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1Crystal [Cursed Weapon]  Empty Crystal [Cursed Weapon] on Sat Oct 15, 2016 12:58 pm



Equipment Name: Crystals Bloom
Equipment Type: Weapon
Strength Req.: 3
Equipment Description:

Crystal [Cursed Weapon]  108aee61db249dc146ec6ca136949f85
Size - Hilt - 4 inches
Blade length - 332 inches
Blade Width - 5 inches at thickest coming to meet and lowering to 2 inches at the point.
Attachments: -

Crystal is a beautiful sword with a rather large appetite for blood. Though not classed as purely sentient, the user of this sword can actually feel the intent, the craving for blood.
YetCrystal unlike most swords is incredibly special, her entire make up is that of diamond or so it appears, A diamond sword strange right? Whats even stranger is though Crystal functions like an every day sword it has no edge even though its appearance makes it look as if it does. It really is only good for bashing someone with yet the user still wields it like a blade, as if they are cutting the target yet nothing seems to be happening.

For you see this isn't true, something is happening. Crystal dust is being left upon the target and seeping in to the skin forming shards that are the lenght of the cut within the body,yet this seems to cause no ill effect to the opponent, in fact its as if the shards are not there at all. Yet they are, and what seems to be hapepning is with each cut, with each shard forming in the opponents body, the sword itself grows smaller deducting the length of the blade by the amount and size of the shards now in the opponents body. Now heres the interesting part, The user simply utters the word Return. This is when the shards explode from the body of the target, piercing their body all at once in the locations that they had previously been cut from. With all these erupting at once blood pours from the opponent of course rapidly so bleeding out becomes one of the major issues especially from deep cuts. The swords purple hue and purple crystaline appearance pulls the shards to itself and thus rebuilds itself from the called back shards now stained red. Because the blunt weapon can't obviously cut deep, the deepness of the shards depends on how much length Crystal has lost. Cuts start at a deepness of 1 inch and for every 5 inches of the blades range, all shards move 1 inch deeper in the opponent.


With the blade becoming smaller upon each "cut" on an opponent, this is not the only weakness of the blade. No. Crystals main weakness is the transferance of cuts. When Crystal cuts an opponent, the "crystals" seep in the the targets skin giving nothing away that they have been struck. Yet the cut that should have appeared upon the opponent is transferred to the body of the holder until all of the pieces are returned. Now this only transfers the shallow first strike and does not get deeper with the blades range. Due to the amount of cuts though for every four cuts the user loses 10 stamina points. What should be noted is when the blades shards return, the cuts seemingly "scar" over.

[Curse doesn't need to be approved until experience is actually hit so just view as a normal sword for now]

Titanium Blade - 1,000,000
Mixed with Seastone - 1,000,000
Leather hilt - 150,000

Units per Slot: 1
Experience: 0

2Crystal [Cursed Weapon]  Empty Re: Crystal [Cursed Weapon] on Sat Oct 22, 2016 3:23 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

shootershoot, remove the curse please ._.. also don't try to price your own things, we have a pricing system for a reason

Crystal [Cursed Weapon]  Tumblr_o1zip42fFy1ua7tzho1_400

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