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1Elendril Kimura Empty Elendril Kimura on Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:04 pm




Elendril Kimura Judai_10

Name: Elendril Kimura
Alias/Epithet: Kimura : The Samurai
Race: Human
Tier: 4 Vice Admiral
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Weapon Specialist | Blacksmith
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: Vice Admiral
General Appearance:

One could say that body wise Elendril has a body that most if not all competent and sane females would truly find attractive. Since females in the right mind state tend to find themselves throwing their selves all over Elendril. Now some could say this is due to the fat that the young Marine’s body is very muscular and completely fit as some would say. With the young Elendril’s body having almost completely no fat on his body with most of his mass being complete muscle thanks to the intense workout requirements that his adoptive father put him through. Making Elendril’s body one that many would truly wish for, on top of the muscles it also seems that the females tend to love the young Marine Elendril for the fact that he is also tall and towers over a lot of people he tends to find himself in contact. This being something that can sometimes make him stand out among bigger crowds of mainly humans with him tending to be quite taller then most of his species. Though the height is something that a lot of females seem to completely love about the Marine Elendril. Because let’s just face it and be honest, who doesn’t lov a buff and rip marine in or out of uniform.  Especially with the luscious skin complexion that Elendril has. Considering he is not super white or super tan even though he is constantly out in the sun and on the ocean sea nonstop his skin has managed to stay a nice lush color that some would become jealous of, as it seems Elendril’s skin has a slight glow about it, though this just honestly being due to the fact that his skin is completely healthy.

Another distinctive trait of the Marine Elendril is the fact that he also has long very distinctive jet black hair that goes all the way down to his ankles. Though the young marine keeps long jet black hair always in very long and elegant braid rarely taking it down for others to see and admire, as Elendril feels dealing with all of that hair is just too much of a hassle, with the young Marine having way to much and not knowing how to completely style it as it can get very messy and in his way during daily task that he is forced to deal with especially when fighting as most people might try and use it as an advantage against him.

Elendril also has what many and most women would also call a very handsome face, and facial features that just completely managed to capture the complete charm of the young Marine. This being a big reason that Elendril is seen as being handsome to others especially the ladies, since not only is his dace handsome but the young Marine also have a very nice smile and perfectly chiseled cheek bones. With his eyes being completely white with no stain marks on them, as un like most who tend to find themselves on the sea, Elendril takes proper care of his teeth. Making sure to keep them clean.

Though the eyes of the young Marine Elendril can be seen as a little scary to some people as they are red ringed and nothing like normal eyes. But at the same time some people find a love in the difference of his eye color. Clothes wise Elendril is hardly ever seen in more than a white and black tunic that covers his upper body only. Though he does wear pants it’s more of an Indian leg dress that stops at his ankles. He is also hardly ever seen wearing shoes for some odd reason. Though like a lot of pirates Elendril stays with jewelry on. As he always has a golden Necklace with a red ruby around his neck on and golden bangle bracelets that extend from his elbow to his wrist.  Though when need be one can catch Elendril in the traditional Marine clothing though he preffers to not wear it all the time as it instantly gives him away to pirates and others that he’d rather not be known of his presence  

Height: 6'4
Weight: 200
Crew Tattoo Placement:


Stubborn:  Elendril is one who tends to think that he is right most of the time, causing him to not listen to what others say. As most times when someone tries to make him change his mind he will not do it as he thinks that they are a complete idiot and don’t know what the fuck that they are doing and will end of messing things up in the long run. Though even if he knows that his plan or idea is completely stupid he will stick with it to the death of him, as he hates changing his mind in front of other people, as he feels it makes him look weak or undeceive. Meaning that Elendril is not the person that you just want to get into a argument with. Because even if he knows he is wrong he will argue with you for days figuring out any possible thing to say to make it seem as though he is the one who is right.

Goofy: Elendril is one who hardly takes anything serious, and will always try to find a laugh out of something. As he see’s everything as just a big joke. As he just loves to mess with people at any possible moment. Meaning that no one is safe from being the but of a joke or being pranked when Elendril is around cause he see’s everyone on the same level and will treat a poor person the same way he treats a king.  This makes it hard for people to sometimes take Elendril serious on the slight times that he does get serious.

Dedicated: Even though Elendril can come of as a big kid he is still one that is very dedicated to his goals and will not let anything get in the way of him achieving them as he is stern set on becoming a famed swordsman so that he can make his father proud, and will cut down anyone who gets in the way of stopping that. He is also dedicated to his friends and family and will do anything that it takes to protect them from harm as well as help them reach their own goals and dreams. Which is why he is so focused on reaching the Grandline as he knows it’s a goal that a lot of people really want to achieve. And he is going to help all those on his side as much as possible to achieve it.

Fearless: Some say it’s the fact that Elendril is just so goofy or he is just to stubborn to admit it, but no matter what he shows no fear. Elendril is one who lets no one strike fear into him as he feels that nothing can overcome him and his destiny. And even when he knows he has the least chance of winning he will still strive for victory no matter the odds. Though this can sometimes be a hassle for those who have to bail him out of trouble like back in the day when his father would have to constantly bail him out of duals that he had no chance in hell of winning.

