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1Levi Kringle  Empty Levi Kringle on Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:35 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Name: Levi Kringle Serphyll
Tier: 4
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Revolutionary
World Position: Revolutionary Captain

Levi Kringle  ZeIU13W
General Appearance: Levi is a slim, yet well built young man. His body type is athletic and built for efficiency. Not too bulky, but also not small to the point where one can't tell he's fit and has some muscle. He could be described as someone who is attractive. He's young man of average height and light skin-color; his facial features and skin-tone are inherited from his father. He has blue eyes, and hair colored either lavender, that is soft and straight that parts from the top of his head to fram both sides of his face reaching his ears with two loose strands over his forehead; traits he inherited from his mother. In his childhood, his hair parted at his right temple with strands hanging out and the top of his head sweeping to the left. As a teenager-on, his hairline parted at the center of his head. His hair stops right above his ears.

For his clothes he has various outfits. What usually stays consistent is his black tank top, yellow belt with a white buckle, black baggy training pants, and then his yellow boots. On occasion he'll drape himself in an extra layer. Two of his favorites is his denim jacket that reaches his abdomen before stopping. It has two pockets on each pectoral and a peculiar "C" logo on the sleeve. His other favorite layer is his vest. It is orange with a indigo secondary detail to it. Sometimes he'll wear this with sleeves. It depends.
Levi Kringle  Fc342e8376ab4553bce4ca14ffe77ca2
His demeanor is very laid back and calm. He acts only when need be, so for the most part he's good at playing the background and just blending in. He's not soft spoken, but his tone is rather calm and unchanging. He carries himself with confidence, but not a cocky showing.
Levi Kringle  7bf2f154b175d962b14a88f6b4eb6649
His last outfit is his battle armor. While it won't offer any benefits unless purchased obviously, he likes to wear it for serious fights or training sometimes. It consist of an all black, navy blue, or regular blue jumpsuit for starters. This jumpsuit cuts off at the neck and wrist. Then come gloves that are white and fitting, then boots that are also white, but have golden yellow accents. Last is the chest piece. It covers from his waist up to his whole chest, then it has two straps much like a bra. The straps have this golden yellow accenting like the boots as does the area covering the abs.

Height: 5`11 and a half
Weight: 177lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A

Cautious/Calculated: Levi understands with risks come rewards, but he likes to ensure everything is in line and hates putting things on "luck." Proper planning prevents piss poor performance, the six Ps are something he lives by. And with such a dangerous journey ahead of him, you'll almost never catch him slacking off.
Modest: Levi is a very modest young man and this sometimes leads him to underestimate his own abilities. This also leads him to overestimate the powers of his opponents. While he will take credit for his accomplishments, it's very rare that you'll catch him bragging about his exploits. If he is, he's more than likely talking big to get a rouse out of someone or to intimidate.
Pacifist: While he isn't completely against the idea of violence, he doesn't like meaningless fighting. He understands that in the world he lives in though, violence is the main means of attaining ones goals, persuasion, etc, etc. That said if need be, he'll shed blood or take a life without remorse. He doesn't hold back against those he dubs enemies often.
Dedicated: Levi is dedicated to his goal that is destroying the wretched cyborgs that his father Asher Kringle created. He doesn't like to wander off and go do other things, though he will if it'll benefit him in the long run. For example helping someone so they'll help him in the future or taking on other journeys to amass more personal or collective power. This brings us to our next trait.
Strategic: The youth isn't a puppet master who knows how to pull strings and manipulate people to do his bidding, but he's wise beyond his years. He holds a greater value to the power of the mind than the power of the body often and sees things as more mental than physical. That said he resides in his mind a lot which sometimes results in self doubt, this linking with his modesty, but also births some of his greatest plays. He's a great mind in the Revolutionary Army and he's directed some applause worthy plays/missions.
Warrior: Levi is a warrior. He wasn't raised as one, he was actually raised as a scientist, but his father, Asher Kringle's, sadistic cyborgs wrecked havoc on Levi's island of origin, that all changed. He's tough, he'll fight tooth and nail, he's relentless, and he's not a coward. He does know when to strategically retreat, but if he runs from a fight it's for a good reason.
Fledgling: Above all else, Levi is still a work in progress and growing. He's only seventeen years of age and though he's rather mature for his age, he's still learning. He's very open to the concept or this aspect of himself and likes to learn from others and find mentors in people. He's a very big fan of the Revolutionary Cyrus Kincaid and hopes to meet him one day even if it leads to nothing. Levi one days hopes to turn his many idols into his rivals and ultimately compete with them as a free man on the seas once he's ridded the world of his father's evil creations.

