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1Outer Heaven Empty Outer Heaven on Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:12 pm



Outer Heaven 8iE02m5

Name: Outer Heaven
Captain: Nico Moretti 
First Mate: N/A
Crew Tier: 4
Allegiance: N/A
Alliances: N/A atm
Crew Occupation: Bounty Hunters
Description: Outer Heaven is an organization composed of like-minded individuals that have decided to seek wealth and prestige as soldiers of fortune. Those within Outer Heaven sell their services to the highest bidder, the affiliation of the bidder mattering little in the grand scope of things - though, if a member has a personal problem with any such affiliation they aren't required to take those particular contracts. The services that Outer Heaven provides include things such as wet-work, infiltration, acute stalking, demolitions, intel gathering, procuring and reusing enemy resources, combat, logistics, training, weapons, outfitting, R&D, and much more. 

One thing that is very different about Outer Heaven when compared to the many other organizations around is that even though Outer Heaven has a leader, he does defer mainly to those within the group. Outer Heaven is run in a way very comparable to a democratic government. Each member of Outer Heaven has an equal say when it comes to the united moves that the organization will make as a whole. On an individual level, no member has need to answer for their actions to any other member of the group. For example, if one member has a personal vendetta against the Marines, that doesn't mean that another member must cut themselves off from taking Marine contracts for the sake of another member. They're all their own people, and they make their own decisions. The only taboos within this group involve betraying other members. In Outer Heaven, the most important commodity available that can ensure success for everyone is trust. Members who are caught betraying information about other members, have attacked or killed another member, and etc will be subject to disciplinary action by the group as a whole. 

Yet another unique quality about Outer Heaven is that they are not expected to travel amongst one another for prolonged periods of time. As said before, the members of Outer Heaven are all their own individuals. Members of this crew are allowed to travel where they want, whenever they want without needing to check in - if they so please. They may even travel amongst other crews for vast amounts of time, if they'd prefer. The only exception to this is that if there is a problem or concern that effects the group as a whole, this may be enough to cause others to call each other in in order to handle whatever situation has arisen. Other than that, Members of Outer Heaven are free to follow their own pursuits independent of other members. 
Bounty: 278,240,000 atm
Crew Ships: The Vittorio
Crew NPCs: N/A
Link to Founding: Making the Band

What you allow is what will continue
Outer Heaven BO0N0Rs

Nora #990000

2Outer Heaven Empty Re: Outer Heaven on Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:28 pm

ID-7173 ("Valentine")

Free Agents
Free Agents

ID-7173 (
Approved my dude

Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)


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