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1Puck Empty Puck on Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:44 pm


Puck 001
Basic Information
"Ah’m kind’of an open book. Heart on tha sleeve an'all dat."

Main Details
Real Name: Amelia DeLioncourte
Epithet: The Bebop Samurai
Nicknames: Puck (preferred), Snow Black
Tier: T1
Height: 5'6”
Weight: 144 lbs.
Build: Toned, Athletic
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Birthday: January 1st
Star Sign: Capricorn
Alignment: Neutral
Place of Birth: South Blue
Sexual Preference: Ladies
Mode: Hard

Additional Details
Associated Numbers: 7
Associated Colors: Purple, Gold, Green
Associated Animals: Cat
Associated Flowers: Rose
Associated Country: N/A
Scent: Fresh Linen
Favorite Islands: Anything tropical.
Favorite Foods: Shrimp, Mayo, Milk
Favorite Animals: Cats
Favorite Colors: Purple, Yellow, Green, Gold

Fate Points
Lineage: Allows you to have blood relations to one World Position NPC.
Born to Brawl: Gives you the capacity to utilize Busoshoku Haki.
Hawk's Eye: Gives you the capacity to utilize Kenbunshoku Haki.
Cream of the Crop: Allows you to purchase all the Specializations of your Primary Occupation and master it.

Job Details
Affiliation: Marine
Occupation: Martial Artist
Rank: Former Lieutenant, demoted down to Seaman Recruit.

Theme Song

Character Development
"Tha Marines molded mah’ass from clay. Ah’made mahself into steel."

Personality: Puck is very much like any other vibrant young lady, with an easy, roguishly beautiful smile, a gentle (if not terribly patient) down-to-earth manner, and a fondness for alcohol, fast women, and a strong opponent to fight. Her demeanor is easily that of the girl next door; not exactly pure as driven snow, but still innocent enough to warrant easy trust.

Or perhaps not. All elements of normality flee from Puck's being once a fight begins. That which is left behind is nothing short of an ungodly creature whose ferocity is thoroughly unparalleled by anyone in the world; man, woman, living or dead. Puck is as skilled as she is vicious, often flowing about her opponents like water and striking with the quickness and power of a pit viper but is capable of doing anything to keep the advantage. Puck knows that she usually goes into any given fight at a disadvantage and will do what it takes to keep it once she gets it, regardless of the situation.

Puck carries with her a huge chip on her shoulder. She is hot-tempered and easily riled, though this happens mostly when she's drunk or tipsy. She thoroughly enjoys a good fight, and is very confident and prideful of her ability, roughcut as it may be. However, she also has an oddly charming, charismatic atmosphere - in a swashbuckling sort of way. Despite her sometimes rough ways and odd speech, inside, Puck is a genius - although her ingenuity runs more along the ways of Wile E. Coyote than Albert Einstein. She is a tough-as-nails fighter in not only her punishing style of her chosen martial art, but in all manners of the word.

Puck also seems to be incredibly lucky when it comes to games of chance or gambling in general. Sure, she knows a few games but never really experienced many of the vast and different games that exist in the world. But, whatever the game and despite the little information Puck may have on it she just seems to win if only by the skin of her teeth or so easily it appears she's cheating. In truth, Puck's just lucky, and while she's a quick study when it comes to learning the games she encounters, her streak of luck is beyond her, though it hasn't stopped her from boasting that whatever god that brings luck to mortals must be female and very much in love with her. Yes…she honestly believes Lady Luck loves her.

Lastly, Puck has a light oral fixation and is usually seen with a cigarette hanging loosely from her lips.

Likes: The Ladies, cats, smoking, getting drunk, getting tattoos, eating meat, fighting/training/sparring, practicing katas, laying in the sun, games of chance, exploring new places, an unnatural love of mayo on any food, testing her martial arts skills on stronger opponents.

Dislikes: Preachy people, egotistic bastards, dishonor, cowards, guns and ranged weaponry in general, paperwork, anyone willing to take advantage of a less fortunate person or using a bad situation for their own selfish purposes, abusive parents.

