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Leila D. Ephemeral NIAHK5W
Name: Leila D. Ephemeral
Alias/Epithet: Portent, White Feather
Race: Kuja
Tier: 4
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Marksman
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: Vice Admiral

General Appearance:
For a girl who has already reached the peak of her body's growth, Leila is shorter than average, standing at just 160 cm in height. But don't let her meager stature fool you. Beneath her baggy clothes is the body of an athlete, honed with rigorous training and coupled with a high amount of natural physical ability. She possesses a slim yet toned physique and is actually quite muscular under her garments. Most people are surprised by how unexpectedly strong she can be. Her athleticism becomes even more apparent when traversing environments that require her to make use of her hands to get around as it allows you to appreciate her flexibility, speed, and gymnastic skill. When she was just a kid, people affectionately likened her to a little monkey.

Perhaps the most notable and eye-catching trait that defines Leila's appearance is her long golden blonde hair. Standing upright, it goes all the way past her knees and would actually go much longer if not for the fact that her hair is wavy rather than straight and curls up at the ends. The resulting effect is a look that combines elegance, beauty, and mystery with a bit of a wild side. You would think that an action girl like her would be more partial to a shorter hairstyle but she actually loves her long golden locks. In particular, she likes how they are surprisingly low maintenance as, besides washing, she doesn't need to do much else with keeping her look. The waves and curls style themselves without the aid of any curlers or combs: truly all-natural. Her hair is also surprisingly smooth and soft, slipping through things easily. No matter the environment, it never seems to get stuck or tangled anywhere even though one would normally expect it to.

She possesses a charmingly beautiful face. Fair-skinned and unblemished, it is almost always sporting a cheerful smile or laugh that is oddly contagious. This is accompanied by her other notable trait: her large deep blue eyes that seem to just draw you in. Most people find it hard to look away and end up unconsciously making and maintaining eye contact. Her gaze is described as though she was staring into your very soul. It is warm and kind but at the same time terrifying and incomprehensible, like she is looking at you naked without all your masks and lies. Few people though would truly describe her as scary based on appearances alone. It is more the fact that her bewitchingly alluring visage causes even the most hardened of men to drop their guards for a moment, speechless with awe.

For all of her mystique and glamour, Leila's choice of attire is rather unflattering. Rugged and roomy, she puts first a balance of comfort, ease of mobility, and protection over girlish things. So much so that if she didn't have her trademark long golden hair, you might easily mistake her for a man. Even her heavy coat hides her otherwise feminine figure. Although such an appearance contrasts with her physical charm, it does however suit her tomboyish personality.

Her outfit is predominantly red and brown. For her top she wears a collared shirt of a dark maroon color. The collar is dark green and the edges have linings of a silver gray hue. There is a single fastener and buckle right underneath her bust to tighten the fit of shirt if needed and make it more formfitting. Over her shirt she wears a short-sleeved red and brown jacket. The pattern design uses the same silver gray linings on her shirt. There are four visible pockets on the breast area and the sides of her waist. Meanwhile the inner part of the jacket is lined with even more pockets. It is waterproof for the rain while also keeping her toasty. She wears baggy red pants for her bottom that fits her slim waist snugly while leaving lots of room for her legs. The cloth material comprising it is actually quite thick and retains warmth fairly well while also being waterproof. For her feet, she wears brown thick-padded boots, made to traverse the roughest of environments. The soles are tough and provide enough grip for climbing and scaling inclines while drastically minimizing any chances of slipping. In terms of other accessories, she wears a belt over her inner shirt, though this is more of a utility belt for storing things than something to hold up her pants. She also wears a pair of thick tan brown working gloves. She is so used to wearing them to the point that they don't hinder the dexterity of her fingers at all and in fact aid in gripping things more tightly and safely. The most standout piece of her attire is her explorer's helmet. While it would normally be nothing special by itself appearance-wise, Leila adorns it with two large white feathers. It is probably the only part of her outfit that she makes a slight effort on aesthetics. This is also the source of one of her epithets.
Leila D. Ephemeral DH19j2q
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Crew Tattoo Placement: -