Likes: Swordplay, The Revolution, Getting Stronger, Learning, Adventuring, Rain, Coffee, Fashion
Dislikes: Asher Kringle, Marines, Evil Pirates, Turnips, The Spotlight, Tacky Style

History: Levi was born in the North Blue on the frigid Minion Island. His mother took primary responsibility towards raising him given his father, Asher Kringle, was such a busy man. On tandem the aforementioned would visit the frosty land and touch bases with Levi and his mother, but never for too long. On the occasion he did visit and spend time with Levi, the teen came to look back on the experiences with a sour taste. He never felt a father and son type of bond with his father, but a mentor and pupil type of relationship. When the two were together it was often in Asher's lab where his father would tutor him in various sciences and put his young mind to the test. This is where Levi's love to learn developed from and also his bitter sweet interest in science came from.

Growing up as the son of one of the most treasonous Marines of the era, Levi heard many negative things about his father. He'd hear these things from other civilians and even Marines patrolling the island. These things were never said directly to Levi of course, but being a child he was often overlooked, so he'd hear bits and pieces of conversation between strangers. When he'd talk to his father about the things he had heard the general populace saying, Asher would often tell Levi it was nonsense. "People are envious creatures. If it were me living their uneventful lives, I'd feel the same about a successful man who frequented an island I lived on."

His life would follow this pattern for many years and this would be how he lived until he was about twelve years of age. It was then that Asher had finished developing a series of cyborgs that he planned to use for his evil plots. One of which was the loyal android **Mercy**. She served as Asher's right hand for some time and is most notorious of these cybernetic warriors, but surely not the most dangerous. She was the first out of Asher's creations to be activated and watched the lab and tutored Levi in his father's absence. One day for an unknown reason Levi had found Mercy not in the lab, but out and about in one of Minion Island's towns. Approaching the bot and questioning her as to what it was she was doing walking about, she responded with violence and went on a rampage. Having razed the town in a flash, she oddly returned to the laboratory and initiated the shut down sequence to lock herself inside inside.

Levi had only sustained moderate injuries, but many others had lost their lives. Upon hearing the news about how one of his creations had lashed out how it did, Asher returned to Minion Island. Overriding the shut down, when he entered his lab what he saw was each of his creations empty slumber chambers. The only one that remained was Mercy alone. Questioning her, she told her creator that she freed the rest of her kin and attacked the civilians due to a malfunction in her programming. Asher quickly took his leave, not even concerned about Levi's well being or the damage his creation had done to the town. Perhaps he left in search of the machines that were now roaming the world, but he took her with him. Not only as his right hand, but to also keep an eye on her to prevent further malfunctions.

Months went by and Asher didn't return like he usually did and the people of Minion Island constantly expressed their hate for Asher due to what his cyborg had done onto Levi and his mother. Eventually things escalated to the point one of the townsfolk had set fire to their home in the dead of night nearly killing the two in a violent inferno. Fleeing Minion Island, Levi and his mother went to Drum Island to escape the hate fueled acts. Taking the surname Serphyll, they started over, but Drum Island wasn't that peaceful of an island. Conflict raged on, but the Revolutionary Cyrus Kincaid, soon enough quelled the feuding. Inspired by this man's actions, Levi began to train himself as a fighter.

As Levi matured he began to realize how much of an evil man his father actually was and now he was determined to put him and his cyborgs in their place. That said he joined the Revolutionary Army at the age of 13. He learned a lot, but what really opened his eyes was when he read in the News Coo how his father was behind the bombing of the Reverie. He needed no more proof and justifying to set his sights on Asher Kringle and his evil androids. Now he's seventeen and not yet fully matured, but out in the seas proving himself and hunting the cybernetic beast under the banner of the Revolution.

Face Claim: (Dragon Ball Z| Future Trunks)
RP Sample: u kno me

Bonus: Log Pose
Location: Drum Island

Fate Point Allocation:
Kami Buso
Devil's Meddle

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2Levi Kringle  Empty Re: Levi Kringle on Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:52 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

this is done

Levi Kringle  Tumblr_o1zip42fFy1ua7tzho1_400

3Levi Kringle  Empty Re: Levi Kringle on Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:51 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

The fact that Bean is your pops is mad adorable. Approved


[20:00:50] Hiroko Young : i feel like they are retard

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