Naturally blackish-purple hair that she dyes on a whim, 5'6”, 144 lbs., with toned and athletic build. Puck is a truly gorgeous young lady whose latent gothic appearance serves only to enhance her exotic beauty. Her eyes are a light, beguiling shade of yellow that lightly glows and changes depth with emotions (from deep amber gold when happy to a light golden yellow when angry). She has fine silken hair that falls short just above her neckline, though she has a tendency to dye it into mixed shades of red, violet, and blue. She braids it on either side close knit to her scalp, usually just on the left but will do both if she knows she’s going into combat. Her deceptively compact figure is shapely, toned, and lithe as a blade from years of martial arts and training under her father, slender but very powerful. She often wears lighter shades that contrast sharply with her smooth, dark skin. However, she also has scars in her back and legs, both from training in her chosen martial art and because of her step mother's abuse. She sports these scars with much pride and wears them like badges and looks forward to seeing what scars her travels will bear on her in the future, though is almost never seen without her arms wrapped up in bandages to the elbow. Puck also sports a sort of love/hate relationship with clothes, knowing that she needs to cover up to protect her modesty, but also dislikes the restriction it makes her feel. So while her usual dress is (far more) casual than any other marine, she still makes what she’s wearing her own, and damn whatever anyone may think. This usually means jeans and a muscle shirt with a sports bra, or shorts if she believes the weather to be hotter than normal. Regardless of her wear, Puck is almost always in her steel toed combat boots that go a tad higher than mid-calf, perpetually cleaned to a high polished shine.

During her travels Puck met a Devil Fruit user that had the power to control liquids, more specifically ink. He could weave it and combine it with other properties and was world famous for making special tattoos for people. He was highly sought after, though it was mere coincidence that Puck ran into him, saving his life from a roving gang that had been terrorizing the village he’d been staying at. He told Puck of his services and offered to give her a special tattoo as thanks. Puck agreed, if only because she wanted a tattoo to make herself look tougher. The man, who called himself Faser, told Puck he would give her a type of tattoo he’d never done before; a seemingly holographic tattoo, one that would move with her as she did. The final product, a phoenix, looked like it was hovering just a millimeter below the surface of her skin. It sweeps from Puck’s shoulder and down her back. Its tail begins as the form reaches the lower curve of her spine. Several long and delicate feathers spread on each side to the outer curve of her hips. The tattoo glows bright over her dark skin, often showing over any lighter clothing she wears.

Puck 006

Skills and Attributes

Marine Training
Being trained in the Marines and by her father, Amelia is proficient in any basic field training any Marine would receive while training. This includes basic medical knowledge, field tactics, warfare (urban or otherwise), hand signals and jargon as well as the basic knowledge to live off the land and the knowledge of which plants to skip and wildlife to avoid. There are other, more mundane things that Amelia learned while in boot, though such knowledge is usually recalled when needed. She is also an avid practitioner of Rokushiki, doing her best to surpass her father’s level of skill.

Quick Study
Amelia is a fast learner when it comes to martial arts, often copying moves, katas and styles with minimal practice or difficulty, though she prefers to take styles and make them into her own as often as possible. That’s not to say Amelia doesn’t practice or blow off her training just because she can, quite the opposite. Amelia loves going through katas as it’s a form of relaxation and focus for her, and in this she believes she can train her body to fight even if her mind isn’t all there.

Despite her combat abilities and physical prowess compared to your average person, Amelia doesn’t fight unless she needs to. She goes by the old ‘I’m a lover, not a fighter’ cliché that many say but never seem to live by. To this end she’s become quite the talker, finding that a witty quote and a flashy smile are often all she needs to calm an escalating situation, with offers for the first round of booze on her being the deal breaker that most need to hear. She’s also gained an abundance of practice in her travels with talking to anyone, striking up conversations easily and naturally to find out the information she needed for a mission or simply to find an Inn with the best deals and food. Amelia is a very easy person to talk to, and for her that’s all she usually needs to get what’s needed.

Combat Information
"How ya like meh now, assbutts?!"

Fighting Styles
Puck is a skilled dancer of many different styles of the world, but breakdancing (though sometimes likened to capoeira) is her favorite. She loves how unpredictable it can get and, when combined with martial arts, seemed to make and endless flow of erratic movements that were hard or often impossible to predict or scout. Puck's thought on her style is 'If ye nevah do tha same ting twice, how kin someone tell what be comin’?' She still takes bits and pieces from all the martial arts she does know, but she's never mastered a single one of them. Instead she takes what she believes would benefit her own style and adds it to her ever growing list of moves (already at an impossible amount) that she can summon up at any time in battle. And while her mind can recall the moves necessary to pull off the amazing feats she does in battle, what Puck doesn't admit to anyone is that a large part of what she does is simply 'making it up as she goes', which adds more unpredictability to her fights.

While her style is still rough at best, Puck believes it to be a supreme form that, if used properly, cannot be beaten. Her entire life (since the style's inception) is based around it, from her very build (being lean and athletic provides her with the speed necessary to pull of faster moves to dazzle and confuse) to the very way she simply walks seems to breath how much time and effort Puck has dedicated to her art. As such Puck is constantly looking for fights and stronger opponents (though she usually never starts them by hostile means), often offering to take on more than one challenger to prove her fighting prowess. And while one would assume she does this to show off, Puck doesn't. She fights to prove to herself she's the strongest, just like her father.

