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[Revamp] Crash  AYB9MAt

Name: Hirohito Dotroleno Crash
Alias/Epithet: The Worst Recruit Ever | Kosho (Failure) | Crash
Race: Human
Tier: 3
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Marksman {Sniper} | Doctor
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: N/A

General Appearance:

Crash is a young man of very short stature for his age, thus people usually mistake him for a child at first sight, and are bewildered when they hear his grown up voice. He has tanned skin with freckles spreading between his cheeks, long brown hair made into dreadlocks, which cover part of the right side of his face, and similarly brown eyes. He has a notable series of small scars under right eye, from combat training with his Father at a young age. When it comes to Crash's smile, his teeth are perfectly aligned in a sense, similar to those who wear braces and as such, his smile has a certain glint to it. Being ambidextrous in nature gives Crash traditional warts on his fingers from writing on both hands from practicing Kanji and various languages as a child. Due to etiquette training, he hates sitting up straight, although he very much could, he's always seen with a slight hunch when sitting up straight, learning to relax after breaking away from the grip of his father.

His usual attire consists of an Ivory large hoodie topping a black full-body suit , green patterned shorts buckled at the waist with a brown belt, and black shoes with a white front and back. Despite his tiny build, Crash is well build and muscular and he uses the fact that his height makes people underestimate him to take his shot in combat settings. Crash is also seen wearing dog tags around his neck with the initials of his mother, well, the only one who really matters and his big brother, who he'd come to learn to respect over the years. One acts as a memorial and the other is a reminder of his reason for coming into this world and the marines. In his locks, he wears several hair jewellery or golden cylinder shaped clips at the roots and edges of his hair.

On his off days, when not dressed in traditional marine wear, which he generally wears his hoodie on the outside of, he's seen wearing a dad cap and plain white vest in hotter climates and a thick fur coat in colder climates. He's often seen chewing on sugarcane, if he can get his hands on some, despite his dislike for sweet foods, it was a childhood treat that his mother would give him and his big brother, leaving a nostalgic feel when ingested or chewed on. When it isn't cane however he'd chew on grass stalks or anything he can gnaw on. His fingers are filled with various scars from his medical practicing, from messing up incisions on patients in his early days. They are tattered, his hands in a sense from very hard manual labour he'd injure as a child but they don't really bother him.

Standing at 4'8, along with his shining brown marble eyes, Crash will often attract the attention of women looking for a child to baby. In most cases he'll play along and truly milk his child like features with expressions and vocal tone to match. Crash has a tattoo his back with the Kanji 'Justice For All' engraved. His marine outfit is that of basic recruit, nothing really flashy, just a usual standard marine issue long shelves tee-shirt that he was given on enrolment. On his wrists, Crash wears an arrangement of beads that he collects from local crafts people from towns of every island he visits. Each bead is are special charms that possess blessings from various spiritual people he'd visit. Crash is always seen with a messenger bag at his side which carries spare knives and medical equipment for operations on sight in case of any emergency. The messenger bag is a dark maroon colour, with several pockets, ten in nature, each carrying bandages, stitching materials and various anaesthetics. He also carries several surgical mask to be immune potent smells and scents whether it be from festering rooms or dangerous gases.

Height: 4'8 ft.
Weight: 125lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Back


Crude: He's not known to sugar coat his words. Honestly, he has no time for it. His mind has much more important things to calculate, how to get himself out of his debt to the marines, how to stop his mother from sending him summons notices and how not to end up with child before marriage. The mind runs for the young bucking broncho who has no time for anyone's worries or concerns. When it comes to respecting superiors, he'll only give respect or his true opinions to those who prove themselves worthy. Sounds old school, huh? For Crash, it's not even about combat prowess really but mentality, a sense of being. Since gaining enlightenment and constantly in frequent meditation, he's learned that their is more to this world than everyone running around with their big guns.  
Aggressive: He'll shut you up if you need it. Whether it be by violence or by wit, Crash's main concern is that no one around him is being an absolute bigot or idiot. Even himself, his nature is one that overpowers with passion and being, much like his Scorpio sign loyalty and control are two factors he values. He likes being in authority but thinks it's a waste of energy to actively pursue such. He'll play the cards and the game that life deals him with a smile on his face and maybe even a dagger or two in his enemies throat.
Self-Loathing: More than anything else, deep down, Crash has a urge to die. He's extremely suicidal in his tendencies and to his own detriment, he doesn't even know he has suicide. Or, more so, he's too prideful to admit that point. Crash believes people are predisposed to be happy and sad equally on all fronts. No one is happy forever and no one is sad always, he's just about living life and curing as many people as he can before kicking the bucket. It's his life mission and something that he doesn't take likely.  
Moody: Crash has an immensely short temper and attention span for people. He suffers from mood swings, ever since a child, he's been unable to put a cap on his emotions and feelings, even in a commanding officer type situations. This isn't to say that Crash can't curve his emotions for the greater good but most of the time, his outlandish behaviour is an ongoing social experiment he's been setting up, especially for those who know his birthright and family connections. He does where his heart on the sleeve, being pissed off, hhappy, angry or in between, his face will convey everything he's feeling.
Jackass: Women, status, power, he's all for it to pay off his debts and he's quite the jerk about it. When he was ten, he'd play several pranks on his father, knowing his perceived calm demeanour, just to piss him off or get emotion from him. This tendency traversed into his teenage and adult life, his sense of commitment and loyalty is screwed but he does understand time and place, most days.
Pride: When it comes to marksmanship, he's a kill shot with a gun and even more so with his throwing knives. He's not a bravado type proud alpha nor does he have some mental condition like a Napoleon Complex, but when it comes to hand-eye coordination, he won't loose out to many. This plays into his sense of justice as well, Crash has a no nonsense policy when it comes to Pirates. He's seen the damage ambitious men can do to the world and has made it his modus operand to always put the people before his sense of duty or commanding officers orders.
Saviour Complex: More than anything else, Crash's true reason for becoming a marine and a doctor lies in his need to save others. As a child, no one could save him from his family, his name or his injustices, and he promised to not let anyone else feel the despair he experienced at the hand of his father and before his teenage years, his brother as well. He's not very self-preserving in a sense, he enjoys giving his all for a purpose wants it doesn't contradict his own morale code.


