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1Sportann Empty Sportann on Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:22 pm




Sportann Buster_Beach

Island Description: The island of Sportann is a big Summer Island within the Calm Belt that is populated by a mix of Humans and members of the Longarm Tribe, which experiences the occasional heat wave once every few months. The island is mostly a tropical beach enviroment, complete with palm trees, coconuts, and even giant eels swimming around the island, which supplies the electricity of the island. The island also has a mountain located in the middle of the island known as Sportz Mountain, which has been known to spew quicksand occasionally from it’s peak, and is home to a jungle-like climate and filled with small bugs and mammals.

This island is a famous tourist trap among those travelling the Grand Line, and the ruler of the island enjoys taking profits off of the pirates who stop here by offering them “unique” items of utility for a huge price, which end up being either too complicated to use or in a broken state. Once a year, the ruler of the island holds a tournament for the pirates known as the Sportz Annual Climb, which involves the pirate crews involved having to race up Sportz Mountain in order to plant their pirate flags on the peak of the mountain, and the first pirate to reach the top of the mountain will become Sportann’s “Champion” of the Year. While usually unknown to the public, the winning crew usually ends up being enslaved by the ruler, being turned into their own personal guards/chore dogs.

Besides the Sportz Annual Climb, the island of Sportann is also a popular site for Davy Back Fights, due to the tropical climate being perfect for the Donut Race. Due to this, many pirates try to sail to Sportann to try to build up their crew via these Davy Back Fights, in order to either bolster their own forces, or in order to end up destroying rival crews by assimilating them into their own crews. While the Marines have tried to lower the pirate influences around Sportann, the ruler of the island has tried his best to make the island a neutral zone for both pirates and Marines, in order to continue to profit from the former and to keep the latter from destroying the former.

Currently, the island’s government is beginning to develop a new port city called Foballa, a town meant to appeal to all the fighters around the world. The city is planned to include many different buildings themed after boxing and exercise, and there is planned to be a giant colosseum built into the center of the city meant for people to decide amongst themselves who is the strongest amongst the island. Besides that, there are also plans for a official Donut Race area based off of the Davy Back Fight game to the south of the island, as well as a betting system for the colosseum for people to bet on the fights in order to try to win big from the results of said fights.

Species: T2 Sportannian Eels, T1-3 Coconut Crabs, T2 Fighting Fish, T4 Pirates
Influence: Pirates
Status: Unclaimed
Log Pose Point Requirement: 24

Population: 5

Housing: 2

Army: 4

Weaponry: 1

Technology: 3

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