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1Packing up[Task] Empty Packing up[Task] on Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:42 am

Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
Task Name:Packing up.
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
Description:After the Falcons received word that the Revolutionaries upon the island were still very active just lazy, Knuckles stepped up to put these men to work. With the Help of Ataru they must turn these slackers back into worthy soldiers. However, not everything goes as planned. Since they hadn't completely wiped  out the criminals cells yet, two factions join together and try to finish off the Falcons and the rev in one swoop.
Enemy Details: 20 T3 Thugs with Various weapons. 10 are wearing red colours the other 10 wearing blue.
Boss: No

It was still dark out when Knuckles awoke to get ready, he had taken his shower and did the basics of morning hygiene. Slipping into his exosuit the male grabbed his plasma cutter and headed out.  Within no time he was on Deck of the Escort ship likely for the last time in a while. The Revolution needed some better training before they left. Knuckles and his Crew didn't put all that work in and murder all these people to simply let these slackers hand it off for free.  Once he had gathered himself and met up with Ataru he chuckled at the thought of having to train people. "I guess we should get started before the crew wakes up. Today's the last day on island after all."  It was bittersweet, they were leaving without placing the flag of the Falcons of Hell flying here but all in all they had helped the Natives and secured the island a great deal for the Rev's.  When all members of the party were ready Knuckles walked down to wal way heading to shore. The rev Cmp wasn't that far away, a simple 20 minutes travel from ship. He could of slept with the Rev's at the base but he didn't feel right doing so. Besides they  would likely ask too many damn questions. And so he picked to sleep on ship with his crew where he belonged.

Arriving at the gate he was greeted by name and rank. He forgot how Formal they were, he had come accustom to just being Knuckles with the Crew outside of the Rev's. Hopefully they'd drop the First name and Just call him Knux like his friends used to. All in all however it wasn't bad. After making their way past the gate Knuckles went into the briefing room to gather a bit of intel on what was going on here. It looked like some Officer had left the ground for a while and he'd been gone for so long people thought he was dead.These were all that remained of the Rev's here which wasn't much.   He simply brought Ru for that skill of speech he had.   Walking in front of those who had gathered for the training he placed his arms behind his back as he walked back in fourth before pausing in the center of the crowd as facing them."Revolutionaries, I want you to think back to the moment when you decided enough was enough,whether if it was in your hometown or while traveling else where. Be it if it was a small act of helping those affected by corrupt governments, if you think taxes are just too high, or if you're just one like me who seen what slavery is and wish to end it. Whatever you reason was I want you to rekindle that idea that thought. Look around you now, before my crew arrived this island was overrun with crime and controlled by the crooked.   Pausing for a moment he moved one hand out from behind his back using it as a tool to enhance his message. Somewhere along the line you lost your mission, for whatever reason. I understand your Highest Ranking Officer might be assumed dead but does that change why you joined the fight? These people needed your help and you did nothing because why? You had no orders to did you some how lose the ability to think for yourselves? I'll tell you why, without someone to lead you and to give you that feeling of power you think you're powerless but allow me to tell you how wrong that is.  Myself and my crew have fought off most of the crime lords, and stronger criminal organizations here. They will only stay away as long as someone stops them, this is your task, your purpose. HELP the Natives here, not because  I'm telling you too  but because it's the right thing to do. It starts on Hebi, then your action can draw in more members. We can grow our numbers and take the fight to the Government and stop the Marines from being pawns in the game. So, now that we got that straighten up, partner up. ON YOUR FEET! LET'S GO!"


