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1Clint D. Saglando Character Application  Empty Clint D. Saglando Character Application on Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:51 pm

William D. Young


William D. Young
Clint D. Saglando Character Application  S_z7rjDE7_U

Name: Clint D. Saglando
Alias/Epithet: "Red-Haired Tiger"
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Mode: Hard

Occupation:Martial Artist/Shipwright
Affiliation: Pirate
Tier: Tier 1

Clint D. Saglando Character Application  196483

General Appearance:

Clint is a tall, muscular man with shoulder-length orange hair (usually kept slicked back) and a stubbly beard.Clint has red hair, brown eyes, as well as a bit of stubble. He is fairly bulky and tall, appearing to others as a large person in general. He enjoys keeping a bit of stubble since it suits him, especially when he keeps his hair on the long side.

Weight: 205lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Left side of neck.


Clint tends to be a very fun and likable person, besides his large and bulky presence. He is typically courteous, being raised in a respectful household. While Clint is generally risk-taking, he hates when he doesn't believe in himself and doesn't take any risk. Only sometimes is he curious and ambitious, mostly because he feels that he isn't the one that should be exploring things yet be the one making them.

He is generally self-controlled, being able to control his anger. Most people with Clint's size can't control their anger, yet Clint can as well as realize when he has to be a mature adult in certain conflicts. He is also often trusting, and doesn't release any secrets told to him. He either doesn't really care about what they tell him or he just doesn't want to tell the others. It isn't because he values promises or values the idea of keeping ideas, yet he values the idea of not caring about what others think.

Clint is never affectionate or flirty mostly due to the fact that loving and caring isn't his type of thing. Instead, he prefers to be strictly honest and loyal to everyone around him. It mostly derived from how he was raised. He wasn't raised in a family with love, so he grew up not knowing what affection is at all. He can still laugh though and joke around, which are both things he loves to do.

He also is always optimistic since he feels that the only way to continue on in life and succeed is to believe in oneself as well as keep an optimistic mindset. Other than that, Clint is very emotionally controlled  not showing the emotions of sadness and jealousy most of the time. He tends to be pretty social, talking to most people even though he doesn't know them.


- Food
- His red hair
- Fun people


- Revs
- Marines
- Anyone that gets in the way of his goals.


Clint was born into a good family in the South Blue, always having food to eat and water to drink whenever needed. He lived a boring life in general. Nothing new or exciting ever happened to him, not at all. The only exciting thing that would ever happen to Clint was his learning of Martial Arts and how to build a ship.

At the age of 15, Clint met a fairly old man that had been practicing Kung-Fu on his own. The young boy approached him, shocked by how quick and fluent the slashes the old man threw. He sat down, watching what the ossan was doing as well as recording images in his mind. After the old man's practice, Clint asked him. "Hello Sir, is it possible if I may be taught this Martial Art?" All the old man could do was laugh at Clint's gullible attempt and went back to his training. Clint spent a week trying to convince the old man, and when he finally did he realized how bad he was at that  form of combat.  

Yet, even though his lack of strength, he felt that he had to continue and his optimistic personality awoken in him allowing him to continue his pursuit to becoming a martial artist. It took him years to  master some of the art, and he still hadn't learnt everything that life could throw at him. He personally expected that over time he would grow, physically and mentally. This led to his love of Martial Arts as well as his strength in them.

Clint had always been one with nature. He loved chopping down trees, using their wood to carve mini sculptures. He always use to give them to his mother. As time went by, he grew bigger; and so did his sculptures. By the age of 18, he started to build small ships which he could use to travel around. Honestly, even though he believed in his work he wasn't ready to travel in one of his ships yet. He wanted the person he would build his first ship for to be special as well as a delight.

Face Claim: Fairy Tail I Gildarts Clive


Asher Kringle


Asher Kringle
o k

[22:28:28 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Wait

[22:28:33 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Im scared of asher

[22:28:37 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : He migbt kidnap me

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