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1ARAKHNE 4.0 Empty ARAKHNE 4.0 on Mon May 29, 2017 3:31 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Free Tier Upgrade on my pre-existing ship as a Vice Admiral

Types of Ships:

ARAKHNE 4.0 Sailing_ships_by_dashinvaine-d4ymzbh

Name: Arakhne
Tier: 4
Capacity Limit: 500
Type: On Water
Nav. or Shipwright Req. Yes
Artillery Limit: 250
Upgradable: Yes
Description: The Arakhne has been remodeled to become a Ship of the Line. It is a massive 150m in length and roughly 50m in width. This type of ship is all about man and firepower. Boasting such an incredible size it has room for a monstrous amount of people and artillery, this of course is traded for speed and mobility.

The Captain's quarters are lavish and aren't something you can call modest. It has more than enough room for Murcielago and it holds all his valuables and equipment.

There is a holding cell for prisoners, since the ship is operated by Bounty Hunters. It can hold up to 50 prisoners, the cells are a standard size a 5m square and the cells are adjacent to each other, 25 on one side and 25 on the other. 5 of these cells however are not lined with steel bars like the rest, but they are steel boxes that are installed on a sub level, so one standing on the floor in one of these cells would not be standing at the same level as the prisoners in the standard cells. These steel boxes are filled with 6 feet of seawater and are obviously designed for prisoners who have devil fruits. This area of the ship is very well lit and each of the cells have their own set of steel handcuffs chained to the walls and locks to the cells.

The Kitchen has been upgraded and reaches all safety standards. The flames are provided by dials and not natural gases since the ship is domesticated. The dining room is quiet large as occasionally World Government officials will be invited to banquets on board the ship. Similar to the dining room of the Baratie in canon.

The Crew Quarters have been expanded and since the ship is now domesticated there are light dials as opposed to lanterns, restrooms with fresh running water and showers, small tables and chairs to sit at, and bunk beds for bedding.

What would an upgrade be without additions added to the ship? The new Arakhne has a room designated for Doctors, Scientist, a small workshop for Blacksmiths, and cockpit like room 1 floor below the deck where Marksman can use Rifles through small but appropriate sized portholes.

The ship has four levels and three large masts with crow's nest in each. The first level is the main deck where you'd board the ship. This includes the captain's quarters, the kitchen, dining hall, and masts. The second level is where the crew quarters and facilities like the gym, smithy, doctor's office, and cockpit. Then one more deck below this where the prisoners are held. The last deck is for cargo and closest to the hull. Each level save for the cargo level/the fourth, have cannons and portholes for crewmates to use the cannons. No cannons reside in prisoner cells, nor are the cells close enough tot eh cannons for the prisoners to antagonize each other or working cannoneers.

Speed: 22 Knots
Artillery: (2x Harpoons|2x Bar and Chain Shots| 6x Round Shot| 2x Explosive Shot| 2x Sangrenel| 2x Bundle Shot)
Kairoseki: N/A
Den Den Mushi N/A
Domesticated Light Dials and Den Den Mushi routed to Dials for speakers throughout the ship. Heat dials installed for temperature regulation, and flame dials for use in cooking on the stoves and ovens found in the kitchens. Water dials to allow crew to make use of showers, baths, sinks, as well as the use of lavatories (a sewage treatment plant is also installed on board).
Link to Purchase or Creation: Purchased Here[/quote]

ARAKHNE 4.0 Tumblr_o1zip42fFy1ua7tzho1_400

2ARAKHNE 4.0 Empty Re: ARAKHNE 4.0 on Mon May 29, 2017 3:52 pm

The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

The Jade Emperor
Looks good to me

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