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Free Agents
Free Agents

Kitaro The Redtyde Ren-Kouen-fanart-magi-the-labyrinth-of-magic-37795174-500-405

Name: Kitaro Redtyde
Alias/Epithet: Dealer in the Dark
Race: Human
Tier: Tier 4
Gender: Male
Age: 28

Occupation: Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Free Agent
World Position: Underworld Broker

General Appearance: Kitaro, the man, has kept the appearance of his origin and proudly represents the Wano Country in his appearance and choice of clothing. Paying extra for clothing coming from Wano as he is unable to return to the country and maintaining his visage in the like that he was raised to back in his home country.

Kitaro's homage to his home country begins with his bright and vibrantly red hair being bound at the back of his head, in regard to the excess. It is bound with a small gold circlet at the base of his skull and maintains a thin stream of his dark but vibrantly red hair falling behind his head and toward his back. This circlet is in similar style to a topknot made not of hair but of metal and gold that is usually placed upon his head in the style of a crown. The front of Kitaro's head is permanently trapped in a windswept hairstyle from his many years of sailing at the front of a boat and fighting in arenas against the winds. The largest and longest strands of hairs in front of his face part and create what appears like a blast pattern spread around his forehead. The hair, as a result of this windswept status, does not extend far below his forehead at any time and it is here that his features begin.

Kitaro's eyes have the thin slanting nature that those of Wano are expected to have. The 'mystical eastern eyes' as they are sometimes called. There is nothing mystical about them but they do mark him of his origins. Kitaro's eyebrows are an expression of this as well, being thin slants across his face in the same way that his eyes are when compared to most people. Mirrored in this affect are the other features of his face, thin and tight to his head ears, a small nose that protrudes slightly and has most of it's size in it's length, and a small and thin mouth with nearly no lips to speak of. Kitaro posseses a lean and muscular physique due to his history of combat and travel. Muscles that are lean enough not to impede his movement while sacrificing some power but at the same time keeping him in, what he believes, is peak physical condition for his life. As it is maintained by his lifestyle and life. He is tall for the average size of humans but less than half of what the maximum size of a human can be.

The Clothing and adornment that Kitaro wears is usually loose fitting and made of incredibly thin materials, most typical among these is silk. Kitaro favors bright reds and oranges with fringes of darker reds and oranges in honor of the setting sun traditions of Wano. They are loose fitting to afford him the greatest economy of movement in combat and they are made of fine materials and with vibrant colors and contrasts to convey his wealth and status in the world through the usage of these. The, 'these' in question here are typically a robe or kimono that most of the vibrant colors and contrasts and symbols of wealth wouild be located within. Badges, trinkets, gold, icons, or emblems to represent the status that Kitaro is trying to convey can be found on the Kimono layer of his clothing. Coincidentally, also the only layer of clothing that he wears over his upper body. Beneath is a layer of slightly heavier pants that are almost usually black, to afford a rich contrast with the kimono image that is being conveyed. They are typical in their size and length stretching from his waist down to his ankles. From his ankles down, Kitaro traditionally wears Geta-styled sandals when in a situation that would require finesse or diplomacy, flat sandals in a situation that may require combat or informaliy, and his bare feet if he decides that the abandoning of sandals is the best option tactically or socially.

Height: 6'11"
Weight: 345 lbs.
Crew Tattoo Placement: Across the Belly

Personality: Kitaro is an opportunistic man that always seeks to either create or exploit opportunities before him. He always prefers to manuever himself rather than pose himself as a direct threat or as in a staunch position on anything, outside of support of his own side. Not to say that Kitaro is disloyal or actively a backstabber of some sort. Kitaro views loyalty as a system that works both ways and while he expects loyalty in return for his own, he highly values a relationship built upon helping one another advance, so long as Kitaro is still being advanced by the relationship. Typically being dissociative in regard to others that he sees little potential or influence in and ignoring completely situations as well as people that he doesn't see potential gain or reason to be involved with. Both in the large scale in avoiding conflicts he does not have a part in, and in small term as far as walking directly away from and past anyone that he doesn't feel would be worth the time.