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Even though the Falcons had been at Hebi every since they had arrived in the grandline Aloeus hadn’t run back to the ship. He had already taken his stuff from the hotel and brought it with him to the island’s Revolutionary base. It wasn’t anything extraordinary bases hardly ever were. But it was free and loaded with internet and it was much cooler in temperature than his former accommodations. The greatest benefit however was that it was an information hub. Even with the base commander missing in action the information was still here and because he wasn’t there things had gotten sloppy and easy to access. So leave it to Aloe to exploit the situation. On hunt for information above his clearance he ransacked through their files. And when he was done he would socialize with them like nothing had occurred. Aloe pitied these people who had joined a cause only to lose their zeal. “If Knux ever kicked the bucket I hope Ataru wouldn’t turn out like them,” Aloe muttered as one of them lifted him and carried him around dancing. They were having a going away party for FOH supposedly given they weren’t exactly in attendance, t more just an excuse to party. Someone how had found the vat of pumpkin spice that he had taken from the bartender and was serving it up to everyone.  In response Aloe had promptly broken the tap. Better no one than everyone. Scoffing he realized he had broken it before getting some himself.  Luckily there was a dozen cups around the room each with his beverage in them. Setting out to reclaim them all but he would barely get through one cup.

That morning he would wake up stuck to some new girls chest. She couldn’t even be called a revolutionary really. Aloe had learned that she had no clue who David Hyde was. She had just been shacking up there. Since some guy invited her over. She had told him he was nice reminded her of her late brother, needless to say things to go further.  The party had went well into the night. But the others were going to need to be forced into action quickly if they were going to be ready for training. With a firm squeeze from gloveless hands Aloe would squeeze Nips-Emily’s chest requesting that she help wake everyone up.

Knux would arrive outside sitting in between Emily’s chest around the people Aloe had gathered on his behalf. When he made saw his team members he would given them a thumbs up. As the speech was delivered more people trickled in and by the time it was finished a respectable crowd had assembled. A cheer range out in acknowledgement of what was just said, causing the dwarf to shake with his cushion leaning back and looking up Aloe gave a out a quite “Yeah”. Looking down  she giggling in response “Stop that tickles.”

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[20:59:25] Venus : super saiyen dragon slaying uchihas with bankais

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Packing up[Task] Latest?cb=20130525203411


Packing up[Task] 3002-2019-00-7_1

  • Gauntlets( 2 Axe dials, 1 Reject Dial)
  • Noah(Thunder Dial, Heat Dial)
  • Jet Boots(2 Jet Dials)
  • Communicator
  • Vision Dial

Total Equipment slots used: 8(dials count for half so they equal 4.) (after gift)

Ataru had woke in his usual manner he had taken to staying in a mom and pop inn. It had a beautiful view of Paradise from his window. Has to be some advantage of being this high up I guess. He had on his typical mission gear, it'd be his first day going into the Revolutionary base on Hebi. He probably could of gone with Knuckles or Aloeus, but Ataru preferred to stay away. It felt to familiar to the old Ataru he was no longer that person. Walking through the base with Knuckles it was interesting to see the aura shift of the usual crew. Someone who would normally say sup Knux would greet him with his proper ranking. He imagined that Knuckles didn't enjoy the base life more than he did. This made it a little better for Ataru chuckling a little every time someone paid Knuckles respect. Standing to the next of Knuckles as he gave a rousing speech to the rest of the Revolutionaries who had gathered in today's meeting. He didn't see Aloeus in the crowd, but he knew that if he really needed him he was only a call away.

After Knuckles speech Ataru would clap along with the rest of the revolutionaries.They would then start to partner up, Ataru would stand next to Knuckles ready to be his partner if needed. It was an interesting concept being stuck in the situation they found themselves in now. It felt just as corrupt as it sounded, and he had yet to talk to Knuckles about it. Ataru was prepared for whatever Knuckles had planned next, he couldn't be sure if it was exercise. Or if it was some kind of sparring whatever it was he hoped it wasn't something to help him get even with the members of this base. He didn't expect Knuckles to be that kind of person but emotions could get high when it came to such high ranking decisions. Hopefully, this just inspires him to climb the ranks. Then there's not even a chance something like this could happen in the future.

