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1New Jaya WIP  Empty New Jaya WIP on Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:21 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


New Jaya WIP  2017-010

Island Description: New Jaya is a ship that is close to the size of a Island. And is considered a Island ship. It also goes by the name of Gran Tesoro. A large portion of the Gran Tesoro is composed of gold, and its bow resembles a cruise ship, only much more massive in scale. The entire ship is twenty kilometers long and a city is built on and inside it, with no roof covering it. The stern is a large circle with a tall golden tower in the center (designed to look like a roulette wheel), and at the very back is a large green area (designed to look like a card table). The front of the ship allows others ships to enter inside the Gran Tesoro. Though the Island was funded by the World Government they do not hold full control of the Island; but the Marine and Cipher Pol presence if heavy. The reason for that is that Celestial Dragons regular visit the Island for the gambling and also to use the Employment house located on the ship. They though usually only are seen in the tower and rarely are seen in other sections of the ship. Mainly due to Celestial Dragons visiting the Island security and defensive measures are  maybe on par with Marineford. To fend off against Sea king, or at least keep them at bay, the entire hull of the ship is comprised of Sea Stone. Mounted guns are also, strategically, placed across the ship if any invading fleets try to come toward the ships.

Beli is power and with more of it the more access you are given to places. As the ship is broken up into three sections. Each sections is different and those within that section are treated a certain way by staff. For instance someone having a meal within the Golden tower will have better service that someone having a meal in Section I. The same can be said about living conditions. Where as the Golden tower has few rooms that only those of high status can stay within. Those within Section I can compare their living quarters to being the same as a regular inn, albeit the buildings looking nicer on the outside.

There is a train, similar to that of the Sea Train, that runs through the entire ship and to ride it is free. From the entrance all the way to the end of section II. The Garden is where the Public Employment Security Office is located and only those with VIP passes are allowed there. There is also a Sea Train Station that the ships stops at everyday at the same time for those that wish, or only can, arrive to the Island via Sea Train.

The Ship has only three Casinos. But, illegal gambling houses on the Island aren't uncommon, and are usually found in Section I. Two of the casinos are located within Section II, whilst the third is located in the Golden Tower. Beneath the Golden Tower there is a prison where those caught of crimes that don't call for their ejection of the Island are sent. The Golden Tower is considered Section III but it is located in the center of Section II. This is because of the amount of people allowed within this place is close to 1% of the population.

Top view:
New Jaya WIP  5720785-derp+0002

Rules of New Jaya

  • No one without a pass is allowed to roam around freely. If caught without a pass they will be immediately removed from Island. You are given the chance to find you pass. You will have a guard walk with you within that time fram, being twenty-four hours. If unable to find their pass within twenty-four hours you will be either ejected or able to work for one. If you are able to find your pass you will be fined double that of your pass.    

  • Fighting can only be done in designated areas. If caught fighting you will be punished.

  • If someone is unable to pay for a service they must become a temporary employee(at that establishment) till their debt has been paid.

  • Theft of any kind will not be tolerated. Those caught in the act will have their arm severed. You are able to file a report but without evidence you will be out of luck.

  • Tapering with the Ship in anyway will result in your execution.

  • Bounty hunting can only be done with a permit

  • If caught running or participating in illegal gambling house all earnings will be ceased. And a hefty fine will be given that will need to be paid. After the fine is paid you will be imprisoned for a year.

  • Forging fake passes will not be tolerated. Those caught in the act will be imprisoned.  

Note: Below are brief descriptions on the section on the Island Ship. Given out as pamphlets to everyone entering the Island.

Downtown Section I:

New Jaya WIP  One-pi10

Hello, on behalf over everyone here at Gran Tesoro we would like to welcome you. This pamphlet holds information on the types of the Sections on the ship. Also it holds information about passes.

Section I is mainly comprised of living areas as well as small businesses. Cheapest area on the entire Ship where may people one the ship considered lower class live. The hotels aren't of poor quantity, but are of the lowest on the ship. Even holding a few schools and other types of public facilities seen in many modern communities. This area is the second largest as the entrance also is considered part of Section I. There are many attractions for everyone, no matter the age, in this section.

Downtown Section II & III:
New Jaya WIP  One-pi11

Section II holds many famous restaurants. These restaurants have been brought in from all over the Grand line, and even the New World so that the inhabitants of New jaya can experience the best cuisine there is to offer. There are countless hotels here, but only two really stand out. Ett Lime Hotel & Cotton Mouse Hotel, and we recommend you stopping by one of them. This reason is because not only are they Hotels but also Casinos. There is a amusement park, where races are also held, toward the back of this section.

The Golden Tower is also located within this Section, but is considered it's own Section. For those able to visit you will never regret your stay and may not want to leave. We can not disclose everything that goes on in the Golden Tower. But, we can tell you that anything you imagine can happen there. And for those coming to Gran Tesoro with nothing just know that this place is where new beginnings can be given. And that anyone can earn the ability to visit the Golden Tower.

Casino interior :
New Jaya WIP  Uqvir10

Upon entry to the Island a person, or a group as a whole, will need to purchase a pass. Each pass various depending on how far and how much of the Ship you are allowed to explore. The first pass costs only a million beli( per person). Or someone can pay for a group pass, which is five million. The difference between a regular pass and a group pass is that you need to be with your group the entire time. If someone wishes to enter the second section of the ship they must pay a price of five million beli(per person). And a group pass for twenty million beli. Finally, the cost to enter the third section is fifty million beli(per person). And a group pass for one-hundred fifty million beli.

There are Employee or E Passes that can be given out. These passes allow someone to not have to pay for anything on the Island and the ability to explore everywhere up to Section II. Each employee that works on New Jaya owns one of these, but their face is on this pass to prevent them from being stolen. And must be visible at all times. Many employees are people that are in debt with the ship in some type of way and have to work on New Jaya to repay their debts. Some stay employees after repaying their debts.  
Finally, special individuals are given VIP passes. Mainly these are given to Celestial Dragon, Cipher pol agents, and High ranking Marines(Rear Admirals and up). These passes give access to all parts of the ship, even the lower levels. They do have the faces of the individuals on them.  Passes also can be won at Casinos.

Influence: World Government
Status: Stabilized
Log Pose Point Requirement: 17

Population: 6

Housing: 5

Army: 5

Weaponry: 5

Technology: 2

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