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1Rear Admiral|Freyr Preden  Empty Rear Admiral|Freyr Preden on Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:24 am

Adri Sakna


Adri Sakna
Name: Freyr Preben (Pronounced: FrAyr)
Alias/Epithet: The Bull
Race: Human
Tier: 3
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist (Berserker)
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: N/A

General Appearance:


Freyr has long brown hair that she uses a multitude of conditioners to make sure that it says nice, smooth, and feel good when you run your hand down it. While she normally just keeps it down so it can do its own thing, she tucks it into her jacket when it starts to rain to make sure the rain doesnt ruin her hair at all. She keeps headphones on at almost all times, wither around her neck or on her head in a makeshift head band, which looks quite good on her as most agree. Freyr also looks like she is perpetually bored, like everything is boring beyond belief. Her grey eyes are almost always half closed, and looks like she is running on left then a couple hours sleep but without any of the bags under her eyes. She has fair skin that has never seen a pimple in their life, and a side effect of all those conditioners she uses, her face also feels smooth and nice to the touch. She has a narrow jaw, coming at an end in a point. She is also normally seen smoking a cigarete wherever she goes, and if she isn't its likely that she either ran out, or someone took them from her.

Freyr unlike most marines, choses to completely disregards the normal marine uniform in favor of more heavyier and baggier clothing. She wears a dark green heavy duty winter jacket made of Oxford Cloth, meant for some of the colder islands such as Minion Island or Trost. The jacket is almost as tall as she is, it comes down to her ankles and threaten to trip her whenever she walks anywhere but never does. Along the front of her jacket she has a zipper that she mainly leaves undead, but when zipped up comes up to just below her chin. On the collar of her jacket on the left and right side each has a string that she can pull to close up her hood when its on her head, though she never does this, simply because she sees no use for it. Inside the jacket it has two pockets, both at breast level on her left and right side. On the outside she has a pocket on each shoulder, they're fairly small so most of the time she forgets about them, but also has spare cigarete cartoons in them. A bit above her waist she has two more pockets on her left and right side, this is where she normally keeps her hand, and the pockets are quite deep, going a bit down past her waist. She normally keeps important things in here, namely Beli and her cigaretes. The jacket also has a hood that can come up over her head to protect from rain and getting wet. The hood also has white wool lining the edge of it.

Under her jacket she wears a black undershirt, made from Pinpoint Oxford, making it heavier the normal shirts that the marine wears. The sleaves of this shirt come down to just above her elbows and goes down a bit past her wasite line, but she normally just bunches it up at her waist, having the left side hang past her waist. While wearing all of this she seems completly fine in most if not all weather or islands. The only islands she simply cannot stand with her cloths are desert islands like Alabasta and jungle islands like Little Garden.

Freyr's leggings also follow the same rule she has for the rest of her outfit heavy and baggy. She wears heavy denim jeans that are simingly a size to big. The end of the legs becomes clumped around her ankles and her heel, again threatening to trip her, but when she does anything with her legs, she moves in such a way to compensate for it. Her jeans have two fairly small pockets she doesnt put anything inside of, mainly because of how unconfortable she finds things in them impeed her when she sits down. Her jean has, obviously, a zipper and a button. She also wears loosely, a brown amani belt that keeps her jeans up, but she wears it casually, so its not tightend fully.  She also wears some black loafers that are very sleep, almost boot like in nature. They have rubber heals to help keeo her balance during a storm while out at sea. The shoes come with some equally black laces, but she just keeps them semi laced up, enough that the laces aren't going everywhere, but enough that her shoes wont fall off if she has to start suddenly running. Under those she just wears some normal cotton socks.

Height: 5'5
Weight: 125Lb
Crew Tattoo Placement: On Both Palms and tongue


Freyr Preben is like a fire cracker, explosively violent when lit and shockingly subdued when all said and done. She is incredibly hedonistic. Someone who is driven more by their desires than logic. Eager to not only fulfill their desires but also venture out to find even more to find even greater pleasures to indulge her hunger. In all other situations however she can be considered lazy. She won't hesitate to procrastinate on a task in favor for a more intriguing proposal.

Back to the simile from before, Freyr most notable trait is her hotheadedness. She is impulsive, headstrong, and has quite a short temper. When she wants something or something catches her interest she won't hesitate to chase after it with reckless abandon. This causes some static between her and her superiors within the marines. Her rash tendencies cause her to at times create almost monumental amounts of collateral damage of which the marine's foot the bill. Not only that her obstinate nature tends to make it hard for her to take criticism or alternatives. Especially when she set on doing things her way.

To compliment her brash nature comes a hint of impatience. She can be quite eager to accomplish a goal once it tickles her fancy. So much so that she becomes agitated or nervous when for any reason she is not allowed to do so. This makes her prone to fights or she becomes querulous. Resulting in her whining or turning sour if not allowed to do as she pleases. In this way one could equate her to a child being told no. Even if they are barred from doing something, they will not hesitate to do it the moment the opportunity becomes available to them.

If Freyr had one thing holding her back from greatness, it would be her slothfulness. If she does not see the point in it or actively wants to do it; she won't. Instead she will elect to do something more wholesome and entertaining than the task she had at hand. Sometimes even preferring to be idle and doing nothing at all. These periods of indolence cause many marine's to see her as a loaf and a layabout. It only reinforces the idea when she is forced to deal with the undesired task she tends to complete it with a diminished efficiency.