As a result of his self-advancing motives in most aspects of life, he is very swift to cut ties and loose ends that are dragging him down or that he no longer sees an advantage or purpose in his involvement with. He's not one to outright attack one who considers him a friend or ally, but simply not respond to the call or suddenly cease his support to someone that has turned into a relationship that ia costing him more than he is gaining on the whole.  This is typically his perspective on business relationships and his dealings with power and the underworld, but as far as personal relationships go, he is more friendly. There is never a reason to alienate a friend that is still a friend, according to Kitaro. While not the most loyal friend that would sail across the world to save someone who he would name as a friend, he would never break off a friendship unless it had turned sour or against him in some way.

Through his many underworld dealings and through his upbringing to be an aristocrat, not of the highest class, of an upper class family and a diplomat and commander as much as a warrior; Kitaro has earned himself an understanding of charisma and how to lead others. Experience in this, trial and error, living through the consequences as well as the triumphs of his own words and his own machinations on a political spectrum has granted him a knowledge and a tendency to lean towards a charismatic answer. While Kitaro is confident in his combat ability and his ability to defeat most foes or at least be able to hold his own or evade defeat. His preference is always to talk his way through situations, find a mutual advantage favoring himself if possible. Convince others to fight for him and build his empire and imperial status. Personally believing that the only thing that you can accomplish by picking up sword and facing someone down directly is to create enemies and put yourself at risk.

Kitaro prefers to be direct in his dealings despite his nature of being somewhat deceptive and a business world equivalent of a snake. He speaks with people directly, speaking as honestly as he believes is necessary. He fights directly in going straight for the kill when he does engage. He deals in business directly in that he states what he wants and what he can give and works from there toward his advantage. This is at play in his charisma as well, being seen as an honest figure and capale of leadership as well as persuasion and manipulation through the witholding of information and his natural air of direct and upfront honesty. Keying mostly in to the ability to align the visions and goals of himself and the people that he is dealing with when possible, and in conflict, overwhelming and making himself an unmoveable, impassable, and unstoppable force against them whenever and however possible.

Kitaro does have a side of his own personal pleasure and enjoyment. Things that he enjoys are things that represents what he is after in life. He enjoys fire, because there is nothing that equializes all like the flame. A pyromaniac at the core because the force that transforms objects and life both into the same ashes amazes and attracts his curiosity and attention. Displays of power or dominance in the world also attract his attention. Not necessarily in a way that would attract him physically or mentally. However, those who are capable of making a point of someone or something else in a way that would enhance their own perceived power in the environment are worth his attention and endear them to Kitaro naturally. As a result of this, Kitaro is fond of performing these kinds of acts himself. As a pyromaniac he is one to enjoy lighting fires and watching the results come to pass as well as making dominating and empowering manuevers in social and conversational settings to establish himself in a better or more advantageous light.

Power: The concept of power has ruled Kitaro's life. When he was a samurai his life was to use his power in service to those above him as they deemed fit. When he was a slave it was his life to use his power to fight others for his own life. When he became a leader of others and established his own trade, his life was conveying power and maintaining power in a world of constantly shifting political and social climate. As such, Kitaro has become obsessed with understanding, gaining, and using power in all of it's forms. He has also developed an extreme interest in watching and learning any other ways that he encounters others using power both physically and on grander scales.

Fire:  Kitaro has a strange fixation and appreciation of fire. It hasn't played a large role in his life and it hasn't taken or given him anything significant though it's concept is what appeals to him. For a man who's entire life has been about the acquisition of power, fire represents the greatest equalizer. A paper burned will turn to ash, a weapon burned will turn to ash, a man burned will turn to ash. There is no variation of ash and it is capable of blending the ashes of objects and people into a single entity. It is powerful in that it makes everything the same, so powerful that it crushes everything into ash through pain and inevitability based sheerly on what it is. The truest expression of power in the physical world, and as such it has always had a place of true interest and captivating dark beauty for Kitaro.

