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1Mad Mystic's Armor Empty Mad Mystic's Armor on Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:16 pm



Equipment Name: Mad Mystic's Armor
Equipment Type: Armor
Strength Req.: 4
Equipment Description: This armor set is mixed in with a mask and several tatter clothes, covering the majority of the armor, leaving only the gauntlets and boots visible. The deepest part of the armor is leather fillings right under the armor, designed for nothing but comfort and mitigation of intense attacks, merely making sure the armor does not harm the wearer. Above that, naturally, is the armor, the most durable part of the outfit. Naturally, the armor covers every part of the body, though in segments consisting of the gauntlets, boots, greaves, a cuirass, and connecting sections. The armor comes in layers, segmented to save room and keep accessible movement to a maximum. The cloth, however, is merely designed to cover most of the armor, serving mostly as decoration, and to conceal the actual musculature of the wearer, leaving the body of the wearer completely up to the imagination. The titanium mask of the armor is designed to hide the identity of the wearer, using strange material to let the wearer's eyes show, though  with strange, glowing orange irises instead of the natural color. For similar reasons, the mask has a back covering to it, eerily similar to hair in appearance, though not in texture, covering the head of the wearer all around, making it seem as though they have black, wild hair. The cloth also forms a hood to cover the back part of the mask with, leaving a mysterious appearance to go with the formidable armor. The cloth and internal leather, as well as the mask, have been designed to be extremely resistant to heat, and electricity. The armor, however, has the opposite effect, due to its nature as metal, and the fact that the armor never directly touches the user's body, being separated by the leather. This heat/electricity resistant lowers all damage of that type by a single tier, making tier 1 techniques completely repelled.
Attachments: N/A
Curse or Devil Fruit: N/A
Materials: Titanium, cloth
Units per Slot: 1

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