Leila is best described as spirited and adventurous. She always seems to be on the lookout for exciting and interesting things. Whether it be the thrill of a new voyage or dancing with death in a fight for her life, she always seeks enjoyment at its finest, especially those that get her blood pumping. Boredom is her worst enemy and so if there is an opportunity to liven things up, she grabs the chance to. Unfortunately this often translates to upping the danger levels of the situation. For the most part, she tries to ensure that she only involves herself and that she doesn't drag in anyone unwilling. But things don't always go according to plan and so the best thing to do when around her is to keep your wits at all times.

That said, Leila can also be described one of the most cautious people around. This may seem rather weird and contradictory to her thrill-seeking persona but what this simply means is that in every waltz with danger that she undertakes, she actually carefully considers the odds and risks. That is, she doesn't do dumb and perilous things just for the sake of doing dumb and perilous things. Her coming out safely from all of her struggles and adventures aren't solely the product of luck. A combination of amazing instincts, quick thinking, and the ability to see and predict things far more clearly and more comprehensively than most people are the secrets to her success. Whenever she escapes from a particularly tight spot, it is highly likely that she actually took that situation into account beforehand and prepared herself to deal with it, rather than just good fortune.

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, she comes off as really friendly and casual, and is almost always smiling or laughing. It's great outside of missions or official business. But somehow she keeps the laughs and smiles even in seemingly hopeless scenarios and dire straits. It makes her seem like an optimist when she's closer to being a realist. It just so happens that she finds serious and precarious situations fun. Determining her reason for smiling or laughing is something most of her friends and peers strive to learn and pick up on better. This is because it's usually a good indicator of how deep in trouble they are in. This uncanny knack for predicting crisis and calamity is the source of her other epithet. When asked if she fears death, she responds that it's just the next big adventure.

Her traits so far would make one wonder why someone like her is even part of the Marines. It's really quite simple. When it's all said and done, she is a good person and is someone who tries to do what's right, at least most of the time. The justice she believes in is the strong must protect the weak. It's less of being a duty and more of being in a position to make a difference. While she is loyal to the cause and the organization she doesn't necessarily support all of their views and accepts that they are flawed sometimes. For instance, in her eyes just because the World Government labels someone as criminal doesn't mean they are a bad person. To the best of her ability, she will first try to figure out their intentions before passing her judgment. She will still ultimately yield to the orders of the higher ups but not before making her own effort to resolve things her way. Like if an order has yet to be given, she takes it as a license to act as she sees fit in the meantime.

As a Marine she can be rather Spartan in her methods. Just because she believes the strong should protect the weak doesn't mean the weak should just slack off. For her, they are equally responsible in ensuring that they are able to stand up on their own eventually if they currently could not. Unfortunately she's not really the best teacher at taking things step by step and she often ends up evaluating and setting expectations for others based on standards that she applies to herself. And she is far from the norm. When people try to call her out on it, her initial response is that it's her way of showing tough love. Thankfully she does acknowledge when she takes things a little too far and is understanding enough to adjust accordingly. However it may take several such calls before her lessons go down to a level fit for the more normal crowd.

Despite being generally amicable and outgoing, her long time acquaintances and peers would tell you that she keeps her guard up, even in the company of her so-called friends. As much as she is an open book with her interests, beliefs, and ideals, she is also a woman of many secrets. There is a thin invisible wall around her heart that keeps her from truly embracing and opening up to another soul but this is normally not obvious to most people as she merely plays it off as wanting a bit of privacy. In her mind, if she allows herself to get too attached too often, it makes it much more difficult when they eventually part ways. For her, life is ephemeral and so one must always make the most of it. While the world may tie her down with things beyond her control, at the very least she refuses to tie herself down with things she can sway to her whims.

