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1I.1 - Training Exercises Empty I.1 - Training Exercises on Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:34 pm


Training Exercises - Might be a good idea?

Task = Training Exercises:
Task Name: Training Exercises
Tier: 1
Location: Centaurea
Crew, Team, or Personal: Oni (Alice)
Description: Alice starts to cook for quite some time in the revolutionary army. She thinks that she is good at her job. But that will not be enough she wants to become a full fledged member of the revolutionary army, and thus will start by doing some exercises in armed and unarmed combat, so that she is more efficient in battle than what she is now.
Enemy Details: No enemys
Boss: No

Alice was cooking in Centauruea for some revolutionary army members. She was doing something simple and tasty as almost always. But she was noticing that there were new recruits like her doing some kind of training regiments. She could consider some actual combat training. Even though she doesn't enjoy it as much as cooking. But right now she would do the cooking doing healthy food with some lettuce and tomato for some fresh salads made of the best that mother nature would give people. Shortly after finishing that salad she would say the following to same closer army men.

- Here it is. Please dig in.

She would put the salad dishes well nicely presented to invite the soldier to eat something healthy. Even with her efforts there were some of them that didn't pay much attention and continue to eat other things that weren't that healthy. They were full grown men and thus she didn't advise against it. After the meals of the army were finished she helped with the cleaning of the dishes, and afterwards she gone to meet a revolutionary army member and talk to him about the training's. She talked to one of the new recruits asking for advice in regards to enter the training's of a revolutionary army member. She has done that with her poor speed, and with the following words.

- How it is training? I was thinking of joining the training tomorrow do you think they will accept a mere cook on the training grounds?

She waited for the answer and not for long. Because it was a really simple question and the recruit didn't really know how will they react to a cook start to train in combat. But still he said that most likely they wouldn't mind that.

- I think they probably wouldn't mind a new recruit training it is for the benefit of our cause.

She was thinking to herself when she received the answer for a little bit. But after she snapped out of it she thanked the recruit and said that she will most likely request a permission. With that she wandered off somewhere thinking about that.
Word Count - 361/250 - Post 1/3

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