  • Junk Food
  • Coffee - Black with Milk
  • Sake
  • Shogi
  • Gaping Wounds
  • Cutting Skin Open
  • Operating on Dying Patients
  • Ramen Shops


  • Liquorice
  • Sweet Foods
  • Smell of Blood
  • Piracy
  • Nobles
  • His Father
  • His Mother


Hirohito Dotroleno was born into the proud marine family of Vice Admiral Icario Dotroleno on a warm November Night. Unlike his brother who was said to cry throughout the night of his birth, Hirohito didn't cry an inch, actually, the doctor had to hit him forcing him to cry and take his first breath. However, Hirohito's birth wasn't a joyous occasion, as he was a bastard, born to Icario's outside woman, a lady by the name of Daisy, a florist who hailed from the South Blue Island of Baterilla. Once Icario's wife found out about the infidelity, she committed suicide to save face among her bougie high life socialite friends, leaving his blood brother, Seishirō motherless. For a long time, Seishirō resented his brother, often bullying him as a child, once he realised in his teenage years that he'd ill-treated his brother, he'd spend most of his upbringing trying to make it up to his brother but in the eyes of Hirohito, it was too late. At age, two, Hirohito could read and write. By age five, he'd shunned away from physical activities, spending most of his years dipped into medical books his deceased step-mother had left behind. He was immensely fascinated with the field of medicine and had actually loved his Step Mother greatly, so when his birth mother was moved to their main household to replace her position in the family, Hirohito was immensely against this. Hirohito's step mother always loved and treated Seishirō and himself, equally. However, Hirohito's birth mother was a demon of a woman, sleeping with Icario only to gain more money, power and status.

At age ten, Hirohito and his brother Seishirō were sent to military camp, really, a private school for Marine Officers children to cultivate their talents. Seishirō excelled immensely in all fields, meanwhile, Hirohito struggled with physical activities, not having his core years to 'play' around with his with children his age, his physical build was quite sloppy and unhealthy. Seishirō pulled his brother away from his books, training him day in and day out, until his physical aspects came up to plausible level. Seishirō noticed that Hirohito had an amazing eye and was extremely skilled with shooting and felt quite natural with firearms. In the summers, the boys would go duck hunting, Hirohito always killing the bulk of the game. Time passed, Hirohito had developed a dirty mouth and an out going personality, he'd spoke everything on his mind, keeping nothing to himself, every emotion spilled out in a second. His Father despised this trait in the child, often scolding him for it. At age fifteen, Hirohito gained his medical licence, studying under the school's medical wing sector. However, his father knew that Hirohito had no interest in joining the marines, and instead of paying for his classes, he'd give Hirohito a loan from the Marine Core, under the guise of a scholarship. Hirohito found out that he'd have to work in the marines to repay his debts, as opposed to travelling the world like he'd originally intended. Taking four more years to perfect his medical skills, Hirohito would do two major things in these years. He'd renounce his family's last name and his own first name, and took up his mentor's nickname as his legal name, Crash. He'd gain the nickname from always working late nights in the Emergency Room, crashing in the morning once all the clients were safe and patched up.

Changing his name, though expensive, was a move worth millions to him. He'd still owed the Marines an immense debt and his brother, Seishirō was intended that his brother should repay it. As such, Seishirō tricked Crash, leading him to Yotsuba's recruitment camp, using his Father's Reference and his own to have a late applicant evaluated. As such, the story of Crash's journey begins now, from Sea Man Apprentice to... only time will tell.