Proud. Elendril is one who takes much pride in his skills as a swordsman as well as the skills of his friends and family. And doesn’t take it well when people try and make fun of his skill or anyone of his crews skill. As he feels that he can go toe to toe with some of the best in the world and that is a true accomplishment for him. And making fun of his skills is not something he will tolerate as he completely hates disrespect from anyone no matter their rank or position. Elendril will not be one to put his pride to the side for anything.

Witty: Elendril is one who is very clever and will use his brains in a heart beat to help him accomplish something that would seem impossible other wise. As he knows that brains can beat bronze any day as long as used right. Plus the fact that he is also a very childish person Elendril is always coming up with some clever way to out smart people or just mess with them in some way. Plus he also knows how to use his brains in combat to help him one up an opponent who would most likely have an advantage over him in the long run. As Elendril knows his brains are truly a dangerous weapon when he uses them to their full potential

2. Women
3. Money
4. Power
5. Respect
1. Guns
2. Disrespect
3. Traitors
4. Liars
5. Those who have no Honor


Deep in forest of Dawn Island on a stormy night a young child could be heard screaming even in the wind of the storm. This being unnatural a man who stayed in a hut nearby would make his way out to come to find a child who had been abandoned by someone. Telling that the child was no older than a few days old if that the man took him in to his hut and started to care for him. Even taking it upon himself to name the child Elendril Kimura. Giving him his own last name. As ah child Elendril wasn’t really like most other children who proffered to run around and play as he stayed focused on his goals. And that was to make his father Oda proud. Considering his old man was an ex-Marine who was well efficient in the art of sword play. Elendril figured that it would be best for him to boost his skills in the art of sword to show his old man he could be just like him when he grew up. And so because of this while other kids where out playing and having fun Elendril was hard at work honing his skills in the art of the sword. Though he did make a few friends on the island that he would tend to run around and get into trouble with. For the most part one would not see Elendril unless it was to see him training.

Though Elendril was quite a cocky bastard at sometimes, thinking that he could carry everyone on his back and still take on the whole world. As one day he would soon discover that he had a lot to learn when his old man had to save him from a dual that almost cost him his life. This made Elendril strive to get better even harder. And so on the day of Elendril’s 16’th birthday he left Dawn Island to start an Adventure of his own. This would lead Kimura to meet a man by the name of Bastian. Someone who was a proficient Black smith who also had some skills in the art of the Blade. Bastian would go on to teach Elendril minor smith work as well as telling him where he could find some of the greatest weapons ever crafted that could  help him become a way better swordsman the he already was just because of how good the blade was.

And this place that Bastian we speak of would be none other than the grandline. Though Kimura wasn’t sure that he was willing to take the risk of believing a place that he had only heard of in fairy tales. But it stood in the back of his head as he and Bastian traveled to different city’s doing different odd jobs here and there for money while they both tried to hone their skills any way possible. As Elendril even figured that he could try his luck at bounty hunting and see if that did him any good. Though that idea backfired and made everything change for the worst. As a no good pirate played a trick on Elendril and Bastian  which lead to Bastian killing ah Marine by accident in trying to catch a bounty. Which  put a bounty on Bastian’s head forcing him to split up from Elendril and start to wonder the world himself as a Pirate doing whatever it took for him to survive. While also looking for the crew that could help him reaches the grandline. As Elendril was sure that if he could become a famed swordsman his old man Oda would be proud of him and not angry at all the bad he had done since he left.  

Though it would be very hard for Elendril to do that.  As he would soon find himself in even more trouble. Since if it wasn’t bad enough his friend had managed to get a bounty on his head for murdering a Marine, he would soon start to find himself in even more trouble as he linked up with the wrong crew of people. Soon one of the biggest mistakes of  Elendril’s life would soon come at hand. As a small heist turned into one of the biggest things in Elendril’s life. As he and his new so found crew had planned on jacking a boat in the ocean that was supposed to have a small but good amount of valuable jewelry that they would easily be able to sell on the black market for a very good price. But they were wrongly informed, as the boat they were told to jack was actually a Marine boat filled with valuable of a big time royal. And with the boat being heavily protected by Marines the mission sadly failed. And ended in a tragedy were everyone but Bastian and Elendril managed to die.

Cause by some odd miracle Elendril and Bastian when injured and fail off the boat got saved by a local fisherman who would take them home and heal them helping them get back onto their feet. After this slight incident Elendril would proceed to distance himself away from the likes of Bastian and anyone else he felt might get him in anymore trouble. As the young Swordsman took it on himself to proceed home and return to his adoptive father Oda who would in turn start to help Elendril to being his path as a Marine just as he did, and soon enough the young Swordsman would find himself quickly moving through the ranks of the Marines just as his adoptive father did before him.

Face Claim: Magi|Judai
RP Sample:

Bonus: . T3+ - 5,000,000 Beli
Location: Marineford

Fate Point Allocation:
Cursed Hands
Hard Worker
Hawk eye
Born to Brawl
Diligent Spirit

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2Elendril Kimura Empty Re: Elendril Kimura on Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:34 pm

Adri Sakna


Adri Sakna
I like him Very Happy

Only problem with the character is that you can only have one of the tier bonuses like you could have 5 million beri OR 5 million bounty/rep but not both

Elendril Kimura Large

3Elendril Kimura Empty Re: Elendril Kimura on Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:38 pm

Adri Sakna


Adri Sakna
Approved dude! Have fun RPing on One Piece Pirate Nation!

Elendril Kimura Large

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