Influence: An offshoot or Kitaro's concept of power and an amalgamation of his feelings of power as well as control. Kitaro believes that influence over others, over the world, physically and socially is the purest expression of power. If asked to define power, Kitaro would define it as the ability to create or embody one's will amongst or onto the world. If asked to define influence, Kitaro would describe it as the ability to impose one's will amongst other sentient minds and given his interest in the minds and actions of others as well as learning and being indirect with others...It is a natural step to assume Kitaro's feelings about influence. That being that Influence is power in it's purest and most powerful expression.

Slavery: Kitaro enjoys the practice of slavery. It is a business that forces those who are oppressed to it, to find their own way up and out and it empowers those who are beneficiaries to it in literally any manner of life that they can afford to slaves for. It is a lucrative business for those who capture them and, having risen from slavery himself, Kitaro sees it as an unfortunate series of events that can cull an entire stratum of society to find those strong and those smart enough to find their way back out as he did.

Money: Much like Slavery, Kitaro sees this as a system that benefits everyone involved through his own twisting of logic and experiences.Determining that one's monetary status is a stage of one's growth in life and another physical expression of power. As what is better for showing power than being able to use a system that affects the quality of life of everyone that your use of the currency system touches. An extension of this thought to summarize Kitaro's like of money is that it is the single determining factor of one's quality of life and one's ability to influence the world through the most readily accessible means. A pure expression of influence physically.

Allies: There is nothing quite as beneficial as a true ally. However, Kitaro is a very particular set of standards and requirements to consider someone a true ally rather than a simple friend or beneficiary of some sort. Someone who is proven capable of themselves to be able to support Kitaro as much as Kitaro supports them, to be able to provide a lasting and mutually beneficial arrangement between themselves and Kitaro being chief among those requirements. However, even the mighty and un-sentimental Kitaro is capable as well as willing to go out of his way and sacrifice for those who meet such a high level of mutual respect in his eyes.

Sentiment: Kitaro finds pragmatism to be a valued trait and so the sentimental type of people who remove value from the reality of a situation in favor of the sentimental that drag down on the realism. Kitaro will always choose the more powerful or more symbollic display. He wears the colors and style of Wano on his back because it represents a mystery and a power unconquered and if it were to change it's status, Kitaro would change his wardrobe. As it would be with his weapons, armor, skills, and trade.

Friendship: Friendship is not something that Kitaro embraces with open arms. Where allies are a mutually beneficial arrangement in which both can sacrifice for the other but continue to progress alongside one another and supportive of one another. Friendship is the embodiment of sentimental relationships without any pragmatic advantages. However, this is a dislike and not something that he ignores, it is something that Kitaro cannot avoid having as he is human. But he dislikes the concept and has been known in the past to convince himself through mental gymnastics of sorts that relationships with people that he is close to or are close to him being wrong or assumed different on his part.

Distraction: For the most part, when possible, Kitaro prefers to enter a situation with a goal in mind. Something that he wants or something that he wants to accomplish in the situation he's going into. That is usually the reason that he is going into the situation or arrangement in the first place. The biggest flaw in this, the biggest and most common thing that can go wrong. Is that the whims of life and the chaotic nature of life. During a mission to trade slaves, one may end up in a fight or escaping from marines and that is a distraction that takes effort, time, and resources that are lost simply because things changed. One of the greatest frustrations that Kitaro faces.

Revolution: The more the powers that be change, the harder it is for those who have power in the current system. While Kitaro could easily see the philosophical problems with the current World Government, easily see how it makes things unfair for many in favor of fewer. How the Celestial Dragons abuse their power and wealth and influence to control the Navy. However, when the powerful change, it is often their desire to change the rules about how power is gained and held. This represents a challenge or a problem to Kitaro as he has established himself well in the darkness of the World Government's blinded eyes. While he is not against revolution in general, he only agrees with those that he has a part in. Whether direct or not.

Losing: The epitome of bad in regard to Kitaro's life would be the concept of loss. Losing out on a deal means that he himself lost the money, has to maintain resources for long, and has to further work on something that he had figured that he was done with. If he loses a fight, he's probably dead. If he is captured, he is probably dead if not captured for the remainder of his life. While more examples of loss being a terrible result for Kitaro's further ambitions and desires to expand within the world, the idea is fairly straightforward. Being that any kind of loss in a significant way sets back Kitaro's life if not outright ending it, loss is potentially Kitaro's most hated of all concepts. At least in regard to himself.

