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1Thonis  Empty Thonis on Wed Jul 05, 2017 5:51 pm



Thonis  Atlantis%20Background

Island Description:
The history of Thonis is simple. It begins earlier than both Atlantis and Fishman island. Legends tell of the underwater land once being above the water and full of land-walkers, though whether this is true or not is unknown even to the elders of the Kingdom. The five great families began the country after years of fighting over who would get the uninhabited piece of land. The fighting ended thanks to Kaldur Arkonium. A fishman who ended the dispute by simply putting his foot down. Because he had the biggest family and already owned most of his own land, the other families hadn't refused. In fact, because he had a positive relationship with the other four families he was the perfect candidate.

Since Thonis is considered an older island, some people "Outgrew" the religion and customs of the land. Thonis is not as populated as Atlantis or Fishman island However, it is still thriving and thriving well. Thonis produces some of the best scientists, doctors and historians in the world. Both merpeople, and fishmen live within Thonis though the population is not very high. Merpeople are favored for their beauty as they've always been. Mermaids and Mermen become models and beauty icons, while Fishmen take the rest of the jobs. Most - if not all people of the island have dark skin tones and dark curly hair because of how far south they are, closer to more tropical islands, and having a closer relationship with the sun. All but one of the five great families favor tanned-skinned members. The waters of Thonis are warmer than the waters of both Atlantis and Fishman island, perfect for tropical fish and plant life to thrive.

Five Great Families:

  • The Arkonium Family: Members of the Arkonium family are considered royalty within Thonis, specifically those having the Arkonium last name. They are treated with the utmost respect and are referred to as Prince, Princess, Queen, or King. Cousins baring the last name are not considered Royalty, but they are considered nobles within Thonis. The Arkonium Family produce many brilliant writers, and singers.
  • The Leaflong Family: The Leaflong family is considered to be very well-spoken and intelligent people. Many of them make up the doctors, and historians within Thonis.
  • The Sunson Family: The Sunson Tribe are favored for their beauty. They produce many Merpeople and beautiful Fish-people. Their people come in all shapes, sizes, and even colors - though brown-skinned people are still often seen.
  • The Katonius Family: The Katonius family are known fighters within the Kingdom of Thonis. This family are usually great with weapons and many go on to become some of the best fighters. This family is full of muscle builders.
  • The Frostfin Family: The Frostin family are beautiful fishmen and merfolk. They are known for their lighter complexions and their straighter or longer hair. They are full of grace and kindness. Members of this family are known for doing almost anything. There isn't one specific thing they are good at as many of them are good at different things.

Note: There are many other families living in Thonis, the Five Great Families are nobility.

Five Cities of Thonis:

  • Valanti: The Capital of Thonis where the Royal castle can and the hall of justice can be found. It is the second biggest city in Thonis. Despite being the capital it is very relaxed.
  • Eburi: The city above and to the left of Valanti (Refer to picture above). This city is governed by the Leaflongs and houses Poseidonis.
  • Pearl City: Pearl City sits directly under Eburi. It is known for it's savvy atmosphere and night life, also referred to as "The Party City". This city is governed by the Sunsons.
  • Shell City: Shell City is behind the capital, being the second biggest city in Thonis run by the Frostfin Family. Shell city is a fast-paced city and is where many people live. This City is known for producing Thonis' scientists and having most business buildings. Many other well-known families live here as well.
  • Honia: Honia is behind the capital, towards the right, being the furthest city from the capital. It is where many tournaments take place. The Army of Thonis house themselves here often, so it is a pretty small city.  

Government: Thonis is ruled by a king and queen though a privy of the other four "Great Families" can influence the King and/or Queens decisions. The five cities within Thonis are watched over by the elder or "leaders" of the five great families to carry out the King or Queens orders.

Religion: The people of Thonis worship Yemaya, the goddess of the water and all the seas. Other gods are worshipped, but Yemaya is the primary deity. Thonians also believe Marijuana to be the herb of the gods. It is used to meditate and for medicinal purposes.

Royal Castle:

Thonis  49a97b_45dc46d2b6694a7497445bb132eb0de6

*Click to enlarge*

In the capital (the dome) Known as Valanti, the Royal castle can be found. It sits in the center of the entire capital. Only Royalty and the five great families are able to come inside. With Royal permission, guests are welcome. The Castle is the biggest estate within the entire kingdom of Thonis and is heavily guarded.

Guest Palace:
Thonis  Ocean-spiral-underwater-city-by-shimizu-corporation3-660x375

Directly above Thonis lies the "Guest Palace" a disc-like structure that sits above the water. This Guest palace is for people who would like to visit the world of Thonis but cannot breath water. There, they can find helmets that provide oxygen so that one may enter the island. However, before obtaining a helmet one must rid themselves of all weaponry. Inside the guest palace are rooms where guests are permitted to sleep. There are guards all around the Guest Palace, protecting the underwater island from above. Protruding from the palace are five exits, each leading a different city within Thonis.

Thonis  7879e0ce942863dc44613b321ea32e0c--fantasy-places-fantasy-art

Thonis is known for their Fantasy-like structures. The island contains many ancient libraries concerning magic and other subjects. One famous Library, however, called "Poseidonis" is told to have information regarding almost anything. To enter one must have Royal permission, along with the historian occupation to read ancient texts.

Hall of Justice:
Thonis  Empress-of-the-deep-2-ce-10067

Thonians hardly believe in violence, let alone murder - but they do believe in justice. Here at the Hall of Justice is where both trials and Council meetings take place. An elder or "Leader" of the four great families each have equal power when it comes to a trial. The King or Queen will determine the end decision and it is the same during a Council meeting.


  • T1-T4 Mermen/Mermaids
  • T1-T4 Fishmen/Fishwoman
  • T2 Sharks, Octupus, Whales, Swordfish
  • T2 Giant Jellyfish
  • Other basic sea creatures

  Influence: Free Agency | Niza Arkonium | Xanus Arkonium
  Status: Claimed
  Log Pose Point Requirement: 20

  Population: 2

  Housing: 4

  Army: 2

  Weaponry: 5

  Technology: 2

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2Thonis  Empty Re: Thonis on Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:13 am

Futura Free


Futura Free
add requirement to be historian to understand ancient text in library. located in new world, paradise, or four blues?

3Thonis  Empty Re: Thonis on Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:35 am



Done. Paradise, please.


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4Thonis  Empty Re: Thonis on Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:10 am





Thonis  96da219ef3154d8fcba41ae775876a6a60d1ec38_hq

5Thonis  Empty Re: Thonis on Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:46 pm

Futura Free


Futura Free
clear'd i'll add it soon

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