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1The Harbinger Empty The Harbinger on Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:08 pm



Name: The Harbinger
Tier: 5
Capacity Limit: 800
Type: Airship
The Harbinger Schroeder_Carrier_022A_Lg
From bow to stern The Harbinger boasts an impressive size of 400m in length with two "top decks". The smaller and higher of the two decks is 150m in length, jutting off towards the right while the larger and lower of the two runs nearly the full length of the ship itself. Atop these two decks can usually be found a small army of Cyrus's Knightmare frames, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice. The ship is about 60m tall to the first flight deck from the bottom of the ship. The top most area of the ship, the wheelhouse, stands at about 75m above the bottom of The Harbinger. The overall width of the ship comes in at around 75m. The ship is powered by four of Cyrus's Nuclear Fusion cores, the only power source potent enough to keep a bird like this in the sky and moving at such speeds.

Due to being an airship and not a regular sea-fairing ship, The Harbinger's bottom is able to open up and deploy a pulley/hook system to bring water-fairing ships into its hull. In total The Harbinger can fit up to 6 standard sized ships in its hull. The ship itself is domesticated with several decks dedicated to sleeping the numerous crew members that work aboard the ship and serve under Cyrus. It boasts three full kitchens, recreation areas and various other facilities needed for crew members aboard a goliath of a ship.

While The Harbinger may appear as a bloated whale in the sky, slow and massive, it boasts heavy duty firepower with cannons lining either side of it, lining the underside of it for sweeping aerial strikes, and cannons even mounted on the flight decks to take out small aerial combatants. Not to mention it's equipped with the top of the line Blaze Luminous Defense System Cyrus himself invented to fend off any unwanted attacks.
Speed: 30 Knots
Hull: Seastone
Body: Titanium
Artillery Limit: 400
Artillery Slots Owned: 200
Artillery: 82
Corruption Cannon:

Equipment Name: Corruption Cannon Mk. VI
Equipment Type: Gadget
Strength Req.: 4 to lift; 0 to use
Equipment Description: Corruption Cannons can come in many different shapes and sizes, whether that be affixed to a ship, a Knightmare fram, or simply a ground unit used for island defense. The outer appearance of the Corruption Cannon isn’t as important as the inner workings of the gadget. Different models vary in size as the technology can be implanted into Knightmare Frames, ships, or simple land units on an island. The most common size, usually found on ships is roughly 5 meters in length, representing a common artillery cannon except for the three blue tubes coming from the back of the cannon up towards the middle body. On top of the cannon, towards the back is a glass dome where the particle accelerator is housed, which resembles a cube that spins rapidly, generating a pale red glow as it does so.

Cyrus has developed a way to turn a particle accelerator into a weapon, thus giving birth to the Corruption Cannon. Within the Corruption Cannon, particles are spun around at insane speeds, causing them to crash into one another and bounce around the unit housing them. Once charged, these particles are then fired in a beam-like fashion at the target. The beam is usually a reddish-purple in color and is about 10m wide. The particles impact matter on an atomic level, corrupting it and causing the target’s very atoms to begin to break down. As a result, targets struck by this beam are effectively erased from existence as the very atoms that compose them are shredded by the accelerated particles. This beam is not a drill however and instead spreads destruction across the surface. From the impact point, the destruction spreads in a 15m diameter across the target, shredding the atoms of whatever it touches. Multiple shots can be fired at a single location to break through multiple layers, but it must be done one at a time. Each cannon can fire 5 times before it must cool down for 5 posts (cool down begins after 5th shot). At 6 upgrade points the Corruption Cannon fires at Tier 6 speed for a max distance of 500m.
Materials: Titanium, Copper
Units per Slot: 1
Upgrade Points: 6
Upgradable: Yes
Den Den Mushi -
Domesticated Yes
Link to Purchase or Creation: Reward for Revolutionary General

Buying With it:
Seastone Hull - 30,000,000
Titanium Body - 30,000,000
200 Artillery Slots - 4,000,000

Grand Total: 64,000,000

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2The Harbinger Empty Re: The Harbinger on Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:19 am

Futura Free


Futura Free
cool cool

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