Chaos: Chaos is much like the idea of revolution. In an ordered system there are rules, some you can bypass, some you cannot. Things make sense and being clever as well as understanding the rules and the background to the sytem brings advancement. Being a snake of business, being frugal and smart with money, being in a position of power capable of branching into further power positions. In an ordered system, the concept of power is always visible and always capable of being seen. In a chaotic system it is a mad scramble for power and building anything beyond yourself is nearly impossible and thus power becomes physical and anarchy reigns.

History: Kitaro is a native of Wano Country, or Wano Kuni. A land of warriors known as samurai that have remained independent of the World Government and operate under their own laws and practices. As such, they are beholden to different customs and ideals than those of the World Government and those differences framed Kitaro's early adult life. He was born to a Samurai family and expected to follow in those footsteps. Being of the Redtyde noble bearing, though to a significantly lesser degree than the families of the Daimyos or Shogun of the land, a tantamount upbringing to that of an aristocratic warrior-class family in any World Government kingdom. It was expected and raised into him that he must be responsible for his own path in life and that his own strength would carry him there. To take vows seriously, and to honor those who honored him whilst in the bounds of behaving in accordance with the conceptual life code of Bushido.

Through this life that Kitaro was born to, raised into, expected to live as, Kitaro was merely moderate. He was moderately happy in his house of bamboo and little struggle, moderately skill at swordplay and the samurai arts, and moderately poised to advance or make anything more of himself than his parents had in their lives. This led to stagnation, to put it simply. A stagnant life in which the future and present could be, for the most part, predicted. A past that led through the same line of life as where it was going to be at any other point in Kitaro's life. While this may sound like a horrible and dull existence, to one who was raised in it and knew no other life, even that another way or level of enjoyment or experience to leve could exist, it was simply life. Kitaro learned to admire those who had fit into the system as if Wano and it's culture was their very own soul, their very own skin. Those who achieved greatness through skill at swordplay, through political intrigue, through using their place to advance Wano or their own family, their own Daimyo, to a new height. Those who changed history entirely. Though admiration was as close as Kitaro got to those whom history would remember as those who changed history.

Entering full adulthood, Kitaro was given a station suited for his name and station. Charged with the command of a team of Samurai and given missions of minor import, to match his moderate abilities, he entered a depression. A state of mind in which he believed he was simply another one of the infinite people who have and would ever exist in the world. As expected, once this line of thinking had begun to cloud his thoughts, his idea of self worth as well as his will to go above and beyond, succeed, do anything aside from going about his life really, became pointless. The days turned to weeks, months, even passing some years where he devolved mentally from a free thinking samurai who dreamed of changing history and being remembered, into a man who tried his best to experience life without thinking about it outside of the immediate and short term. Someone who did what they did because it was what they did, an Eichmann if you will, to a pointless life.

However, as all dreams do. Good or bad. Kitaro's pointless dream of a life came to a crashing end when finally he encountered outsiders. Those from the world at large, a world that he had never considered, never spoken of, never ventured out into...People that seemed as he was from different islands that may as well have been different worlds altogether. Pirates, who had come to claim some of the trade goods of Wano as the make and, in some cases, the materials exist nowhere else in the world. Even the concept of desiring them was foreign to Kitaro, rarity being a factor of price rather than just sheer merit of the object in question. The idea of pirates, who traveled freely around the world enacting their will by their own strength, a united group like a family that chose to be together through the events of their lives.  Exploring a world that was so large it could never be fully known, with the entire world's potential to become something that made a real change. A people who's existence, even if not famed for it, would make a difference everywhere by their actions and interactions. Kitaro was one of many ordered to dispatch the foreigners who had stepped foot on the lands of Wano and thus broken the sacred law of their isolation. While Kitaro did engage them, experiencing their strange powers, weapons, and abilities, he was enticed by their lifestyle and even as they were defeated by the Wano Samurai, Kitaro was corrupted with the seeds of exile.

