all created from Black Titanium. The spike on the opposite side of the blade isn’t just some normal metal. The spike has been dulled and made out of high purity seastone. This dull spike is used to spike or touch the target to negate their Devil Fruit abilities before going in with the ax blade to slice them apart. The weight and overall size of the blade is the same as a short ranged battle ax used by the Nords or English knights.
Sentient Curse Personality: Steph is known to be a fickle Curse when it comes to her rules and how things are done with her abilities. She doesn’t allow anyone with a Devil Fruit abilities wield her. She will literally take away her curse from people’s usage on that simple fact alone. She is kind of playful in the way she reacts and talks to her owner. She loves to make them beg for her abilities and her help on the battlefield. She is a warrior herself. So she knows how important weapons like her and her siblings can be to people. She will ignore wielders pleas to communicate, and she will only reveal herself to people she deems attractive enough to speak too. She is a lot like a female demon in her personality and mannerisms, but she does tend to love her wielders. She just has a different way to show that love.

  • Power of Decay (T3) {00/50 RC} - Dark September is a very horrid Month Series weapon in personality and ability. Steph’s curse is based on the rot and decay of the organic materials. Techniques will be created to give more information on the rate and power of the decaying and rotting process, but when the weapon’s curse is activated or in use, the grass or soil around Magnus will visibly begin to die and rot away around him. (Completely Cosmetic) The curse of decay is strong enough to blow back on the wielder of the weapon. The more you use the curse in battle the strong the rebound is on the wielder’s body. Each time a technique is used, it will add to the decay and rot counter of the overall rebound to the wielder. Obviously some damage can be reversed to health the damage done, but if the wielder uses the curse past a certain point permanent damage is done. The Decay and Rot Counter is currently at 00 out of 50.


  • Black Titanium - 500,000 Beli
  • Black Treasure Tree Adam Wood - 12,500,000 Beli
  • Seastone {Negation of DF Powers Purity} - 15,000,000 Beli
  • Total: 28,000,000 Beli

Units per Slot: 1
Experience: 0


Dark September {Cursed Weapon} [Completed] Steph10

~Curse Appearance: Steph’s Curse manifestation take the appearance of a mid-twenties woman with glowing eyes, dark red hair, and a rather open and free clothing choice. She is a rather alluring demon, but she is demonic looking as well. Aside from her glowing blue eyes, she has all very sharp teeth that hide behind her lips. She is usually stained with blood or half naked with blood on her, but she does keep herself modest when she appears to people aside from her wielder. She stands seven feet tall and her weight is literally zero, because she is a spirit with no physical form.

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The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

The Jade Emperor
Besides the curse being sentient, add something that negatively effects the user of the weapon while using it.

3Dark September {Cursed Weapon} [Completed] Empty Re: Dark September {Cursed Weapon} [Completed] on Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:10 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Yeah, that was a poorly created curse.. XD I think, the curse and its drawback are good now. Bumpth

4Dark September {Cursed Weapon} [Completed] Empty Re: Dark September {Cursed Weapon} [Completed] on Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:36 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

nah, for one, say that with this little cosmetic thing that it only effects things 1m in diameter around the weapon and things revert to their natural state once they r out of the weapon's "bubble". next it needs an actual negative and a general description of what u define as "rot and decay".

A decent negative would be the longer the curse is used the user begins to suffer a loss in strength, dura, and/or speed, due to the weapon "decaying" their muscles for as long as the curse is in use. This would of course only only for the duration the actual curse is used, meaning if u use the curse for one post, u'd suffer from adverse effects for one post, then the next post be back to normal if the curse isn't in use. The longer u keep the curse active, the longer and more concentrated the negative effect could be, but also the more powerful the curses effect could be. i.e. quicker and more powerful decay and rot for more depletion of ur attributes.

Dark September {Cursed Weapon} [Completed] Tumblr_o1zip42fFy1ua7tzho1_400

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