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1Zarka Cinnima Empty Zarka Cinnima on Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:52 pm



Name: Zarka Cinnima
Alias/Epithet: Dial Dueler
Race: Human
Tier: Tier 3
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Dial Specialist
Affiliation: Marine

General Appearance: Zarka Cinnima is a bronze-haired woman who stands tall at around 7'1" and weighs around 181 pounds tall. She has a rather slender figure for her weight, aside from a bit of pudge around her midsection, though she hides this from public sight by wearing a girdle. She has a figure of B74-W62-H93. She has a white complexion as well as dark brown eyes, which goes well with her bronze colored hair, which she keeps in a long braid going all the way down her shoulder. When her hair is unfurled it ends up reaching much further down, down to her hips.

As for a bit more insight into her figure, her body is free of any blemishes, asides from a large birthmark in the shape of a spoon on her back. Her busom, while not huge compared to other women, is still large in her own right, though it is easy for her to manage finding clothes for containing them. The same cannot be said by her big bottom and thick legs, which is why she prefers to wear shorts over jeans. In addition, her arms are a bit more slender than the arms of a regular human, and she uses nude shade lipstick to make her look more beautiful for her time.

In her work outfit, Zarka wears a dark grey collared shirt with white spots adorning the sleeves, as well as the word MARINE plasted on the back of the shirt in navy blue. Over her shirt she wears a pink scarf with small silver bells attached to the ends of each scarf. Instead of the standard Marine pants, Zarka instead has tailored her own shorts from fabric similar to the standard Marine uniform, with a signature bell pattern designed into the sides of the shorts. She also prefers to wear small boots when in her work outfit.

When not in work, Zarka usually opts for some more casual clothing rather than her Marine uniform. She wears a full body pink dress made from the finest of fabric, while wearing some shorts underneath made of a flexible fabric. No matter the outfit, underneath her clothes she wears a checker pattern bra that fits perfectly on her busom, as well as a black pair of panties. When she is not at work, she usually prefers to walk barefoot, though occasionally she will sometimes wear some checker patterned socks on her feet.
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 181 Pounds
Crew Tattoo Placement: None
Patient Justice: Zarka is most well known for a special type of justice that she follows virtuously, which she calls as Patient Justice. Through this sort of justice, Zarka believes that all sorts of pirates and revolutionaries, including even the dreaded Pirate King, will eventually face justice, even if it would take years for justice to catch up to them. Because of this justice that she follows, Zarka has been known to be lax and carefree among the Marines, only caring about delivering justice herself when it is absolutely necessary

Calm: Zarka herself is usually calm when dealing with her job, due to living her life as lax as possible, making her somewhat liked by the average Marine soldier. Her calm attitude translates into battle as well, and while this makes her less serious when it comes to attacking, it also makes her somewhat unpredictable on the battle, except to those with Kenbunshoku Haki. Even outside of battle, Zarka has rarely found something to actually be serious over, but in the few instances where she has actually shown to act serious, she usually only stayed that way only for a few minutes, before reverting back to to her old self.

Intelligent With Technology and Dials: Zarka is very smart when it comes to technology, and usually enjoys looking at and studying new and old tech. Her skill with handling with machinery and tech is above average, though what she really expertises in and what she enjoys most is dealing with the mysterious Dials, which she shares a great fascination for. She usually carries around a couple dials with her to show off to others, and while she is knowledgeable enough to know how to use them in combat, she usually holds back on doing so to preserve them, and because she usually prefers to just use her own weapons rather than dials.

Loyal to a Certain Degree: Zarka, being a member of the Marines, is of course loyal to the Admirals and the Celestial Dragons, though there are limits to her loyalties to the latter. While she has heard of the Celestial Dragons and would defend them, if their lives were in danger she would not give up her own life just to defend them, nor would she try to stop the attack on them from happening in the first place. On the other hand, her loyalty to the admirals knows no bounds, though her carefree nature has somewhat made her not put much effort into helping defend the Admirals.

Fearless: Due to her calm nature and traits, Zarka does not fear death in the slightest and has no real anxieties besides her claustrophobia. She can casually walk torwards danger without any worries, and will not care about whether she wins or loses, even if her own life is on the line. She is not overconfident with her lack of fear though, and while she does not have much common sense, she knows at least enough to not challenge someone she has no chance to beat.
(5 Traits 500 Words,)

  • Sweet Foods
  • Advanced Technology
  • Marines
  • Adventure
  • Dial Weaponry


  • Pirates
  • Spicy Foods
  • Small Spaces
  • History
  • Fishmen

History: (Will fill out after I finish the rest of my stuff, such as Styles and Ship.)
Face Claim: (Aerith|Final Fantasy)
(Replacing Celion, who I never really started with.)

Bonus: 5,000,000 Beli
Location: Marineford

Fate Point Allocation: Devil's Meddle, Born to Brawl, Kami Haki I, Cursed Hands (6 Total)

2Zarka Cinnima Empty Re: Zarka Cinnima on Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:09 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

ne at


[20:00:50] Hiroko Young : i feel like they are retard

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