Throughout the next month, Kitaro spent all of the time that he could in the docks nearest to him. Waiting for his opportunity to find a ship that would require only him so that he could leave behind the pointless life and set out to become something that he could be proud of. The opportunity coming a few days more than a month following, taken by Kitaro assaulting a crew of three that had sailed around the border of Wano to deliver some goods to a Daimyo on special order. Kitaro killed them, stole their goods, and set to sea with only the log pose he had taken from the dead pirates to guide him and some loot to sell to get him started in the world out there. Assuming them to be valuable due to what he learned from his time spying and listening in on the pirates who had changed his life at the cost of their own.

Taking to sea without experience sailing or boating or understanding of the ocean, grand line, or really anything related to the act is a poor decision in this world. More so when the ship is taken out in the New World and sailing blindly following the path laid out by an unknown log pose. Shortly after setting sail a freak storm, typical of the New World, but deadly and tearing apart the sea in ways that most areas of the world would never see struck Kitaro and his small boat. Picking his boat up on a wave and then smashing him and the boat into another wave that was larger and coming from the opposite direction. The boat was smashed and Kitaro gripped for his life along the wooden remnant that he had been thrown to as the wave carried it in the direction he had come from. Ultimately petering out on the beach of a new island after nearly a full day of struggle to keep the wood as high as possible and out of the water. After the boat's complete destruction through this process, struggling to get a moment of his head out of the water often enough to keep some air in his lungs.

To Kitaro, all islands were new and, in a sense, he had set out to find anything different. This island, no matter how horrible, how wonderful, how deadly, how gentle, how in line or against his dreams and wishes. Was what he had come looking for. In this silver lining of thoughts Kitaro trudged his way up the beach and toward the rocky terrain of the island he had crashed upon.  The rocks soon passed away behind Kitaro to reveal a town of shoddily maintained shacks and houses, abandoned streets that yet had unrotted foods and unrusted/aged items strewn upon them, and a castle that dwarfed the town many times over. Looming above it all, casting a shadow to the end of the road leading from the stone monstrosity to the town. While most would have been concerned, confused, or happy to loot, Kitaro was excited at the implications as much as he was curious. A literal representation had presented itself before him of the chance to act. Act in a way of his own choosing with no pre-determined sides or loyalties.

Approaching the castle beyond the town in search of adventure, or a way to choose his own fate should things turn to the worst. However, it was not to be that Kitaro completed the walk to the castle unmolested, as he was met up front by a band of incredibly tall humans. They towered over his form, taking him for surprise, though he faced down the eight figures as they closed in on him. They wore dark clothing and attempted to conceal themselves and the memory of this meeting, that would kickstart the rest of Kitaro's existence was burned forever in great detail into his mind.

Eight figures towering over him from a distance slowly closed in and around him. Inquisitive words, questions among one another, and an ominous feeling pressing down on Kitaro became his world. They told him that they had been set up here for a while as a passing station for the Underworld bosses and brokers to come and trade slaves and goods. They told him that he was intruding on that and that his choice was either to become a slave or to end up a corpse. It was exciting and thrilling and terrifying and Kitaro fought them as any samurai would. Even a samurai who's honor and self worth as such had been eliminated. Kitaro fought hard and honorably, landing far more blows that he received, however, being outnumbered and facing foes that he didn't understand. Wielding a mixture of Haki, Devil Fruit, and combat technique that Kitaro had never seen before as well as their numbers they eventually overwhelmed him after he devivered grevious wounds to several of them. Captured and enslaved as a samurai from Wano, outfitted with a collar that bound his loyalty and made into a warrior/bodyguard slave and presented as a rare warrior from Wano.