Though lets stop talking about the negatives of Freyr and turn to looking at her in a different light. She is an artist. Someone who strives to create beauty in the world for all to enjoy. Though like many artist she struggled for a medium that could best display her desires. Paper is to limiting. Murals lacked dimension. Sculpting takes too long. Instead she found herself falling in love with performance art.

It's quick fleeting nature that one could experience with their whole body was what she deemed the best. Though there was one particular style that caught her eye, explosions. Explosions filled all the requirements and were relatively simple to produce. It required four things. Air, fuel, heat, and a catalyst were the four elements. All things that could be found at your local grocery store. So for her it was perfect. Not only that she finds pleasure in her art. She has stated that her arsonist displays have granted her pleasure akin to ecstasy or even sex. Making her prone to blow everything up around her.

Though she is an explosive maniac, to the marines she has her uses. There is even a book on how to deal with her. To befriend her, one must balance the lazy with the productive. The people she likes tend to be excellent at keeping her explosive personality down by granting her moments of reprieve and even encouraging her destructive behavior in an controlled environment. She is someone who responds very well to lighter discipline instead of harsh ones. If denied outlet for to long or provoked she may 'explode'. This is to be taken both figuratively and literally.

To those she hates, hell have no fury like a women with fire bombs. They will constantly find themselves at the end of deadly explosives. So much so that it will become a part of her daily pastime bombing. They start out small but will slowly escalate until they become attempts on people's lives. To those she likes, they receive much of the same treatment though in this case it would be more like pranks than anything else. Not only that the level of the bomb won't escalate at all unless she is angered.
Likes: 5
Music - Its the reason for my existence
Explosions - Ah, the greatest music of this world!
Smoking - Helps me relax when im not listening to Music
Baths - Its one of the best ways to relax after an arduous day of playing.
Sleeping - Truly one of the great joys of life.

Dislikes: 5
Silence - If I have to go more then a few days without some beautiful music, I'll go insane!
Not Smoking - How else can I calm my nerves!
Being Dirty - Being dirty is almost as bad as being out of cigarette!
People - I don't dislike people per say. I just wanna punch their face in for disturbing my nap.
World Government - The celestial dragons have abused their power for far to long! This needs to change!

History: N/A
Face Claim: Custom |

RP Sample:

Freyr was leaning against the railing of a marine battle ship, looking out on the horizon as an island approaches. The call of land ho came a few minutes ago and since then most of the, including her, cadets have been on the railing and the prow looking at the island. Excitement runs along all of them, wither it makes them nervous, quiver from excitement, or anything else, they're all excited. She herself has one giant grin on her face, and quivers with excitement, like a prize fighter cant wait for the bell to ring. This is supported by the fact she was gripping the railing of the ship hard enough that her knuckles are white.

This is where she will start her career as a marine. Where she will learn everything she needs to learn to move up the ranks and hopefully the start of an excellent career straight to fleet admiral. She could practically taste her promotion before even setting foot on a marine base. She was a big dreamer what could she say? The spray of sea salt as the sunsets behind the island looks beautiful. "Yeah. This will be the first stop on my way to changing the world." Freyr thinks as she takes in the beautiful scenery, quivering even more. "If i wasn't gripping the railing so hard, I think I would fly off to the Island faster then the wind that was blowing through my hair." She smirks harder at her joke.

A while later a bit out from the island, the captain of the ship she was on called everyone into a single column and into a salute. The captain being an older man, somewhere in his forty's with a full head of brown hair, even if there are pieces of gray along the side of his scalp, he has a brown beard that goes down to his chest, covering his entire jawline but is also showing some gray along the edges of it. He was certainly strong, his upper body looking like he could bench press Freyr with one hand.

"At ease men. I felt that I should tell you before you arrived at Baterilla that I believe that everyone of you has the potential to be the greatest marine to ever live. That each and everyone of you will achieve great things in life. Wither its with the marines, or in your everyday life. Never stop moving forward. It may seem tough at times, it may seem impossible, but there is no such thing as barriers you can't overcome."

With the captains speech done he walks off, but looks at Freyr for a few moments before continuing. Freyr having a new found determination. She looks back at the island, quivering with so much excitement that she can barely contain herself anymore. She wanted to get to the island and she wanted to get there now. She has been waiting far to long to enlist. She is practically drooling at the amount of Pirates she will bring in. Just a shame she will have to hid her smokes...
Bonus: 5,000,000 Beli
Location: Barterilla

Fate Point Allocation: - Quick Learner (3) - Devil's Meddle (2) - Points leftover (1)

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2Rear Admiral|Freyr Preden  Empty Re: Rear Admiral|Freyr Preden on Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:05 pm

Adri Sakna


Adri Sakna
Bump Done.

Rear Admiral|Freyr Preden  Large

3Rear Admiral|Freyr Preden  Empty Re: Rear Admiral|Freyr Preden on Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:06 pm



Your Fate Points add up to 7 but you only start with 6, please adjust accordingly.

4Rear Admiral|Freyr Preden  Empty Re: Rear Admiral|Freyr Preden on Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:12 pm

Adri Sakna


Adri Sakna
Fixed It

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5Rear Admiral|Freyr Preden  Empty Re: Rear Admiral|Freyr Preden on Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:38 pm


Looks good to me.

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