On the flip side, Puck is absolutely hopeless with any kind of projectile weapon, and avoids them like the plague. Anytime she handles one, she ends up either grazing her foot or face, or shooting a friend. Even things like cannons and bows seem to hate Puck, so she steers clear of all of them and has developed somewhat of a phobia because of this.

Normal Weapons
Puck usually has her fists and arms taped to the elbows with knuckle dusters hidden under the wrapping. She also has steel tipped boots that help her kicking game, with steel lining her heel as well. That's about the extent of any sort of weapon she usually handles.

Advanced Weapons

Other Items
Puck usually doesn't travel alone but when she does she had a backpack full of any given item she would need to be on her own, including basic rations and a med kit. She also has several trinkets from admirers that she courts on whatever island she happens to be on, though she rarely keeps them on her and often mails them back to her personal quarters or back home to her father, whom she instructs to stash safely in her bedroom.

Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit: N/A
Link: N/A
Power: N/A

Puck 014

Character’s Story
"Ah ain't worried 'bout tha past. Ain’t worried ‘about da future either...well, not really worried 'bout much now that ah think 'bout it. Huh."

Important People:
Ferid DeLioncourte: Amelia's father, a military man his whole life. He's suffered much in his long life, though the loss of his wife after childbirth hit him harder than any battle. While he was still somewhat socially functional at the time he didn't treat his daughter very well. To make up for it he became blind to her gender and treated her as he would have a son, much to the approval of his little girl. Being a rather skilled user of Rokushiki, Ferid taught his daughter the basics, though not enough to make her dangerous. He wanted to instill discipline into his daughter and, upon failing that, sent her to The Academy in the hope that she could better retain her own selfishness and seemingly bottomless ability to get into trouble. It was also he that influenced Amelia's promotions through to the rank of Lieutenant, though he would never admit it. Even though he was the one that facilitated his daughter's promotions, it was by his own admission of that fact that caused her subsequent demotion back down to Seaman Recruit. He doesn't regret this, as he knows his daughter's determination will only fuel her desire to be promoted and be recognized by her fellow Marines and anyone she would meet on the battlefield.

Anita DeLioncourte: Despite being a memory that both Amelia and Ferid would like to forget, Anita was a prominent figure in Amelia's life for the sole reason of being the person that shaped Amelia to how she is today. Her abuse and overall psychotic nature made Amelia slightly cold and unfeeling towards the plight of others but also strong when it came to herself. Anita taught Amelia that not all things were good in the world at an age where she still should have been being read bedtime stories and being cradled by her parents when she had bad nightmares. She made Amelia grow up much faster than a child should have and the memories of what she did still haunt Amelia's nightmares to this day.

Crew and Nakama:

Character Goals:
Amelia doesn't believe her goals to be...well, goals, as her logical mind deems them to be tiny in the grand scheme of things. She, of course, wishes to be worthy of her promotions within the Marines and to become stronger to be like her father. She knows he is a flawed man but has ultimately forgiven him for any wrong doing he'd done towards her in the past and wishes to become a strong leader like him. And although she'd never admit it, Amelia wants to...stand out, to be recognized as someone strong and special. She doesn't want to be your average Marine grunt. She wants to kick some ass and have the populace tell stories about it.

Amelia (only known as Puck to the rest of the world outside of the military or her family) is a military brat, coming from a very wealthy and proud family. She was raised in Viktas by a very strict father, named Ferid DeLioncourte, and a loving mother, a woman named Riko DeLioncourte. She had a relatively normal childhood until her mother died when Amelia was ten, which made her dad go slightly off his rocker. He often abused Amelia and in his drunken rages often mistook her for her mother since they looked so much alike. Eventually he straightened up his act and apologized to his daughter, who forgave him but was still wary.

He eventually remarried when Amelia was twelve, figuring what Amelia needed was a positive female influence in her life. Enter Anita Reed-DeLioncourte. She was a nice woman, caring and loving and just what Amelia needed in her life to make things go back to normal. But it was only a few months into the marriage that Anita started to show her true colors...when Ferid wasn't around, of course. In truth Anita was beyond crazy and proved it by beating on poor Amelia into a submissive being, forcing her to do her will. Consequently, Amelia became very mechanical and detached, trying to block out all the horrible things her step mother did to harm her.