Before long, Kitaro was bought by a slaver from Dressrosa who was seeking to put together a money making team for the battle colliseum that was famous there. His samurai skills were put to the test repeatedly in battles that were both to the death and not and he survived them over and over. This was his life for several years, a slave in all but name to remain in accordance with the official laws of the World Government but for all intents and purposes he was a piece of property of the arena in Dressrosa. This was, until, the new efforts by the marines following the death of Gol D. Roger enforced some stricter policies and Dressrosa, being under the power of a new King, once a pirate, as well as taking care to make impressions on their young princess furthered the laws that affected the arena. Contests became more of a volunteer basis and while the rewards did become greater, the threat to those who used bought fighters became greater as well. This eventually turned Kitaro to be let loose in the streets of Dressrosa where he was left without a purpose, a lust for blood, and morals based on slavery and the ideal that only power over others was a true form of power.

Having only experienced world in the outside of Wano as being controlled by those who could force others into a position, ironically, Kitaro worked his way toward the position of the ones who had imprisoned him back on the unnamed island that he had found himself stranded on. Freed from his bonds, knowing nothing of the world but the institution that trapped him, Kitaro set off to capture. Being of stable intelligence, Kitaro knew that beginning such an enterprise in the country and kingdom that he was trapped within until the laws became so strict that the immense cost of buying him became unworth the risk of keeping him, Kitaro set off begin his journey in the underworld in a new and more fertile environment for such.

Approaching a Captain at the port of a pirate crew, Kitaro demonstrated his abilities in combat and offered his protections in exchange for travel and began an adventure alongside of a pirate crew, rather than his previous method of murdering those he traveled with to try to gain footing with their stuff. This was short lived as he was able to piggyback on the contacts of the pirate captain that he had made his deal with and establish himself as an underling of an East Blue Underworld Broker. Being a samurai of proven combat ability, he was capable of going out and performing missions for his boss. Capturing some that would be slaves, and learning quickly that the fishmen and mer-folk races were great for capturing. Selling for quite a bit regularly. Relatively easy to capture compared to the other races that are worth the fight they put up unlike giants. Easy to find as well, so long as someone has access to Fishman Island, Atlantis, or the areas that are thusly controlled.

This became a perfect opportunity for Kitaro to make his own contacts. Being the one who actually went out in the world and dealt with both the contacts of his boss and retrieving both the slaves and the underworld goods to be sold and traded. Kitaro learned how to do the job while he was doing the job for another, leading easily to the day when Kitaro challenged his boss for his position. Kitaro coming out on top by the ancient rite of killing the one who held the position. Kitaro emerged bloodied and victorious and claimed the remains of the underworld status of his predecessor.

Kitaro quickly paid his respects to the Underworld Emperors, granting them shares in his profits so as to be acknowledged in his place as a broker, establishing himself within the territory of the one he had usurped rather than encroaching on others. Using contacts that he himself established to further his arms trading, his influence in a market that occassionally gained some high access and moving things such as Devil Fruits from time to time. Using his own allies, people he had dealt with directly, to establish his crediblity.

As for his business, Kitaro decided it was best to manage as much business as he could on his own. The more delegated work that he does not perform himself, the more opportunities he not only gives to others to usurp him. But also the less personal relationships he gets to foster. Slavery, a trade that he occassionally dabbles in when he is in need of profits or is in need of such profits is something that he deals with exclusively personally. Not trusting anyone to delegate the task to, given how regarded the trade is and it's likelihood to bring the World Government down on his head for it. Arms trading, rare items and objects are the typical trade of Kitaro's brokering. However, in any opportunity that has presented itself in his brief time of this position as of yet, is the trade of information. Kitaro believing that knowledge of a situation, a person, a secret, is always worth more than the sum of physical parts of the information.

Deciding to further himself by progressing back along his life, Kitaro has begun a journey back along and toward his origins, never planning for himself a return to Wano. His early life still keeping strong the impression of what the Wano way to deal with newcomers and exiles is. But back along the path that was so enriching to the Underworld that he, a random traveler from Wano at the time, would be able to find his own furthered place amongst it.

