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1Bojack - BoJack Vs Anubis Empty BoJack Vs Anubis on Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:41 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow

¤No pets

¤One weapon

¤30 x 30 meter Arena

¤Both Participants start on opposite sides

¤Battle starts when the announcer says so{On the next rotation so who ever post next}

¤All Primary/Secondary & Support skills may be used

¤Rings outs{If step unto the ground}

¤One support item{Etc}

¤Weather is slight raining{So this locked}

¤All vagues manp will be small not on large scales.


Don't Play

God of Destruction

Bojack - BoJack Vs Anubis 4198281

"..... Let make this quick"

,"Such an active crowd."Anubis had mumble to himself in agreement . ,"Yeaaaahhhhhh!" that was the sound of the roaring crowd as the first contender took her place within the arena. The stadium was an 30 meters perfect square made of pure stone slabs with a 1 meter drop to the soil to be consider ring out.

The stone slabs were smooth which made swift movement easily to handle for both contenders today. Anubis His attire consist of a simple pair of blue silk joggers that has a black sash with  white, and orange diamond decorations the trimming of sash is a bright yellow color. Just above the sash is a dark blue belt that the sash is attached to.

Along each of his  forearms are four gold bracelets, and on his left ear is a single gold earring. Within his silk blue jogger is an opening directly for his tail which is located in his butt area the opening is  long enough for his purple tail which is about 3 meters long and 1.5 meters wide.

More importantly Anbuis isn't your average cat his appearance is a model of the Akira Toriyama's hairless cat. He stand about 10 feet tall,  and weight approximately 175 pounds. He is consider somewhat a skinny cat . Similar to his sash Anbuis have a white, blue, and orange collar like necklace. The pattern clearly match that of Egyptian.


Didn't use nothing yet

Stamina Conditions:100%

Bojack - BoJack Vs Anubis Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”

2Bojack - BoJack Vs Anubis Empty Re: BoJack Vs Anubis on Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:08 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents



Bojack was ready for this fight. He held a lit cigarette in his hand that he dropped on the ground and ground out with his foot after exhaling a large puff of smoke when it appeared that the match would be starting soon. He was getting the chance to take down this celestial dragon in simple open combat. The roar of the crowd was deafening in Bojack's ears as he waited patiently for his cue to begin the battle. "Let's just get this started already"

Finally, after a few seconds of calm, the announcer gave his signal for them to begin. "Participants, BEGIN!"

Bojack was mostly concerned with ending this fight as soon as possible, so he decided to use a strong attack to give himself an advantage. While his opponent was still 30 meters away he created a ball of plasma the size of a beach ball and launched it towards his opponent. His opponent was  so close that he wouldn possibly be unable to escape in time. If Anubis was able to escape the initial attacks range he would be met by a barrage of plasma spheres launched in his direction damaging most of the arena that was untouched by the initial attack aside from the area directly in front of Bojack.

Bojack hopes that his opponent is unable to escape his attacks. If he is able to quickly dispatch a celestial dragon he will surely have bragging rights for a long time and that is something he really wants to have. This celestial dragon seems to have plenty of battle experience and Bojack would hopefully render that useless before his wit.

Word Count: 276 | Tagged: @Anubis White

Skills Used:

Skill Name: - Plasma Bomb
Tier: - 3
Type - Normal
Range: - 20m
Speed: - 3
Description: - Bojack makes a ball of plasma the size of a beach ball before launching it at his target. Upon contact it explodes making a huge explosion covering a 20m diameter.

Skill Name: - Barrage!!
Tier: - 2
Type - Normal
Range: - 15m
Speed: - 3
Description: - Bojack throws a barrage of about 15 plasma sheres about the size of tennis balls. These spheres explode on impact damaging everything in a 1m diameter.
Stamina: 330/400


[20:00:50] Hiroko Young : i feel like they are retard

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