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1Kitaro's Sea Snake Empty Kitaro's Sea Snake on Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:28 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Name: The Sea Snake
Tier: 4
Capacity Limit: 25
Type: On Water
Kitaro's Sea Snake 350px-Swan_ship

The Sea Snake is a Caravel of small to moderate size for it's ship type. Possessing  a red painted hull made of stock wood and the occassional bits of iron to hold the wood and ship entirely together. It's body is a greater projection of this and as of now, it is not the most materially impressive sight. The red of the Hull is symbolic of the Redtyde name that Kitaro himself bears and his thematic red and orange nature. In the future it is designed to incorporate the orange design as well as more white to provide contrast, though these are merely aesthetic design changes yet to come.

The prow of the ship and figurehead besides is in the image of a face at the top of the ship, where the ship juts out significantly from the bottom, at least comparatively for a ship of it's size. The figurehead also possesses a long wooden line that is long enough to be climbed and thin enough to wrap one's arms around. This is commonly used for executions and displays of power for Kitaro on the sea, where one can be forced to hold on until they fall or can be skewered onto the nearly directly upward facing point.

In contrast to a typical caravel, The Sea Snake has three masts, one extending from the front of the deck, one extending from the rear of the deck, and the final extending from the rear of the ceiling of the captain's quarters at the back of the ship. These three masts exist on the ship to make up for a lack of rowing options available to the ship and relies more on wind speed rather than oars or an engine to move.

As of now the deck is barren aside from the masts and the gunwales remain empty as well. Devoid or artillery as the ships is entirely devoid of Den-Den Mushi to require those who want to treat or converse with him to come in a much more direct fashion. Kitaro maintains a business of personal meetings and does not trust Den-Den Mushi that can be intercepted and does not trust to do business over paper or any other means but in person and this ship respects that with it's emptiness. Save for a trapdoor leading below deck to an empty space with several rows of hammocks should the ship reach near it's capacity.

In the rear of the ship there is a stair that leads shortly upward and into a large room with a simple bed, the maps that Kitaro has collected, and his personal belongings. Possessing a window in each direction. Below this is the crew's quarters which contain eight real beds lined up and a small crate as well as cabinet beside each for the storing of personal belongings of those who are to be treated with respect while on voyage. As mentioned, the remainder of the living space aboard The Sea Snake, as it is now, is below the decks in series of hammocks that number sixteen. Eight to both port and starboard and lining the bottom of the ship save for an empty space where an engine could be added in the future.
Speed: 30 Knots
Hull: Default (Iron/Wood)
Body: Default (Iron/Wood)
Artillery Limit: 12
Artillery Slots Owned: 0
Artillery: 0
Upgradable: Yes
Den Den Mushi N/A
Domesticated N/A
Link to Purchase or Creation: Registering Only Here

2Kitaro's Sea Snake Empty Re: Kitaro's Sea Snake on Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:33 pm


Looks good 1/2


3Kitaro's Sea Snake Empty Re: Kitaro's Sea Snake on Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:07 pm

Daenys The Dreamer


Approved! 2/2 Make sure to buy it Here!

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