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1Finishing the Job Empty Finishing the Job on Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:27 am


Free Agents
Free Agents



Task Name: Finishing The Job
Tier: 3
Location: Briss Kingdom
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: An evil witch has cast her spell of darkness over Briss Kingdom, and if no one else will get rid of her then the task will fall onto the shoulders of Bojack.
Enemy Details: T2 Wolf Mink
Boss: Yes
Boss Name: Flora Mayona
Tier: 3
Description: A beautiful young woman who has eaten the witch mythical zoan devil's fruit leaving her skin a sickly green and her nose an impressive 9 inches long. She now wears a long black robe and an impressive pointy hat.
Devil Fruit: Witch Myth Zoan
Haki: No
Equipment: Magical Broom Allowing her to fly
Strength: 4
Durability: 2
Speed: 2
Perception: 1

Bojack came to Briss island and looked around at his surroundings. “It’s a real shame that I had to come out here and take care of this issue,” the Cyborg said to himself. “I wish someone else could’ve done this so I could get to working on my own shit but I guess this is just the life of a ‘mindless killing machine’ I have to take care of the jobs no one else is willing to do.” He signed to himself; it really seemed like the higher ups saw him less like a person and more like a machine the more missions he completed. “This is my curse it seems,” Bojack jokes to himself. Deciding to stop feeling bad for himself and joking around he threw himself into his work as he usually did  in order to forget about whatever was troubling. “Wow,” he said to himself,“It really is night here even though the surrounding waters are experiencing midday.” Bojack would just have to bring the sun back to the island he guessed.

As he walked around the island he noticed the state of despair the island was currently in. People were afraid to leave their homes, buildings and trees were destroyed by whatever menacing beast had taken it upon itself to do all this damage for no real reason. It was sort of impressive how someone- no someTHING had been able to do this much damage but Bojack was just here to get shit done. In all honest, if he’d just heard about the situation going on here he might have just ignored it and gone on about his business; after all, his days of heroism were far behind him. The only reason he came to this place was because one of his fellow revolutionarys was dumb enough to try and save this place and had bitten off more than he could chew. He had decided to fight the evil witch that had taken over the island but the higher ups had lost communication with him and pronounced him dead and so Bojack was sent to clean up the mess. “I wonder if I could possibly get so good at what I do that I don’t even need to do it anymore,” he pondered to himself. If so, this mission wouldn’t be the one to get him that kind of clout.

If he was gonna be honest though, Bojack was actually looking forward to fighting a witch. He’d always heard of them and never believed that they were real. But that was the power of the devil's fruits he supposed. They allowed their eaters to achieve things that would never be possible for a normal human; things like plunging an entire island into a seemingly endless night. While it was true that Bojack sometimes envied the power that the fruits granted he much preferred giving his humanity over the machines rather than over to any sort of “devil”. After he finished his ramblings Bojack found himself stopping about 10 meters outside of the nearest inhabited area. Though he had come to the island to find the witch he had wasted most of his “day” just aimlessly wandering Briss stuck with his thoughts. He estimated that he had been wandering so long that there would only be a few more hours before the moon became full. “Well if it’s already gonna be late soon I might as well head back to town and find somewhere to rest until tomorrow.” Despite been a Cyborg Bojack still needed to sleep to survive; for the time being at least. Before he could even make it back the ten meters though, it became apparent that he had wasted MUCH more time than he had originally estimated. As the clouds covering the moon went away revealing the full moon and the howls of the various canines of the island he realized that the actual night time was currently falling.

With the realization that the time to get shit done had definitely passed he went a bit faster towards the village in order to get some rest and get his mission done first thing tomorrow morning. But of course, if Bojack wanted to procrastinate then something would happen to prevent him from doing so and force him to get his job done. This time the something came in the form a loud growl coming from about 5 meters directly in front of Bojack. Before he could even react, a wolf Mink man standing about 6 feet tall walked in directly between Bojack and the village he was heading to. The Mink man’s eyes had turned completely black and he was foaming at the mouth but... Oh god! The Mink man standing in front of Bojack was Konami, the teenage revolutionary soldier that had went missing on the island. “Yo Konami, why haven’t you been in contact with us man,” Bojack attempted to communicate with him though it appeared that he had become a lost cause. Konami didn’t even appear to hear Bojack’s words, just continued to stare at him with those dead black eyes that appeared to see straight through him. “Hey man. What happened to you?” As Bojack said this he took a step towards Konami which would turn out to be a horrible mistake. With a loud howl Konami swung his arm out and struck Bojack directly in the chest. The blow sent Bojack flying back and into a row of trees which he impacted with, went straight through and then slid back even further after he landed on the ground. Overall, that one blow had sent Bojack flying back a total of 8 meters.


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