She endured the pain for almost two years, enduring unspeakable things under the hand of Anita. It was around the age of that Amelia took a stand, finally having enough of her mother's abuse and fought back. The result wasn't very pleasant, but the upside was that her father finally found out what was happening when he walked into the room they happened to be in. Looking between his daughter and his wife, he ordered his servants to toss the woman out on her hind end, with a divorce not far after, despite his wife's pleas that his daughter was lying and she never laid a hand on her.

The resulting freedom that Amelia got after her step mother was gone was invigorating for the young girl, but was a double edged sword for Ferid. While he enjoyed seeing his daughter happy, he was also bothered constantly by the authorities about her behavior and wild streaks. She didn't harm anyone or anything or vandalize, but she did discover one thing that she was just about willing to do anything for; other girls. So it was often that she was chased out of someone's house, which ended up calling the police on her. While she never got into any real trouble over it, Ferid decided that something had to be done.

So, it was a hard day for him when he gave his daughter a wallet full of everything she would need to move out and join the Marines. Being wealthy had its advantages, of course, and Amelia was well taken care of in that regard. But he also knew, just as his parents did when he was his daughter's age, that Amelia needed to leave the nest to further grow, perhaps even gaining insight into her sexuality and stubborn attitude towards life. She wasn't happy, but she accepted her exile (as she called it, much to Ferid's annoyance) and left her home with only her wallet her father had given her to the Marine Base where she would train.

And train she did, for quite some time. Amelia wasn't the best of students when it came to discipline but she was a quick study when it came to the martial arts. Her father had never treated her like 'one of the girls', with some thinking the man was simply gender blind. Being a Marine himself he'd given his little girl lessons in the martial arts and had never held back his teachings from her. He knew he'd never be able to fully teach his daughter the full extent of what he knew, but her time in the Marines would certainly polish her already impressive skill.

One could never say that Amelia ever really got over her lack of discipline, though she worked hard and no one that had seen her fight could deny her skill. She wasn't physically intimidating by any means but that didn't mean she didn't garner the respect of her fellow Marines with a sharp tongue and a generous ass whoopin' should the need arise. To her credit Amelia never started any fight she was ever in, which was a saving grace when it came time to review her for promotions. She was reckless, to be sure, but had a strong moral compass that didn't like to see the likes of those that were strong taking advantage of those that were not.

Amelia strongly suspected that her promotions had a lot to do with her father pulling strings in the background but could never actually prove it. The feeling left her feeling rather guilty and angry though she never said anything about it. The suspicion came when she was promoted to Lieutenant for the mere reason of 'exceptional leadership and strong moral conviction'. It sounded so phony to her ears and the facial expression on the face of her superior officer told her all she needed to know; she didn't deserve this rank.

But by everything that was good was she going to do everything she could to prove she did, regardless of the cost.

Sample Post
He was the picture perfect Marine.

Which, of course, directly contradicted his environment. It was the place the scum of the world went to forget their problems, so his presence was eye catching all on its own. That didn't change the fact that he was a Marine, however, and so no one was really that stupid as to make his presence a problem for any imaginary wrongs. He was wary of going into the bar though, ominously named The Back Door, and looked down at the letter he had in front of him once again (for the seventh time) just to make sure that he got the address right. His target was a Marine, like he was, but Vice Admiral DeLioncourte had wanted her back on base ASAP and he intended to deliver. Still, he really didn't want to ruin his uniform, not at the cost of dry cleaning these days.

“You need something Marine?” The rough, gravelly voice of the bouncer said as he eyed the young Marine with more curiosity than disdain. “Can't have ya muckin' up yer suit, can we? Turn back 'round if'n ya lookin' fer anyone here. Ya ain't getting' a peep outta no one.”

“” The young Marine looked at the mountain of muscle in front of him, already devising the quickest way to take him down. It was obvious (to him) that he was merely there as a deterrent rather than someone who could break up a fight. But that was neither here nor there. “I'm looking for someone I know is in there, and she has orders to come back to base.”

He held out the letter and the bouncer took it wordlessly. He blinked at the picture before a smile crawled over his scarred face. He handed it back then jerked a thumb. “In tha back. Mind tha dirt, Marine. We ain't payin' fer ya little dress up there.”

The Marine barely prevented himself from rolling his eyes as he took the letter back and walked inside. To him it was like Satan's asshole had regurgitated the pits of Hell itself and he barely contained his gag reflex. From what he read of his target, though, she was used to these kinds of dives and often frequented them when she was granted leave of any sort. He couldn't possibly fathom why, as everyone that knew even the smallest thing about her knew that she came from money...old money. The kind that stayed in that family for generations. Why be in a pit like this and not some place...clean?

