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1Levone Isakovich Empty Levone Isakovich on Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:58 pm

Levone Isakovich


Levone Isakovich
Name: Levone Isakovich Mayumi
Alias/Epithet: N/A -Will Gain IC-
Race: Human
Tier: 1
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Doctor/Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Free agent
World Position: N/A

General Appearance:
Levone Isakovich 3mvwt7capxmizqkvnnnnyl7on25rs2kp_hq

Levone looks like the typical run of the mil kid when it comes to his physical features. The young man stands at a height of 5'4" and a weight of 110 pounds, being severely shorty than most around his current age. Adding to his short height, Levone has no muscle which really shows the weight he is. Due to these certain physical traits that Levone is at his current age, many tend to call him a child or believe that he is younger than he actually is. His skin is as smooth as baby bottoms with a skin tone of beautiful fair color, traits that he obtained from both his mother and fathers side of the family. His eyes are that of a special color, dark brown that are so dark you think they are back and medium length, grayish white hair that go just a few inches below his eyes. Attire wise young Levone likes to wear an off black, short sleeved T-shirt that has white strips in the middle of the sleeves. Along with his shirt he wears two additional black arm sleeves that decorate his arms as well as have metal arm protectors over them. Off black pants are matched with his black T-shirt to help him finish off his looks with two sandy brown leather straps around his chest and back, forming an X shape on both his back and his chest . The leather straps on his back are usually used to hold his sheaths so that he can carry around his weapons. He is usually seen wearing a black face mask that covered everything below his eyes and a headband with a metal plate that shows the samurai clan he was raised by.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A


Levone is a very apathetic teenager due to his past experiences that led him to his current time in life. He feels as if he shows emotion that it will get him trouble in some way, however he is slowly learning that it is not entirely bad to show emotion and wants to start doing it more if he feels like it. His next personality traits makes him a walking contradiction, as he is also a very empathetic. Wether he wishes to or not he is prone to feeling what others around him are feeling, especially those that are very close to him. Despite being able to experience the emotions of those around him, Levone is a rather blunt child even on sensitive matters. He does not want to offend anyone but even as a young teen, he does not like to beat around the bush and likes the straight forward information from those who are speaking. The only occasion that he might not do this is when he is overwhelmed with emotion, which is very rare due to his usual apathetic attitude. Despite being young and very inexperienced, Levone is plagued by the fact that he will some day choose to either be one of the three main factions that roam the sea which is very unusual for someone like him. However, he knows he would only do so that he can change things that he thinks are wrong and should be made through his chosen faction. The thing that the young man loves than his life itself, is the open sea. He is known to constantly stare upon it for hours and even go to it when he is thinking or upset, making it the most important thing in his life even though it was where he was left as a baby.

* The Sea
* Anything sweet
* Being alone
* People who are too emotional
* Not knowing who his parents are
* Not being able to roam the sea


It is not known too many the birth of Levone but those who do are of great importance of the revolutionary army. The reason this is a secret kept within the confines of the revolutionary army is because he is the son of their commander, Chie Mayumi. She conceived him with a very well known and strong pirate before the pirate was captured by the marines and Chie was forced to flee somewhere she could have the baby. This place ended up being the west blue, a randomly selected place so no where could ever pinpoint her exact location. While on route to the destination of where she would have the baby, Chie went into an early birth and out came the premature Levone. He seemed so weak and frail they all thought that he was going to die, chie also knew she didn't want to have a child as it would be one big target because of her profession. Despite this, she didn't want him to die, one night using one of the escape boats that was on the ship she was and plunged him off into the open seas. She prayed and hoped that someone would find her son and raise him, giving him a better life than being the son of the revolutionary commander. He roamed the seas as a crying, premature baby for about three days and nights before coming across a band of roaming Samurai who where roaming the west blue. The samurai quickly saved the baby Levone from his death sentence, feeding him and taking him back to their home in the east blue in the city of Little Wano. He was eventually adopted by the head of the wandering Samurai who gave him a new name and life. It is not known to those that he survived but Chie has heard news that a boy who looked exactly like her ex-husband had popped up in Little Wano. She dismisses it as just a coincident and never speaks of it to anyone but knows that it is her son.

Face Claim: Kakashi Hatake/Naruto
RP Sample: N/A

Bonus: Fate point at T3
Location: Little Wano/Shimotsuki Village

Fate Point Allocation:
Born to Brawl
Hawk Eyes
Hard Worker
Devil Meddle

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2Levone Isakovich Empty Re: Levone Isakovich on Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:03 pm

ID-7173 ("Valentine")

Free Agents
Free Agents

ID-7173 (
Specify your bonus, T1 is not a valid answer, you choose one, otherwise it looks good, change weapons master to weapon specialist.

Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)


3Levone Isakovich Empty Re: Levone Isakovich on Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:49 pm

Levone Isakovich


Levone Isakovich
Fixed and ready to go

4Levone Isakovich Empty Re: Levone Isakovich on Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:50 pm

ID-7173 ("Valentine")

Free Agents
Free Agents

ID-7173 (
Surezo mi amigo, approved.

Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)


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