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1Cursed Gauntlets  Empty Cursed Gauntlets on Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:57 pm



Cursed Gauntlets  Golden11

Equipment Name: Blood Gauntlets
Equipment Type: Armor
Strength Req.: 2
Equipment Description: The blood gauntlets in design are simple for the most parts, while not actually being gauntlets in the traditional sense. As the gauntlets are actually golden arm bracers that cover the wearers arm all the way up to the elbow as the gold is flexible not restricting the movement of the wearer at all.
Attachments: N/A
Curse or Devil Fruit: Blood Curse: These gauntlets wear made with a special curse in mind, and one that Kimura put into the bracers himself. This curse being that of blood, [Shall be two sets of these gauntlets made ones who blood color is red while the other produces a black colored blood] the gauntlets allowing the wearer to manipulate and produce blood like substance similar to that of a Paramecia or logia Devil Fruit. (This will be made into a curse skill set ) As the user is able to expel blood from their body and use the exposed blood around them in numerous was using it to attack, as well as causing the blood to explode [Cant Manipulate the blood of others in body ]

Now the blood curse also has a draw back, as it draws on the inner strength of the user, meaning that the strength of the wearer of the Blood Gauntlets is permanently dropped 1 tier as long as the gauntlets are on.
Materials: Made of solid gold
Units per Slot: 2

2Cursed Gauntlets  Empty Re: Cursed Gauntlets on Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:18 pm

Adri Sakna


Adri Sakna
Sure, go ahead with it. 

Just a requirement on your blood skillet set, it has to be your blood, and if you use it to much you suffer the various blood loss effects (I recommend a chart for it).


1 mil 1k Beli.

Cursed Gauntlets  Large

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