Doing his best to ignore whatever substance he just stepped in, the Marine made his way to the familiar face in the back booth. The woman was leaned back and alone, her head tilted backwards while a cigar was jammed into her mouth. The wisps of smoke curled up into the already smoky bar and a small amount of ash fell down onto the cheek of its owner. The dark skinned woman opened her eyes and blinked again before she heaved a heavy sigh.

“Ya beh needin' somethin' Marine?” Her whiskey-on-the-rocks voice and thick accent completely at odds with her appearance. Those yellow eyes blinked before she furrowed her eyebrows. “Or ya jes gonna be standin' dere takin' da part of da fool?”

The Marine snapped to attention though he wasn't quite sure why before he saluted and held out the letter. He felt the letter be taken from his hands as the woman seemed to skim the letter through it. The scowl that appeared on her face made the young Marine swallow hard, though again he wasn't quite sure why.

“On leave,” she said, handing the letter back to the Marine. “Not been tree days yet.”

“Orders, sir,” the Marine looked apologetic. “Vice Admiral DeLioncourte wants you back on base by the end of the day. He says to pack up anything you need and...”

“Ah read da’letter, Marine!!” The woman snapped, though after a moment she blew out a breath and leaned her head back. Puck rubbed her face for a moment before she took her swagman hat and jammed it on her head. “Seein' as it's almos' tha end of da day, ah s'pose yer here ta’pick meh up?”

“Yes sir.”

“Dun suppose mah father gave ya an idea as ta why he's callin' me back now?” Amelia grumped as she got up and cracked her neck from side to side. “Been months since ah was promoted and given piddly shit missions. What now?”

“Guess we'll see, won't we sir?”

A beat, then a sigh. “Ah guess we will.”

Not the perfect way to end her leave but in the end she was a Marine, for better or worse. She felt more like a dog these days, doing whatever fetch mission her father or whatever higher ranking Marine of importance gave her. She knew that it was her father's doing, giving her the easy stuff, keeping her close by while keeping her safe from anything that would resemble a dangerous mission. But Amelia knew she had to get out there one day, and this meeting just might be the time to really straighten things out between father and daughter.


The silence dragged on for quite some time.

But on the inside Amelia was happy, though she's never really show it. Her father, despite his flaws (or maybe because of them) had always been a fairly honest man with his only child. Like most people he didn't like to admit his faults but faced up to them when it became evident that any other course of action would only cause more problems. It did slightly anger Amelia that it had to come to this, but she just couldn't find it in herself to stay angry for long.

“I'm sorry.”

His deep, rumbling voice used to sooth Amelia, she remembered. Back when she was scared of thunderstorms and ran away from bullies who tugged at her hair. Around her he never pulled the 'strong soldier' routine and was never afraid to show his affection, especially after her step mother's actions were found out. She'd never admit that, sometimes, she'd give anything to hear his voice for just a small amount of the comfort and safety she felt when he was around.

“Nuttin' ta beh sorreh 'bout,” Amelia shrugged as she sat down in the chair that was in front of the massive desk he sat at. “Bein' busted down ta Recruit? Pshaw. Ya know me Pops. I'll be back on top 'fore ya know it.”

The huge man steepled his fingers in front of him as he regarded his daughter. She truly seemed okay with what was going on and it almost made his chest burst with pride. No, Amelia had grown up ever since his ex-wife had revealed herself and was kicked to the curb. She was strong and never seemed to be worried about the future. Amelia was a 'here and now' kinda person and for someone like Ferid it was a blessing. He didn't need to admit his doing on Amelia's promotions but the truth was there, unspoken. Both knew though it didn't need to be said. Ferid took this to mean that Amelia really didn't mind and, more importantly, he wasn't going to be the victim of her infamous anger.

“You can come home-”

He was cut off with a wave of a gloved hand. Amelia stood up now, clasping her hands behind her head and turning her back. “Nope.”


Nope!!” The dark skinned woman stopped and tilted her head back, one golden eye looking at her father. “Ah got this. Mah pride ain't gonna let me come back, ya be knowin' dis. Ah'll be seein' ya, Vice Admiral, when ah get promoted next. Savvy?”

And like that she was gone, door clicking softly as his daughter left the room. Her demotion by several ranks would have been a death sentence to any other Marine, though these were special circumstances. Ferid had offered up his own position to protect his daughter, gladly, but had been rebuffed. No, she'd simply have to climb up the ranks of her own strength of character and iron will. He'd been told that if she had even an iota of her father's strength...well, she'd have no problems at all. Ferid DeLioncourte grinned. No...he wasn't worried for his daughter at all.

Now the poor saps she'd be facing along the way, that was a different matter...

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Pappa Smexy

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