Face Claim: Gangsta | Doug
RP Sample:

Worse Recruit Ever:

"Why do you want to join the marines kid!?" Theo asked, as Crash sat before an interviewing party of five Ensigns drafting candidates for the 153rd Branch. Theo was a dignified man, always wearing his reading spectacles to make sure he'd read and interpreted all reports fully knowing his extreme case of near sightedness. He was all about order and being cordial to superiors, especially those with power and reputation. Sitting at 4'8 ft slumped over in a chair the marine recruits were sat in, Crash began to dig his pinky finger into his ear in search for wax and an answer. "Umm... I guess because my shitty fucking parents sent me here. Look. I'mma save you all the time and energy. My Father forced me down here to sign up for this shit. Since my mom has him by the balls, he could't exactly say no. So do me a favour... Tell him you failed me... and just tell to me to fuck off aight'." Crash exclaimed rudely, with a hint of his Southern Dialect showing. All of the Ensigns at the table took immense offence, mostly, Theo, the Proud Lion. Slamming his hand on the table which held the men's notes, "DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE KID!?" Theo shouted infuriated at the man's response.

"The 153rd Branch has been home to some of the finest marines over the years! We've constantly been working to produce the brightest and most intelligent stars over the last Twenty Years!" Theo shouted, clutching his fist in anger. "Your father told us you'd be a trouble maker... You flunked out on the written exam... It's been the lowest score we've had in years... Know your place... The only reason you're hear is because of your Father's Name-" Theo shouted, slamming his hand on the desk once again, this time, his speech interrupted by a 9 inch jagged dagger, flying towards the man's temple. Activating his Kenbunshoku Haki, Theo simply tilted his head to the side, avoiding the blade's path.

Sitting with his hand limp from the toss, Crash's face was filled with a menacing smile. "Fuck my Old Man's Name. He's a corrupt lil' shit that's what. Justice this... Laws that... You fucking old heads are all the same. That's why the Revolutionary Army and the Pirates are giving ya'll bastards a run for your money." Crash commented, resting his hand back into his hoodies pockets. "YOU-" Theo shouted but was silenced by Ensign Gideon who sat among the judges. Gideon simply touched the man on his shoulder, no one seeing when he stood or hearing when his chair moved in the room. "Kid. Did you just throw that dagger from that position with such a slouched form?" Gideon asked. Grinning, "Oh. You noticed. Mhm. Since young I've had strong arm since a young'un." Crash chimed in.

"Hmm. He was able to aim for his forehead with ease. No hesitation in his movement... No alteration in his breathing." Gideon thought. "Hey Kid. I'm going to approve your application for the marines." Gideon said smiling. "WHAT THE FUCK!? HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING TO ME THIS WHOLE TIME!?" Crash exclaimed, lunging upward and kicking away the chair. "Your physical exam was A-1. Your IQ is nearly 200... which is double the required amount to join the marines generally. And though you know nothing about the law... It'd be a smear to your father's name to have you fail. The Dotroleno family has produced fine marines from their bloodline... Though, your nothing like your brother or father. Hirohito Dotroleno-" the man's speech was interrupted by another dagger tossed from Crash's position. "My name is... Crash. Don't you ever call me by my fucking government name." Crash declared. Theo had enough of the disrespect, dashing from behind the desk, the Ensign slammed his fist into Crash's stomach, causing the light to fade from the child's eyes. When Hirohito awoke, he was in the infirmary of the Yotsuba Base.

Bonus: -
Location: Yotsuba

Fate Point Allocation:
Lineage - Allows you to have blood relations to one World Position NPC. (Father: Icario Dotroleno | Brother: Seishirō Dotroleno) [1]
Hard Worker - You can possess a Secondary Occupation. [1]
Devil's Meddle - Allows you to ingest a Devil Fruit.
Kami Haki I- Grants you access to Kami Haki for Kenbunshoku. [2]

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2[Revamp] Crash  Empty Re: [Revamp] Crash on Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:55 am

ID-7173 ("Valentine")

Free Agents
Free Agents

ID-7173 (
Okay first of all the general appearance is 212/650 in words.

The personality is 538/750 in words.

"History:" is located weirdly right under dislikes before the listing of dislikes.

History checks out with the Lineage requirement I think, fix these things then reapply in the help desk and I'll have another look my dude.

Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)


3[Revamp] Crash  Empty Re: [Revamp] Crash on Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:56 am



Alright done. I also need my name changed to Crash and my faction changed please.

[Revamp] Crash  Qvp5tBq

4[Revamp] Crash  Empty Re: [Revamp] Crash on Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:46 am

ID-7173 ("Valentine")

Free Agents
Free Agents

ID-7173 (
Personality is at 703/750 still my dude, fix this and then spam me in the cbox or something.

Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)


5[Revamp] Crash  Empty Re: [Revamp] Crash on Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:46 am

Queen Evie Windsor

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Queen Evie Windsor
its fine asa revamp you apparently dont neeed to meet the reqs approved

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