Face Claim: Magi - Ren Kouen
RP Sample:
Hawthorn puzzled in his mind what to make out of the Emerald Ring's image. Such a puzzling thing it was, but mostly so unhelpful that it sometimes was hardly worth dragging around. Surely it didn't help that his concentration was being shaken in such a literal way as it was. Hawthorn had begun to hear the rattling of bone against bone in his head that came in the form of his shivering teeth. His entire body lightly vibrating in shivers from the snow that continued to pelt him. Hawthorn's thoughts remained constantly divided between where he was going/why he was here in the first place and the cold that was bearing down on him constantly from all around. His eyes forming into a squint as the cold continued to pelt down on him in that flaky form in spite of his mind's division. Somewhere just outside of his conscious thinking rested the realization and feeling of those flakes of snow melting to a refined watery form against his human heat that yet stood burning against the nature around him.

As his eyes squinted and his thoughts narrowed, his range of vision extended to notice the movements that were a short, but still notably much farther than immediate, distance before him. A female, who had come wearing clothes much in the same line of heat resistance and comfort than the cold, though seemingly very and completely unbothered by the cold that burned in it's unique icy fashion into Hawthorn's skin and bones. She appeared so happy though, so clearly unaffected by the external temperature but rather of her own feelings. Such innocence on display and such a true enjoyment of life and the moment brought immediately memories to this man of a frustrated life for others. Memories of how he never had such a place to have memories to relive like this, no place to leap for joy in spite of the weather about, no memories to relive back to his childhood and for her he was happy as he spotted her bandages that covered almost all of her body.

Hawthorn's mind put the dots together, with a few considerations that he was a complete idiot about the situation thrown into his mental narrative, that this girl, the only one who would be out here that he had even seen or heard, was the girl whom the Emerald Ring had given him early warning of and projected the towering image of into his mind. It wasn't impossible, but such a reaction from the ring only could mean that her prana completely eclipsed his own, and yet she had maintained this happiness enough in life. It made him feel stupid to think that her knowledge and capability into such a darker world was so and yet her mind had remained as free among the emotional spectrum as to allow her to make a snow angel and wander her way toward the base of a giant pine nearby with such a clear display of those emotions. While he, Ground Shaker, Demon Hunter, Ex Holy Warrior, Hawthorn the Psychic, had been so affected and daunted by something so silly and small as the snow and the cold, blasphemies that this girl who had eclipsed his magical capability proved to be true in a semi painful but forward driving way. As such, it was easily and instantly decided that she must be approached. From a mission mindset, as she may be a lead, but from a personal mindset in that she must be thanked for the mind clearing of her free mental wiry ways.

Shortly after she rested against the base of the great father pine tree, Hawthorn was approaching her, shutting down the mental image that the ring was sending him passively in the back of his mind. He wanted to meet the real her, so he approached with a happy face, albeit slightly worried for the warning he had been given. Making his approach clear, deliberate, attemptedly cool-headed in spite of his still somewhat shivering body from lack of tolerance and trained endurance against the snow and cold that still fell around him. Admittedly, this shamed him, to shiver in front of a small girl that appeared a foot or more smaller physically and was covered in bandages, but such is why she deserved to be told of her bravery and his respect for her.

"Hai, I offer my respects for your place out here in the midst of nowhere and tolerance to the cold around us, but I must also ask to know why you've chosen such...strange of a place to be. There is some danger, I've been told, lurking about and...forgive my saying but you don't appear the kind to deal with the dangers of which I speak." Out of a continued respect for her seeming toughness in spite of her appearance and ignoring the bandages and asking of her, herself, Hawthorn gave a brief but earnest bow of his head down to his hip in the bending. A mix of offering of vulnerability and his bowing to her superior ability to tolerate the cold, hopefully concealing much if not all of his own shivering that remained in both the billowing of his Kashimono and movements.

Bonus: 5,000,000 Beli
Location: Gubo

Fate Point Allocation:
1/6 (1 FP)Born to Brawl - Gives you the capacity to utilize Busoshoku Haki.
2/6 (1 FP)Hawk's Eye - Gives you the capacity to utilize Kenbunshoku Haki.
4/6 (2 FP)Never Dormant - You begin with your Haki at D-Rank and ready to train or be used.
6/6 (2 FP)Predator - Can bump one Non-Prioritized Attribute to Secondary. May only be purchased once.

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