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1Shiro's Starting Equipment Empty Shiro's Starting Equipment on Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:22 pm

Shiro Akamine

Revolutionary Leader
Revolutionary Leader

Shiro Akamine
Equipment Name: Bladed Gloves
Equipment Type: Weapon
Strength Req.: 1
Equipment Description: As Shiro's fighting style revolves around stealth, patterns akin to dancing and deceptive appearances, he came up with the idea for these gloves, seemingly fitting with the rest of his clothes and yet holding a terrible secret his opponents may not be too keen of; tiny, almost unnoticeable iron spikes protruding from a very elastic and resistant fabric that allows him to draw blood and cut his enemies when all they see is him merely swiping his hand past them. It still adheres to Iron equipment durability, but it's difficult to notice the spikes are the source of the cuts.
Attachments: -
Curse or Devil Fruit: -
Materials: Iron, elastic fiber as resistant as Iron.
Units per Slot: 2 (Both gloves)

Equipment Name: Battle Chain & Hook
Equipment Type: Weapon
Strength Req.: 1
Equipment Description: Considering his fighting style previous to consumption of a Devil Fruit consisted of a very close-range approach, Shiro trained himself to fight using medium-range weapons and eventually got some talent with battle chains. These are just, well, thick iron chains that can hurt quite a bit if lashed at full force at any joint in the body, not to mention its use to stop attacks from several angles, attack multi-directionally, and tie people with them from afar. He has a big, detachable iron hook he can attach to it for extra lethality, but the normal chain works better at blunt damage. The hook also allows him to reel people or items in if timed correctly, hurt or not, and to get to really high places. He has 20 meters' worth of chain, and the hook adds an extra meter to it.
Attachments: Winch (below)
Curse or Devil Fruit:
Materials: Iron.
Units per Slot: 1

Equipment Name: Winch
Equipment Type: Attachment (Gadget)
Strength Req.: None
Equipment Description: As the name implies, this piece of equipment allows the user to connect a chain, rope, cable, etc. to it in order to automatically reel it back hands-free. This works with the push of a button and the subsequent mechanical operation inside of it. It's small enough to be concealed easily (below a long coat, for example) and powerful enough to reel in the whole length of chains attached to it (in this case 20 meters) in the span of a second, admittedly enough time to react if reeling someone in as well.

It obviously has its limits and will break if trying something stupid like reeling in a giant, or stop dead in its tracks if someone with enough Strength to partially break Iron stands firmly, but it can be aided by the wielder's own strength if they reel in the chain themselves, although it may end up breaking the chain in the process.  
Attachments: Battle Chain & Hook (Above)
Curse or Devil Fruit:
Materials: Iron with some fragile bits and moving parts inside a little mechanical box in one of its sides. Mostly as durable as iron.
Units per Slot: 1 (2 if considering Scientist perk)

2Shiro's Starting Equipment Empty Re: Shiro's Starting Equipment on Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:29 am

Queen Evie Windsor

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Queen Evie Windsor
Looks fine to me

Free starting equip yeah?

3Shiro's Starting Equipment Empty Re: Shiro's Starting Equipment on Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:50 am

Shiro Akamine

Revolutionary Leader
Revolutionary Leader

Shiro Akamine
Yep, free starting equipment

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