Ataru would speak to Knuckles in the lull between his instructions. "So what's the plan, we got to make these guys respectable in a day? Seems like someone hates you at HQ something you want to tell me. The last part was jokingly of course it would be obvious to Knuckles. He hoped that it was something simple, Knuckles had told him a little on the way there just not the specifics. He did know that the Falcons were leaving Hebi soon though, which meant Ataru's timeline was ever shifting.



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Knuckles Shi


Knuckles Shi
The men were pairing up in twos, which would allow Knuckles the best view to walk the lines and get them in sparring and go over the basics again. IT was pretty much just a refresher course and so he could see where his crew stood out to other units out there. It was good that Aloeus was here somewhere, they likely both had the same idea to gather whatever intel they had here about the unit and what was going on around the globe. With the trainees now split apart Ru came to him asking some questions, looking over to his friend he let out a sigh as he reached for the bridge of his nose stopping his place. "I haven't really gotten any word from HQ about anything else besides this Hyde fella returning to Hebi. Something's not right, if you want my honest opinion. What I do know is that these guys left their duties fall because there was no one here to take charge and of course no one rose to that roll. A more Likely story is that the few who did died by the same guys we been taking out ." Knuckles let his hand return to his back as he walked into the center of the room, if Ru followed he would make one more comment lower enough for only them to hear. "An officer that high up just goes radio silent for that long and comes back with no issues, comes back to the base he was in charge of? Tell me that's not a red flag."

Turning his attention to the men they were training he grinned. "This isn't something that was passed down the line for me to do, this is one Officer seeing how piss poor you guys have been and trying to help you out. The hard work is already done, you're welcome. However The Falcons of Hell won't be coming back here for a while, it's up to you to maintain the leadership here until your commanding officer returns, DO NOT ALLOW HEBI TO FALL AGAIN! Now then, You will spar and rotate for about an hour or so, then we will return after a lunch break for you guys to get the basics back into you. There's not much we can do in a day, the rest is up to you."


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5Packing up[Task] Empty Re: Packing up[Task] on Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:03 pm



Exiting from the bosom of Emily Aloe would no longer play the role male lover but instead dedicated solider. Taking the job very serious he would instruct Emily in the basic of combat and her form. "As woman on the battle field a lot of your opponents are men. They will underestimate most of the time but don't be reliant on it! When happen use it to your advantage."

Aloe would take his fighting stance, a sumo stance, squatting with his hand in front. Touching the ground he yelled "GO." Running straight for the girls leading leg which was being raised up to stomp Aloe and he would let her. Grabbing a hold of the foot above his head he wouldn't let go, pushing up he would cause her to loose balance fall on her back. Again similar version of this bout would play out, each time Emily would loose her balance fall over, never actually struck by Aloe. After the fourth time of this Aloe wouldn't stop just because she fell this time he would strike her stomach, enough to cause her pain but not nearly with his full strength.

"You can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results! Nor can you copy me and expect to win. If your any is 6ft tall are you going to step on them. Are you going to bend down every time the obstacle is smaller than you! Stand firm but be flexible. There are no rules in fighting its life and death"

Nodding Emily was already back her stance but this time Aloeus wouldn't be her opponent instead he called for one of Hebi's revolutionaries over. A tall guy built like a sack of potatoes. It wouldn’t take long for her anger and getting thrown around would push her to her limits. Frustrated she would scratch the guy and kick him in the balls, triggering Aloeus’ cheers. “Now that’s what I’m talking about. No rules and no timeouts.” It was bad enough that he had gotten scratched but the kick to balls was too much howling out in pain he grabbed his crotch in one hand and glared ferociously at Emily. With curiosity he wondered if things had gone too far. Rushing towards than man Aloe would demonstrate some moves that were similar to of a fighting style the girl should incorporate. Taking the guy in four strikes, to demonstrate the moves, he would then knock girl because she relaxed her guard when Aloe stepped in.


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[20:59:25] Venus : super saiyen dragon slaying uchihas with bankais

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