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1Alaric D. Ryotoji Done (Revamp) Empty Alaric D. Ryotoji Done (Revamp) on Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:47 am



Name: Alaric D. Ryotoji
Race: Human
Tier: 3
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Mode: Hard
Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Free Agent/Undeclared
World Position: None

General Appearance: Alaric
Height: 6'2
Weight: 166 pounds
Crew Tattoo Placement: My back

Personality:Alaric is a very kind and generous person. He is nice, caring, and well-mannered, and is always polite to people. Alaric is kind and caring especially to children and the elderly. He is usually seen helping elderly people with their bags or helping maintain their gardens and lawns when he was at home. Alaric has a strong sense of loyalty and will do whatever he can to help out a friend in need even if it will cost of his life. Alaric tends to be the most comfortable when he is listening to music or playing music.

Alaric like everyone else gets angry and upset though there are a few certain things that will really get under his skin. Such as disrespecting his father and family or hurting one of his friends. If a person should dare harm one of his friends he will do what they did to his friend and will not stop until justice has been given.But that all changed after the loss his father. Alaric, however, changed after the death of his father. He has an intense darkness to him that he holds a secret from the world. That darkness was spawned the day he found his father was murdered by a Tenryūbito. He holds a deep and vengeful grudge against Tenryūbito for taking his father away from him. Alaric is usually calm and a soft-spoken person always knows where his place should belong. Alaric has a strong desire to win his fights and to win them in what he views as a legitimate manner.

If he's fighting one on one against an opponent he will not accept any one's aid. Even if the threat of death is upon him he will not accept help. Alaric enjoys sitting down and taking his time with things, especially when telling stories or playing an instrument.There is a good side though to him he is respectful to the dead.
Likes: Women, Music, Pirates, Revolutionaries, Food
Dislikes: Tenryuubito, the marines, not being able to swim, torture, Cigarettes.

History: Alaric was born on the evening of the 25th of December. His mother was a waitress from Louge town, where as his father was a traveling musician named Nea Ryotoji. He was known throughout the four great oceans as a famous musician and fighter. Though his father had stopped traveling and decided to stay in Louge tow when he met his mother. It was love at first sight for Alaric's parents. From the moment they met and laid eyes on each other, they were almost inseparable. Along with every love comes a marriage and of course a little bundle of joy. Alaric's mother was in labor for over 12 agonizing hours till finally, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Sadly his mother passed away but she got to name him before she passed away. Alaric came out screaming like a banshee like every baby does when they're first born. His father was still in shock at the loss of his wife that he failed to notice the new life before him. The nurses had finished cleaning up the new born baby Alaric. The nurses handed the new born baby Alaric to his father as they covered the body of Alaric's mother up. After a while, Alaric's father finally noticed his new born son in his arms. Alaric's father cried tears of both joy and sadness at the loss of his wife's love and the birth of his very first son.

Over the next few years, Alaric's father took care of him. Alaric's father still deeply missed his wife but he still had his son so in a way he still had a part of her still. Even as a baby Alaric would always crawl towards his father's instruments. His father would always crack a big grin at that and scoop up the infant Alaric just before his precious son touched any of his instruments, Alaric's father would always say after he picked him up "You're gonna make a fine musician someday son and a fine man your mother would be proud."

When Alaric turned five his father began training Alaric on how to read music. He was a quick study while studying on learning to read music. His father started him off with the piano for his son's first instrument. He took to the piano like a duck to water his father said. When not teaching Alaric about music his father would train his son in the art of the Fighting. His father may have been just a musician or so others thought of his appearance but once long ago he was a very skilled fighter for an old pirate crew. But due to an injury, he had to quit being a Pirate and pick up a new trade so he became the ship's musician because he also knew how to play some musical instruments.

At the age of 8 Alaric joined the prestigious private school. Alaric showed an aptitude for art specifically music. Over the time at the academy, he was mostly shunned by the other student because he looked different and acted differently from everyone else due to his snow white natural hair. Alaric mostly thought of music when he should be paying attention to his lessons. Then one day when he came home from school he found a tragic sight. He was 10 years old when he found his father on the in the middle of the road shot. His father was unconscious and losing a lot of blood so Alaric panicked and ran out of screaming for aid. By the time he did his father was in worse condition. His father was transferred to the hospital the doctors couldn't do anything apparently his father had a heart condition that he was battling with for many years.

Alaric ran to his father's room where his father was still barely alive. He cried tears as his father said: "I'm sorry son looks like it's my time I will be with your mother soon be a good boy for me, you must not seek out vengeance against the celestial dragon for me I love you son...." With those parting words, his father passed away. Alaric was put into a foster home and has been looked at and stays with them, though he hated it there and wanted to leave and go back to his old home his father bequeathed to him in his will but the Mayor could not allow it Alaric because of a financial crisis in the town and they need homes to sell to people who were willing to buy them.

He grieved for an entire year and he even stopped going to school altogether for a year. During that year he mostly trained himself learning more about music and practicing his fighting and working on his physical strength. One day he was walking home from school and saw a group of kids beating up on a younger kid. So Alaric went to the aid of the kid but sadly he got his ass kicked.He studied hard but still couldn't shake off the grief and drama entirely. So he failed one year of the academy but the next year he graduated. Alaric at the age of twelve he had mastered the piano and begun work on the violin. He then one day came upon a strange box his father had left him to be sent to him after his death. For the next eight years through Alaric trained his body and after his twentieth birthday he parcel was not delivered until eight years he received a package. Inside the parcel was a wooden box containing the note giving farewell letter as well as a map to a location to his fathers greatest treasure. a logia type devil fruit so with that in mind he set out on his adventure to become a free traveler and claim his father's last gift he received from him. After traveling to the coordinates of the map he dug up the box and found the logia devil fruit the pika pika no mi. He devoured the fruit that day from then on became a light human.
Face Claim: D.Gray man|Nea D. Cambell)
RP Sample: Don't need since I am revamping

Bonus: 5,000,000 Beli
Location: Impel Down

Fate Point Allocation: Never Dormant,Devil's Meddle,Born to Brawl,Conqueror's Throne

2Alaric D. Ryotoji Done (Revamp) Empty Re: Alaric D. Ryotoji Done (Revamp) on Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:51 am




3Alaric D. Ryotoji Done (Revamp) Empty Re: Alaric D. Ryotoji Done (Revamp) on Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:52 am

Queen Evie Windsor

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Pappa Smexy

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