Likes: Adventure, Games, New discoveries, Drinking, Eating, Cooking, Parties
Dislikes: Boredom, Killjoys, Oppression, Prejudice, Tragedies, Goodbyes

Leila's history begins with her father who was an adventurer. The man was of noble birth but renounced his title in favor of freedom that he enjoyed by traveling all over the world. On one such voyage, his ship would be attacked by a band of Kuja pirates whom he valiantly faced off against. In a strange twist of fate, the captain of the Kuja crew and the former noble would find themselves in a position of mutual attraction that surprised everyone on board. The two groups who were at each other's throats just moments ago entered into an awkward truce with respect to their leaders' newfound relationship. It would be a journey home they would never forget.

Even though he had officially already left the family, there was heavy opposition from the nobles against her father's eventual marriage. In the years that passed since they first met, he successfully managed to groom his wife-to-be into a proper lady. But even that wasn't enough for his blood obsessed side of the family to accept her. Not that they would let a stuck up old fool to stop them. They proceeded with the ceremony anyway and the two were wed while on the run. Less than a year later they would be blessed with a child whom they would call Leila.

When the nobles heard of the child being born, their pursuit of the couple became all the more relentless. This puzzled her parents who assumed they would have wanted nothing to do with a child of mixed blood. A messenger from the family finally got in contact with the two and relayed to them that the man's father was terminally ill and wished to see his granddaughter before he died. Reluctantly and cautiously, the couple returned with the baby Leila to see him and honor his last wishes as he apparently wanted to make peace before he passed on.

At his deathbed, the patriarch of the family declared that while Leila could no longer be part of the noble house, he still very much wanted her to be raised in an environment where she could be taken cared of well. True enough with the couple constantly seeking adventures with no plans to settle down, it was not the most ideal thing to raise the child on their ship. They agreed to return for her when she was older and could travel with them, leaving her in the care of the nobles in the meantime. The patriarch died not too long after and Leila's uncle became the new head of the house.

Her uncle was never as antagonistic to his brother as the rest of the household however he had no choice but to follow the patriarch's whims. Now that he had become the head and with his father's change of heart, he was able to dote on his niece as much as he wanted as he didn't have children of his own.

Even growing up in that household, it was undoubted that Leila strongly inherited her parents' blood. Her looks and outstanding physical abilities aside, the young girl possessed the same spirit of adventure. When no one was looking, she would often escape into the forest and mountains behind their manor to go exploring and just play around in the wilderness. Even before she reached in her teens, there was no one left on the island who could best her in terms of finding her way around the place. This was something that greatly worried her uncle who thought that she might just get up and leave one day just like her father did before her. At the suggestion of a member of one of the branch families, her uncle happened upon the brilliant idea of enlisting the girl in the Marines. Their family had some significant influence there and they could keep track of her without much fuss.

While there were certainly some strings pulled to keep her in line, overall Leila had enough talent and ability of her own to rise through the ranks of the Marines at an astonishing rate. She was especially popular among the people as friendly and outgoing officer who would sometimes go around town just to mingle with the folks. Her exploits in the field came in all sorts of varieties from defeating and capturing dangerous pirates to foiling the plots of Revolutionaries seeking to stir things up in otherwise stabilized islands. She was also almost always at the forefront of discovering and recovering dangerous artifacts from the lost age on behalf of the government. She was not without issues in the eyes of the higher-ups but she was a recognized hero figure by the masses and respected and admired by those below her. Most of her peers would consider her a troublemaker and they wouldn't be wrong. But just the same they acknowledge that she was still a person with a strong sense of justice and valuable ally in times of need.

Years passed and her parents never made good on their promise to come back for her. But as Leila was just a baby back then, she was never really made aware of it. All she ever heard from her uncle was that they were away on a long journey, which at some point she took to mean that they might have passed away. She wasn't particularly longing to see them but if she ever did, she would probably ask why they had fun on their own and didn't take her along for the ride.

Face Claim: (Made in Abyss|Lyza)
RP Sample: -

Bonus: 5,000,000 Beli
Location: Marineford

Fate Point Allocation:
Race Change [1]
Devil's Meddle [2]
Predator [2]

Remaining [2]

Leila D. Ephemeral Prkk2es

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